Safe Killer Disinfectant To
Fight Superbugs Developed
By Judy Lee

LONDON -- Researchers have developed an extra strong disinfectant to kill superbugs, like E.coli, salmonella and tuberculosis bacterium, which affects thousands of people every year.
Its developers, Chester-based Medipure Ltd, said that the sodium chloride solution which is activated with an electrical charge is better than previous "super disinfectants" because it does not have any hazardous side-effects. It does not harm eyes or skin, and could even be drunk safely.
"The liquid could have many uses. We can see so many applications for it, from medical to horticultural and even in animal husbandry," Jim Daly, a chemist and chemical engineer who is leading the research into the super-disinfectant was quoted as saying by BBC.
"It is a very powerful disinfectant which is capable of killing anthrax and it's very useful for sterilising surgical instruments. And MRSA would be killed by this technology. This liquid will kill the superbugs that cause such damage to hospitals," he added.
The new disinfectant totally destroys the cell wall of the micro-organism, it doesn't just gently affect the DNA.
"With our system, hospitals will even be able to wet the curtains around the beds - a major source of infection in our view - without damaging them, killing the micro-organisms present," the researcher stated.
The developers hope that the new product could be available as early as April next year. (ANI)
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