Why The Likud Isn't Fighting
Back - Sharon And Ginosar
By Barry Chamish

This is a special bulletin whose information is of such historic impact that other tasks were left behind. My apologies to readers who requested address updates and changes. Other essential items will be left until the next real article as well. But I'm still going to plug my new book, Save Israel! since it, almost alone, will finance information such as this. Now hold onto your kipas because we now report:
The setting: There was a fine casino in Jericho until two years ago. It was supposedly majority-owned by the Palestinian Authority in a limited partnership with a group of experienced Israeli casino owners led by Reuven Gabrieli. But Shimon Peres' special envoy to the PA, Yossi Ginosar got wind of the plan and had a few ideas of his own. He convinced his buddy Jibril Rajoub, the PLO warlord of Jericho, to stop construction of the casino complex, and what better way than to shoo off the construction workers at gunpoint? Now a new group of owners took over and they reportedly understated earnings by at least a billion dollars a year. The casino became a hub of extremely lucrative money laundering. Arafat would pillage the PA's treasury, while Ginosar and his cronies would hide the money. In 1997, Ginosar opened a Swiss bank account for Arafat and around $350 million stolen from Arafat's peasant class found a safe haven there. Ginosar's cut for his trouble was around $10 million. For full details of the Ginosar scandal, contact me and I'll send a package of my five previous investigations.
I am sitting at a table at a brit mila celebration. To my right is Likud candidate Moshe Feiglin. To his right, Herut Knesset member Michael Kleiner. The Likud has been victimized by still another scandal and is on the way to losing the elections. Watch out for Prime Minister Mitzna. The latest scandal concerns a $1.5 million loan Sharon's sons took from a businessman named Cyril Kern. It looks like the knockout punch. I explain the Ginosar scandal in depth to Feiglin and Kleiner, up to the murder of Wayne Owens. I point out that Barak and moreso, Peres are up to their ears in Ginosar and the money involved will make the Kern loan seem like loose change.
But they pretend not to hear. Feiglin tells me the country isn't ready for this kind of scandal. Kleiner changes the subject and talks about when we first met some fifteen years ago. What is going on? Why are they ignoring Ginosar and taking all the punches to the jaw with fatalistic abandonment?
On my left is Prof. Hillel Weiss. He says, "Don't you know Sharon is deeply involved in the Ginosar affair? Who do you think negotiated the deal for Arafat's casino?"
HATSOFE, Jan. 10, Item From The Weekend Magazine:
"The Ginosar Affair has been forgotten. Could there be a connection between the government's neglect of the scandal and the fact that a high ranking official of Sharon's office conducted negotiations with the same Palestinians involved with Ginosar? This is even more serious than Ginosar's role, because he wasn't an official government employee, while the one we speak of holds a very high-ranking position in Sharon's office."
Hillel Weiss turns to me and answers his own question; "Dov Weisglass and Omri Sharon were the assigned Israeli negotiators with the Austrians who ran the casino."
The blow was immediate. Weisglass is Sharon's Office Director and his son Omri is his special emissary to the PLO. And they were getting a cut of the stolen Arafat money too!
Haaretz, Jan. 10, Page 1B
"It is not clear why $1.5 million were transferred from South Africa to somewhere else, to a bank in Austria via a bank in New York, until they finally landed in a branch of Discount Bank in Tel Aviv. Why this circuitous route?
"What is known, however, is that Omri Sharon and attorney Dov Weisglass (the director of the Prime Minister's Bureau) visited both Austria and the United States together this past year. Austria is the domicile of Martin Schlaff, one of the owners of the casino in Jericho and a partner in the Bank of Austria. Schlaff is a client of attorney Weisglass."
Which Answers A Lot Of Questions
Like why Arafat permitted the constructon of the casino despite the murderous protests of his religious opposition. Like why other Ginosar beneficiaries like Barak and Peres used all their political influence to keep Arafat solvent no matter how many Jews he ordered murdered. Like why Omri Sharon was so buddy-buddy with Arafat and his hoodlums. And like why Ariel Sharon is using all of his political influence to keep the lid on Ginosar and cover up the murder of another gang member, former congressman Wayne Owens of Utah.
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