Burisch's Ganesh Particle
Acknowledged By Caltech

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It's official.... coming in at #8 of the most popular search strings in Caltech's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) archive is.......the Ganesh Particle - discovered by Dr. Dan Burisch and outlined in the Lotus Protocol.
Yes, doctoral candidates and post doctoral researchers seem to be expressing quite an interest in the "Ganesh particle" - the existence of which had not even been hinted until Dan Burisch wrote the Lotus Protocol and then followed up with his experiments at Frenchman Mountain. Dr. Burisch even coined the name "Ganesh particle"! Now, the esteemed academicians at Caltech seem to be particularly (excuse the pun) interested in what the professional critics and skeptics have tried to ridicule for so long. Look at the stats for yourself. You will find the top ten search strings here:
If you go about half way down the page and click on the ETD archive, you will be taken to this:
Yep, there it is - coming in in spot #8. The particle that nobody had ever heard of before Dan Burisch proved it was here.
From the moment that Dan theorized its existence, the Ganesh Particle generated a great deal of interest from our 'black project' government and military organizations. As experimentation continued, and the particle and its mechanics were isolated Dan was put under increasing pressure which he railed against, eventually providing information and details about the project to Bill Hamilton and myself in a short series of meetings, just prior to the announcement of his death last October. What most people don't know is that Dan confided in me that the Ganesh particle had some unusual genetic properties which is why the "black project" officials were so interested in it - properties only seen in the alien DNA he worked with up at S4 (Area-51).
Dan had written on the white board (behind them) many of the properties of the Ganesh particle, and how the crossbridge structuring worked. (Bill Hamilton - left. Dr. Dan Burisch - right)
Dan had become well aquainted with the DNA from tissue samples he was ordered to collect fom "Captive".
Dan pauses the videotape to show details of the Ganesh particle and crossbridge to Bill Hamilton and myself during one meeting held at an undisclosed location.
Dan's work with the captive EBE housed at S4 is why Tom Mack came to know him, and how Tom Mack was able to confirm his presence up at S4. Dan told me that he remembered Tom Mack, among others, standing up in the gallery when he went into the Clean Sphere to collect the tissue samples from the EBE held there.
An excerpt from the letter Tom Mack wrote in 1999 (before his death) shows that Tom independently confirmed Dan (Crain - prior to name change in mid-90s) Burisch's work up at S4 - from his personal recollections. A portion of that letter is reprinted here for reference purposes.
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 18:12:39 -0800 (PST)
excerpted from email letter to Rick:
"I knew Captain Danny Crain. However, I think he was in DIA. Project
Aquarius, R-4800,was the specific program we operated under. Papoose
Site 4 was the location.
Hope this helps.
I believe that Robert Collins posted this letter in its entirety on his website. I originally read this letter when it was posted at however, I think that this address may have changed. I am very grateful to Robert Collins for bringing this letter to the public on his website. Please contact Robert Collins for an updated location and additional information.
In point of fact, Dan's project was named Aquarius, and the documents I was able to aquire and publish in Eagles Disobey, show that Dan signed a secrecy agreement and was provided additional paperwork (rules etc...) for the area R-4800 which I later learned was the designation for Area-51 that is used internally. Dan frequently talked to me about the labs under Papoose Lake at Site 4.
But now, in this new turn of events, Dan's work on the Lotus Protocol, and the Ganesh Particle has come to the attention of the academic community. If this much interest has been evidenced by Caltech researchers (Doesn't Caltech manage the JPL facilities?) looking through the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive for information about the particle, I wonder how many other researchers at other institutions or government agencies like JPL, are looking into Dr. Burisch's discovery - the Ganesh Particle.
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