Mass Chemtrails Over
Portland, OR - Photos
From Deborah

The first group of photos were taken on Friday, Jan 17, 2003 about 3:30 pm. The location was about 2 miles east of the Portland airport. The significance of this is that the air traffic controllers never see chemtrails - just call them and ask. The few airplane pilots I have asked say they have never seen chemtrails. The photo with the jet underneath the chemtrails is the most fun.
The second set of 3 photos (below) were taken about 8:15 am on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2003. They speak for themselves.
The significance is that the peace rally (about 3 miles from the photo location) was going to be held at 1 pm. At that time, the chemtrails literally stopped at the Columbia River...
Chemtrails Over Portland
From Warren Palin

Dear Jeff,
You have probably already gotten a snoot-full on this one but the Portland area was hit heavily with Chemtrails this morning. Despite your probably already having reports I thought I would make my own report for your endless databank.
We got it good this morning. I live out in Gladstone (a bedroom community between Portland and Oregon City). When I set out to work from the house this morning (about 9 A.M. PST) I immediately noticed the heavy lines of "contrails" set starkly against an otherwise clear blue sky. And they were very heavy - in excess of 20 threads (I would estimate) running running roughly North - South from horizon to horizon both longitudinally and latitudinally. They must have been at it early because they were already beginning to spread laterally forming a high cloud-like barrier.
In appearance they were most akin to Cirrostratus. Only once before have I seen it this heavy - last Spring - and I think this one may have been heavier. We have been getting some suspect trails in varying densities on and off since that last heavy attack. We have had a spate of dry - and moderate for this time of year - weather, so I don't know how season and atmospheric conditions figure into this but possibly a loose correlation could be made as it is "close" seasonally. If I think of anything else relevant, I'll forward it.
My Best (as always thanks for all you do),
Warren Palin



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