Chemtrails Over Southern Ohio
From Dave Crisp
Portsmouth, Ohio

Hello Jeff,
Today was a sunny day in Southern Ohio and 24 hours before a rain. That
means chemtrail time in Southern Ohio! Ever since I began taking
chemtrail videos, it is consistent for the spraying to occur 24 to 36
hours before a rain. I load the camera, aim into the air, and they just
fly over for for me to catch on tape. They have been extremely predictable.
On December 23rd and 24th, the spraying began at dusk and couldn't be
taped. Snow occurred on December 25th as we know. I experienced a
cough with no apparent flu or cold side affects for 24 hours on the
26th. Many of my friends and family experienced coughs also on the 25th
and 26th. Thanks for letting me share these photos.
Best Regards,
Dave Crisp
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