More Chemtrails Over Portland

From Peter Ulrich

These were taken Jan 18 2003 (Saturday) at 8:30 AM looking east, southeast, and southwest, from NW Portland suburbs. Wonder if it had something to do with the peace rally?

From Bobbie Bonnickson

Saturday, January 18 we were driving from just north of Vancouver, Wa through Portland, Or. at approximately 8:30 am. We were on our way to a wedding, so we happened to have a camera on board. As soon as we departed, we were astounded by the massive number of chemtrails across the ENTIRE sky, in all directions. We snapped a few shots, most of which were taken while moving from inside the car.   The photos do not convey the extent to which the trails covered every part of the sky, from the west to the east horizons. We have been actively observing chemtrails for years and this is certainly one of the most dramatic and heavy examples we have ever seen. I wish the photos could convey the overwhelming sight of the entire sky being covered in these trails, obviously laid out systematically over the Portland metro area.   As we passed through Portland and on toward Eugene, Or and looked back towards Portland, most of the trails appeared to stop abruptly just north of the Portland/Vancouver area.


Paul J. Williams
Just FYI, I went to the protest Saturday the 18th in Portland, Oregon (with 30,000 other people). It was my first protest for anything but I feel very strongly about the situation in Iraq. However, after standing outside all morning, I became very ill about 3:00 pm and had to go home. I was ill until about 3:00 pm Monday.
Much to my surprise, I checked your web site Monday and saw the reports on the spraying of Portland Saturday morning. I noticed that at least half of our staff was ill with the same symptoms like sore throats, migraines and diarrhea and their children were ill, too. As I worked through the week, I noticed that many of our clients and their staff members were all ill with the same symptoms. It's just not possible for the population of an entire metropolitan area to become ill from the same symptoms at the same time (everyone reported becoming ill about 3:00 pm).
I can only assume that the government sprayed to make us sick and stop the protest. Later, Monday night, I heard that Los Angeles had received the same treatment, so I can assume that the spraying was country wide in an attempt to silence the protesters and general population. It would be nice to see a nationwide correlation of the spraying time and protest. I just hope that God is watching and is paying attention or these people are going to kill us all.
Keep the faith,



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