Lying Is Now A
Primary Way Of Life
A Practical Guide For Lie Detection
By Alan C. Edwards
Freedom Center

We live in a world of lies and deception. The ability to detect these lies is one of the major differences that separates the wise from the foolish, the truly educated from 'educated' fools, realists from wishful thinkers, and the gullible from the astute. It was Mark Twain who observed that most of human grief, sorrow, and man-made calamities came not from sheer ignorance, but the consequences of untrue beliefs. 'It's not from things we don't know', he said, 'but things we know that aren't so.'
The world is now headed for a man-made calamity of enormous proportions and being led by people motivated by greed, hatred, and lust for power. These people control national and world events by their ability to manipulate people with lies and propaganda. Their power is exerted through their total control of all popular media. This extends to nearly all forms of news, information, and entertainment. Even church services are under their control. Churches are controlled by the IRS. Guidelines to what can be said and what cannot be said from the pulpit are found in the IRS qualifications for [501(c) 3] tax exempt status. Clergy who follow these rules are recognized as legitimate religious organizations and given tax exemption, those who dare to tell the truth about what is really going on are declared political propaganda organizations or 'cults' and denied the exemption, or in the case of the Branch Davidians, shot, gassed and burned.
They have used the entertainment industry to create a generation of immoral violence prone savages whose humane feelings have been destroyed by movies that glorify death and destruction and whose minds have been polluted with nerve jangling noise they call 'music' with lyrics so vile that they cannot be repeated in polite company. Public schools are no longer under the control of local school boards. The schools are now under the control of those who are determined to destroy our civilization and create a generation of obedient slaves with no more mental capacity than a barnyard animal.
These people look upon other human beings as mere cattle to be used for any purpose that they deem desirable.
This conspiracy against humanity has accomplished all this through the skillful application of lies and propaganda. If people could recognize the techniques used by lying propagandists they would not fall prey to their lies. The following is an examination of the techniques used.
Lying by omission or telling half truths is a popular technique. This is deliberate omission of vital information necessary for understanding. The truth may be only partially revealed to cause confusion and erroneous conclusions. It may also be given a 'spin' to direct your thinking to the conclusion they want you to have. And finally, the manufactured lie. This kind of lie is usually eventually found out, but almost always after the desired damage is done.
Another technique is the smear by using erroneous and despicable labels to characterize their enemies. Lenin stated that the enemy must be described in terms that sows revulsion among the masses. Terms that have been used for this purpose are; racist, fascist, anti-Semitic, Nazi, right wing extremist, Bircher, McCarthyite, lunatic fringe, radical right, religious fanatic, cultist, isolationist, reactionary, hate group, gun nut, anti-progressive, conspiracy theorist, anti government, wacko, nut case, homophobe, etc. When you hear someone condemning a person or group using these terms, you are listening to the voice of the conspiracy.
Guilt by association is widely used as a means of destroying the enemy with propaganda. This is a technique that erroneously associates a person or group with some despicable act, philosophy, or personality. The comparison to Hitler is most often used for this purpose. The bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma city is the current despicable act that is being used against the militias. Two headlines in the Nevada Appeal demonstrate how cleverly this is done. One headline reads, 2 years after bomb, militias move underground, the other, Militias gain support after bombing. No militia connection with the bombing has ever been made despite all efforts to do so.
These stories written with the byline of the Associated Press demonstrates how guilt by association can be achieved when no connection exists. Morris Dees, of the Southern Poverty Law Center speaks of the threat militias pose.
What threat? Who has any militia threatened? Morris Dees doesn't say. Dees has written 'Predicting when and where the militia will strike next is harder than guessing when and where the next whirlwind will come from.' The next strike? Morris Dees gives no information of any previous strike by the militia. You can be assured that any strike by any militia would have been trumpeted with much fanfare by Dees if one existed. There is much to be observed not only in what is said, but what is not said when evaluating the truthfulness of what you see, hear. and read. If someone to be destroyed attends a meeting or shares a platform at a public meeting with someone who has already had his or her reputation destroyed, the connection will be made insinuating that the person to be destroyed shares the same philosophy as the one already destroyed.
An insidious means of cultural destruction is underway in the form of sabotage of the language. Human beings think with words and words have abstract meaning. The word, unicorn, describes an animal shaped like a horse with a single horn on its forehead. No unicorn exists or ever did exist, the animal is a figment of the imagination. The word unicorn therefore has no meaning in reality, it is an imaginary abstraction. All words are abstractions, some have meaning in the real world, others have no meaning in reality. Conversely, if there are no words to describe reality because they have been sabotaged, we can't think reality. If you can't say it, you can't think it. The conspiracy has been changing the abstract meaning of words to suit their purposes. To this end they have made words that at one time had a positive connotation into ones with a negative
'Patriot' at one time meant a person who had love and devotion for his country and was willing to defend it at the risk of his life. The conspiracy is changing the abstract meaning to conjure up an image of a red neck racist with tobacco juice in the corners of his mouth lynching a negro, or a wild eyed bomber bent on the destruction of government property, or figure in camouflage drooling over his rifle, or a nut case who comes out of church determined to kill an abortionist, etc. George Orwell in his book 1984 calls this technique of changing the meaning of words, newspeak. Newspeak not only changed the meaning of words but the grammatical structure as well.
Information was given in sound bites, acronyms, and hyphenated absurdities.
This leads to a condition called doublethink. Doublethink allows a person to hold two contradictory thoughts at one time and hold both to be true. Absurd you say, consider this. We are told continuously that believers in conspiracies are off the wall nut case wackos. At the same time we are told to believe in all kinds of conspiracies of the far right. This is doublethink to anyone who still has control of his mind and is able to think.
Learn to recognize propaganda when it comes to you. Listen to what is not said that should be. Always ask who benefits from the story that is being told. Identify known liars and evaluate what they say accordingly. Remember, there is nothing stranger than the truth.
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