The Hikjacking Of Zionism

From Barry Chamish

(Note - The following is excerpted from Barry Chamish' most recent interview with Jeff on December 26, 2002. You can hear the entire interview in our program Archives.)
"Now, if we're going to be honest, all of us have to be honest, every one of us. If we're going to get any semblance of peace around here, we all have to be honest.
The Jews have got to figure out where Zionism came from. That in the late 19th century, it was a legitimate national liberation movement that was taken over by the British, I think through the murder of Herzl in 1905. And it was taken over by Occultism. And it was taken over by Bolshevism, and what we've got, Labor Zionism, are the people who murder Wayne Owens and Yitzhak Rabin. Just so you know. We got stuck.
They booted out the genuine moral Zionists, they booted them out through treachery in the 30's and took over. Now that's honesty from my part.
The other side of that, understand...there was never a Palestinian nation, enough of this crap. There never was, and you know it, OK? There was never a sovereign Arab nation of Palestine with a history and a language. The British also invented that one.
Unless both sides understand - that we've been set up...that we've been utterly set up to murder each other - we're not, we're NOT going to get anywhere.
Now, I think the Jewish side can be reached. I think. I've certainly invested enough in Rabin alone to explain to them that we got sold a bill of goods. I just wonder - the Arab side, the hatred against the Jews now is at the level of Nazism, and I don't know if we can ever turn the clock backwards, but we've got something in common. We've got a common enemy out there.
Now Ginosar and Arafat, in a way is a wonderful, wonderful piece of joint cooperation Jew and Arab. In utter, utter mass murder and massive embezzlements. Now, that should bring us together if nothing else does."
(Read Barry's most recent, stunning article: 'Burying Ginosar Alive' in the Columnists archive on our homepage.)
From Grim Reaper
Dear Jeff,
Barry's piece is on the money but falls short of naming the nemesis of humanity. He reveals as much insight as author Henry Makow, Ph.D. but simply does not go all the way.
Henry Makow, Ph.D. is in my view one of the most important writers on this subject today. I say this because so few people are willing to live up to the moment and stick their heads out all the way for truth. And as you probably know, the majority of people simply go round and round hacking at the branches of evil without ever understanding there is a "root" to the problem.
ZIONISM is one of the "main" control/execution arms of the Rothschilds. The focal point of attention of every scholar on earth today should be to expose the mechanism of human control established by the most ruthless people on the face of the earth, the Rothschilds.
While the whole of humanity is "conditioned" to seeing the world from a "left to right" perspective, people simply forget to look up and see that our problem is a "top to bottom" problem, and it starts way at the top, at the apex-with the Rothschild cartel and all the related "bloodlines" that follow.
They are clever, and may have all the money in the world but the solution to the problem is very simply, exposure. EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE. The layers are deep and difficult to follow, but ultimately the "Chaos," as a "human management" technique is being directed by them.
Again, to the exclusion of everything else, the job of every scholar on earth is to research and EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE the machinations of the Rothschilds.
Their goal of humanity's eternal enslavement under a "NWO" no matter how cleverly presented, is unatainable. For now, the fact remains, our current paradigm is just a "trap" and through their enormous network they have infiltrated or "own" all governments, almost all the central banks, media outlets, the film industry, pharmaceuticals, food production, telecommunications .....even the companies that build digital vote counters.....for our gov.....
The brainwashing must stop! Zionism must be exposed for what it is, and the links to the Rothschilds must be exposed, not only from the Zionistic point of view, but from the very heart of our own government and our own (what should be our own) Federal Reserve Bank.
This Jeff, is the work of every scholar from this day forward. There in NOTHING, let me say that again, NOTHING more important than to expose these people and their cohorts.
Very best regards
Jeff Reaper
From Michael Horn
Barry - The thing neither you nor most of us Jews truly see or understand is that the whole concept of the state Israel going back to Biblical times was based on the murderous destruction of some *15 million + people, the majority of whom were innocent non-combatants. They were slain by the sword and at the command of a "God" who specified the slaying of women, children and infants, i.e. terrorism, infanticide and genocide. Further, this "loving God" hardened the hearts of the enemies of his "chosen" people so that the Israelites could slay them. Gee, what a funny thing that a diety of such power and compassion DIDN'T SOFTEN THEIR HEARTS INSTEAD.
This terrorism, infantice, murder, rape, theft and genocide has never been renounced by those who choose to carry on the name and the state of Israel.
You simply can't fool the laws of cause and effect. I have compassion for you and those who are trying to expose and rectify the current corruption in Israel. But the problem is that you are too close to the forest to see the trees. The bloody deeds commanded, and willingly carried out on behalf of, long dead terroristic deities leave a legacy through time that, unless and until renounced, can lead to nothing but the return of the pendulum as the law must fulfill itself.
Michael Horn
*The populations of each of the seven nations terrorized and destroyed, and whose lands were stolen, were larger than the Israelites who, based on research, were between 1.5 - 2.5 million people. Do the math.
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