Now The Greek
Orthodox Fallout From Ginosar

By Barry Chamish

Following quickly upon the Ginosar scandal, came PM Sharon's appointment of a terror-advocating priest, Irineos 1 as head of the Greek Orthodox church in Israel. Now who would believe that this mistaken judgement call by Sharon could possibly be associated in any way with the use of Yossi Ginosar as interlocutor for the $350 million intended for the Treasury of the PA that Yasir Arafat stole from his people?
But it is, it is. The route is somewhat precarious, so let us save me the effort of summarizing the Irineos/Sharon background by directly quoting Arutz Sheva.
More Scoops On The Israeli-Greek Near-Tragedy
Arutz-7 continues to reveal more of what went on behind the scenes in the decision not to appoint Arafat-ally Irineos I as head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Israel. It will be recalled that Prime Minister Sharon was in favor of the appointment, but backed down at the end of last week in the face of strong opposition from some of his ministers.
Evidence of Irineos' anti-Semitism was provided by a letter he wrote Arafat on July 17, 2001, stating, "You [Arafat] are aware of the sentiments of disgust and disrespect that all the Holy Sepulchre fathers are feeling for the descendants of the crucifiers of our Lord... actual crucifiers of your people, Sionists [sic] Jewish conquerors of the Holy Land of Palestine." Irineos' letter asks Arafat for his support, promising that if he is elected head of the church, "rest assured, Mr. President, that the rights of our most beloved Palestinian people on the Holy City of Jerusalem will find the most 'hot' supporter."
Arutz-7's Shimon Cohen has now learned that Irineos tried unsuccessfully to pull off an underhanded trick that would have gained him legitimacy in the eyes of the Israeli Cabinet. Atty. Gilad Sher - who served as bureau chief to Prime Minister Ehud Barak - conducted a correspondence on Irineos' behalf with Justice Minister Meir Sheetrit regarding a deal between the Greek Orthodox Church and the State of Israel. The deal would involve the granting of a 150-year lease to Israel for Church-owned lands on which stand properties such as the Knesset, the government complex, and the residences of the President and the Prime Minister. Irineos then sent Sher a letter of approval for the idea - but did not include his official stamp and signature. Also "overlooked" was the fact that the Greek Orthodox Church cannot make any real estate deals without the signatures of all 18 members of its highest religious authority, known as the Synod.
Irineos' plan apparently was to present the deal to the Synod only after it was approved by the Israeli government; the Synod would likely not have approved it, but Irineos would thus present himself as a "moderate" and a "friend of Israel." When Attorney-General Elyakim Rubenstein learned of the ruse, he sent a letter to Justice Minister Sheetrit saying that the procedure he and Atty. Sher had begun was illegal, because of the Synod requirement of 18. The trick to "purify" Irineos was thus nipped in the bud.
To begin this tale, we must return to the late '90s when Ehud Barak was prime minister.
The Seattle Times (Seattle, WA), Dec 31, 2000 pA4.
There are still behind-the-scenes efforts to keep the flagging negotiations alive. Barak's chief of staff, Gilead Sher, has been meeting with the Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat. The Palestinian parliamentary speaker, Ahmed Korei, who has been an outspoken critic of the Clinton proposals, is said to be ready to meet with U.S. officials in Washington and has reportedly been secretly meeting with a frequent go-between for Barak, Yossi Ginossar, a businessman.
The Independent (London, England), July 21, 2000 p13
Other members of the Israeli PR team reveal the khaki tinge of Mr Barak's circle: they include the former chief of the Israel Defence Force's northern command, Major-General Yossi Peled and Amram Mitzna, the mayor of Haifa, the IDF's former head of central command.
We note that the same Gilead Sher, who along with Yossi Ginosar and Amram Mitzna were members of Barak's intimate "peace" team, was the chosen emissary to trick Sharon into approving Irineos' appointment as Greek Orthodox church head. Now what interest did Sher have in promoting Irineos? Or more to the point, who was he representing? As the following connections reveal, Sher was upholding the standing of one of the embezzlement partners of Arafat/Peres Inc.
Another time saver: For a transcript of Maariv's historic expose of the Ginosar fraud, visit:
Let us recall that Yossi Ginosar and Hani Masri are both members of the board of directors of the Shimon Peres Center For Peace. Let us recall still that Daniel Abraham and Prof. Stephen F. Cohen are also members of that illustrious monument to money laundering. Let us further recall that the former Utah Congressman Wayne Owens was also a member of the board of Peres' Peace Center and ran his own peace center in Washington. His business organizers were Daniel Abraham and Stephen Cohen. And a very close associate of Owens, Cohen and Abraham was Hani Masri. Working hand in hand with his peace partners, Masri managed to get the American government to cough up $60 million to promote business projects in Arafat-land. The funds were handled by the Capital Investment Management Corporation of Maclean, Virginia.
Now look at the Greek Orthodox Connection to this Clinton-era scam:
Immediately before his appointment to Qatar Ambassador, Patrick Nickolas Theros served as Deputy Coordinator for Counterterrorism, responsible for the coordination of all U.S. Government counterterrorism activities outside the United States.
In September 1999 the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Diodoros I, appointed Ambassador Theros as his representative in the United States.
Upon retiring from the Foreign Service in December 1998, Ambassador Theros assumed position as Director for International Projects of Capital Investment Management Corporation, a McLean, Virginia investment firm.
Now isn't this a sweet coincidence? Theros - merely second in charge of American counter-terrorism operations - retires and soonafter becomes director of Capital Investment Management Corporation, which bilked the US government of $60 million by way of Owens, Peres, Arafat, and Ginosar partner, Hani Masri. And who appointed him their personal representative in America; why the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem.
Yes, it's true. The Greek Orthodox Church was all tied up in the Ginosar scandal and indirectly, so far, in the subsequent murder of Wayne Owens.
We now return to 1997 when Stuart Eisenstadt and William Daley inaugurate the Masri initiative:
November 17, 1997
DOHA -- Secretary of Commerce William Daley said November 17 that the signing of a protocol for a new $60 million equity fund that will invest in the Gaza, West Bank and Jordan, backed by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), "demonstrates the commitment of the United States to furthering the cause of peace in the region (and) will also directly lead to expanded commercial cooperation between American firms throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Jordan."
It is now with great pleasure and honor that I will introduce the United States Secretary of Commerce, the Honorable William Daley, who will then be followed by Undersecretary of State Mr. Stuart Eizenstat and Mr. Hani Masri, Chairman of the Capital Investment Management Corporation, who will each make a few comments about this event today...
Last but assuredly not least, I especially want to commend Mr. Hani Masri, the chairman of Capital Management Investment Corporation. Mr. Masri is the kind of fund manager who will get results for this fund because of his own expertise and because he cares for the people of the region. As a Palestinian American, he has a particular interest in seeing that the Palestinian people experience what they have not experienced so far: The fruits of peace, so long overdue. As you can see today, Mr. Masri has already made this fund into a going concern.
This is a perfect example of what has been a centerpiece of this Administration's international economic policy, mainly private-public partnerships. OPIC has provided a two-for-one match for the generous investment which Mr. Masri has made. Mr. Masri, thank you for your contribution and for the participation, I know, of a partner from Qatar. We are very proud to be here with you.
But all the great hopes turned to ash, when one Bernard Bucheit blew the whistle on this great experiment in Middle East bunco artistry. Finally, as noted, Count X of the SAV charges Representative Traficant with engaging in a continuing pattern and practice of official misconduct, through which he misused his office for personal gain, and which comprised the following instances of conduct, or any combination thereof: the instances of conduct alleged in each of Counts I, II, III, IV, V, and VII of the SAV, separately and inclusive; and/or the course of conduct in which Representative Traficant agreed to and did perform official acts on behalf of Bernard "Pete" Bucheit, for which Bucheit and companies he controlled agreed to and did provide Representative Traficant with things of value. On behalf of Bucheit, Representative Traficant intervened with United States government authorities with respect to a contract dispute between Bucheit,s company and Prince Mishaal of Saudi Arabia, and/or with respect to an investment in the Gaza Strip. And this interesting excerpt from the link above: The first American-owned company to invest in Gaza has been awarded a $15 million judgement against the Cairo Amman Bank for misappropriating a US government loan. United States district judge Kathleen McDonald O'Malley ruled in August that the bank's "pattern of racketeering activity" had caused the failure of Bucheit International, Ltd's precast concrete plant in Gaza. The Cairo Amman bank is one of three banks permitted to do business in Gaza and frequently handles donor funds. "Our family has decided that the Palestinians don't deserve our money and time as long as a 'racketeering Enterprise' exists in Gaza," says company owner B.J. Bucheit, Jr. in a response to questions. Bucheit has appealed to Congress to hold out on funding designated for the implementation of "Wye 2" as long as corruption has not been cleaned up. "The real losers, as usual, are the people of Palestine," he wrote. -Published 29/9/99 (c)Palestine Report
And there it is, wrapped up in one package. The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem appoints Theros its American representative while Theros is the head of the corporation running the Masri scam. Hence, weren't Masri, Peres, Arafat, Ginosar, Owens and The Greek Orthodox Church of Israel all tied up together in the scheme to bilk the US government of $60 million? And wasn't Gilead Sher pushing for a pro-Arafat Greek Orthodox church head at the behest of this ungodly cabal of "peace" crooks?
It appears that the timing of Irineos 1's attempted takeover of the Greek Orthodox Church in Israel so quickly after the exposure of the Ginosar scandal was not all that coincidental.
My readers are the most perceptive of anybody's. I defy anyone to prove otherwise. Here are a few vital addendae sent to me regarding the Ginosar crimes. First, observe that the Greek Orthodox Church in Israel is involved in at least, one other fraudulent scheme:
Judge investigated for false affidavits By Arnon Regular, Ha'aretz Correspondent
A land dispute in the western Galilee from several years ago has turned into a national fraud squad investigation into whether a magistrate judge from the north, while working as a private lawyer prior to becoming a judge, filed false affidavits to the court.
The police investigation, currently in the preliminary stages, involves examining allegations brought to the police by the losing side in the case.
The land dispute centered around ownership of rights to develop land owned by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchy in the village of Samia.
The police is remaining mum on the issue, except to say it is handling the complaint. The court system says that the case is in the hands of the police, "and the judge was not aware of the police examination until the question was raised" by Ha'aretz.
According to the complaint, the lawyer-turned-judge represented a group calling itself the Greek Orthodox Council, which received permission from Greek Orthodox patriarch Metropolitan Irenios I, to develop the land as a tourist and pilgrim center.
But an investigation conducted by private detective Suheil Haddad, a former police officer, commissioned by Yusuf Nasser of Samia, who lost the case on the rights issue, allegedly turned up evidence of the fraudulent affidavits.
Nasser is now calling for a police investigation to prove the documents were falsified, so that he can reopen his claim to the land. Nasser claims to have received permission from Diodoros I, the previous Greek Orthodox prelate, for the development rights.
Now take in another betrayal by Ginosar as he worked hand in hand with Arafat to bank and launder the monies that the PA President For Life stole from his unwary followers. Moshe Dayan once made some off the cuff comments that the capture of the Golan Heights in 1967 was an act of greed lust. He asked that the comments never be published. Ginosar made sure they were and in doing so, further aided the cause of the enemy:
Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO), May 4, 1997 p70A. Title: ISRAEL TOOK GOLAN HEIGHTS FROM SYRIA IN 1967 WAR OUT OF GREED, DAYAN SAID 1976 INTERVIEW,
Those and other of Dayan's thoughts were set down on paper in 1976 by Rami Tal as they sat in Dayan's Tel Aviv garden. Tal, now a senior editor at the publishing house for the newspaper Yediot Aharonot, asked permission to record Dayan's words.
Dayan agreed on condition that they not be published without his permission. Tal, who printed them in Yediot Aharonot's Passover supplement this week, said that after Dayan died in 1981, the transcripts sat in a drawer for 15 years.
Last year, he showed them to Yossi Ginossar, a former high official in the Shin Bet security service and a confidant of Dayan's who urged that they be published.
One observant correspondent noted, for whatever it means, that Stephen F. Cohen, the director of Ginosar's front companies for Arafat, is a member of the Council On Foreign Relations.
Stephen Frand Cohen
Birth: November 25, 1938 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States Occupation: political scientist, historian, educator, author, broadcaster Source: The Complete Marquis Who's Who TM. Marquis Who's Who, 2001.
Source Citation
Family: s. Marvin Stafford and Ruth (Frand) C.; m. Katrina vanden Heuvel; children: Andrew, Alexandra, Nicola. Education: B.S., Ind. U., 1960; M.A., Ind. U., 1962; Ph.D., Columbia U., 1969; cert., Russian Inst., 1969. Civil/Military Service: Bd. dirs. NYU Ctr. for the Media. Memberships: Mem. Council Fgn. Relations, Am. Polit. Sci. Assn., Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Assn. for Advancement Slavic Studies. Addresses: Home, 340 Riverside Dr Apt 8B, New York, NY, 10025-3436.
We conclude with a review of my new book, Save Israel!, still $25 by writing me:
From the World Affairs Brief:
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SAVE ISRAEL By Barry Chamish
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Chamish's books should be read as a series because each work builds upon the others as Chamish tracks the ongoing saga of intrigue and betrayal of Israeli sovereignty from within the halls of power. Chamish and I are both convinced there is a globalist conspiracy controlling the governments of the US, EU and Israel (though there are competing factions within the conspiracy, and a vast array of naive, loyal or manipulated government employees who do what they're told, not being fully aware of the agenda being advanced under the guise of National Security).
Since there are no defectors from the top echelons, Chamish finds the best evidence of conspiracy and betrayal in the accounts of whistleblowers who tell of government collusion and cover-up for corruption, murder, blackmail and bribery in high government affairs - all illegal acts that go unpunished because of a broad system of immunity granted to inside players. Where Chamish lacks insider testimony, he culls through the police evidence directly or watches for contradictions in official and media versions until he figures out what really happens. He could easily qualify as Israel's Sherlock Holmes. Chamish has a steel-trap logical mind that lets no detail escape his notice.
Analyzing conspiracy is a fine art. There is a lot of garbage and disinformation out there, particularly stemming from certain people who claim to know more than they can really know and still be on the good side. These types of people are either disinformation artists or are making some things up. But, to Chamish's credit, whenever he gets better information, he is quick to discard the old. He doesn't keep hanging on to problem information just to save his ego. He's a seasoned fighter and values only what is ultimately true.
If there are weaknesses in Chamish's books, it is in the editing. Perhaps due to the constraints of time and being too close to the action, Chamish fails to provide dates for comments referring to "last week" or some other unspecified date. There are also several Hebrew crossover words thrown into his writings that are understandable to those who frequent Israel, but which many readers probably won,t understand. Just type them into an internet search engine as you read along, and a suitable interpretation will be produced. Lastly, you,ll encounter a dizzying host of new names of key players and conspirators in Israeli operations that will be hard to keep track of, let alone keep straight. Have patience; the important names keep surfacing regularly in each new scandal or cover-up, and pretty soon you,ll know who the important ones are. Don,t try to remember them all. It helps if you start with his earlier books so you can see the big picture.
Save Israel, Chamish's latest, is the best so far. Before his Rabin exposé gained national attention, Chamish was viewed as a kook, albeit tenacious, an author to be ridiculed by the establishment press or ignored. No longer is Chamish ignored. His Herculean efforts to expose corruption in Israel have made him a type of folk hero among critical thinkers. By his own admission, he,s a flawed man, who the government and media loves to take pot shots at. Yet most of his imperfections can be overlooked because his intellectual integrity is what,s most important here. I consider Barry Chamish the world's most savvy witness of current events in Israel. He's not perfect, but he's the best Israel has for now.
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