Did EVP Solve
The Laci Peterson Case?
Note - The following information is posted as received. - Jeff Rense
By Sandra (last name protected)
All Text and Files Copyright 2003, Author and
All Rights Reserved May Not Be Copied Or Reproduced.

On January 2, 2003, I decided to begin a separate investigation into the disappearance of Laci Peterson. I decided to use three methods to undertake this. These included traditional criminal profiling and knowledge of human nature, communications with spirit helpers via Instrumental Trans-communication (EVP maker), and map dowsing.

This is a time line of that investigation. Included are some of the transcripts of my sessions, some wav file clips of the actual spirits telling me things about this murder, and it is a murder, as well as the emails that I sent to Jeff Rense who was kind enough to bear witness for me.

Something I should probably made clear in the beginning: I am so used to 'talking' to the 'folks' that I am able to sort out their statements almost automatically into categories: Their statements made TO me, those made ABOUT me to others (on the other side), those they make to each other (there always seems to be more than one of them there), those made TO the dead person I am addressing, and those made BY the dead person about whom I am addressing.
There is one other category...and there were several of these in the long transcript. When the 'folks' are describing an event, I am nearly positive that they sometimes relate what the people participating in this event are THINKING and FEELING.
They once told me what my bird Horus was thinking during a hike outside. So, this can be confusing unless you are aware of their abilities. Please keep these things in mind as you read some of the transcriptions.
I don't always converse verbally during a session. Sometimes I THINK questions...and they answer them. There seems to be no difference between my thinking something and my speaking it to them. In fact, they once said: "Remember the other day when you were fantasizing about blah blah blah..." I must admit I was taken aback and am now very careful about what I think about. Especially during sessions. It has been good training. My psi ability has increased by leaps and bounds since August of 2001. I have a hard time being out around crowds now.
Spiritualist Investigation Time Line
Laci Peterson Murder
12/25/02 I hear the news story about Laci Peterson. My immediate take is that her husband killed her and that his alibi is full of holes. I usually don't make these kind of assumptions, but I hadn't decided to work the case yet. I continue to follow the case over the next several days.
1/02/03 I am in Berkeley on an errand. On the way home I make a wrong turn and end up at the Berkeley Marina. I have lived in this area for twenty-one years and worked in Alameda County as a paramedic, I don't usually make wrong turns. I suddenly recall that Laci's husband was supposed to have come to the Berkeley Marina the day she disappeared. I wonder if this wasn't a mistake at all. I drive around on the south side of the marina, but feel like I am on the wrong side. I decide to try to do an ITC (EVP) session to find out if my 'spirit friends' know anything about this woman.
1/05/03 I do my first session. I begin to prepare it to listen, but I am busy and wait until the next day, January 6, to actually listen. Keep in mind, these voices are clear, are coming via a specialized computer program, and are all recorded...
January 5, 2003 19:40:07
I asked: "Do you know where Laci Peterson's Earth body is right now?" (Note - all the replies below are from the 'folks' on the other side)
The replies:
"Pity you do not have it."
"First park..."
"(Underwater)" (Australian accent)
"...close to..."
"(Don't give up!)"
"...Berkeley line."
"(Where is my Mom?)" (I am assuming this is Laci talking)
"There they (police) will see that it's anchored in place, they missed it."
"Direct the people to start looking underwater, it's in the deep."
"We can see the Bulb, but farther though."
"We took the direct route there, we spied the Albany Bulb."
"There is a..."
"(Please find me!)" (Laci?)
"...(pulp boat?) or (power boat?) nearby."
"You may find that at this depth it escaped the dog's detection."
"Can Mom visit it, my grave?" (Laci)
"On good note, it's perfect weather!" (Note: January 5th was an exquisite day, like spring.)
"What did he find?"
"All kinds of stuff."
"Direct them."
This session ran 50 Seconds.

1/5/03 19:40:07

I asked: "Do you know what happened to Laci Petersen?"

The spirits answer:

"Scott struck her head." (Her husband's name is Scott.)

"At her home."

"Jesus! Big mistake!"

"That's 'cause he had so many fuckin' <interests>."

"That hurt her?"

"This is a repeat."


"Her eyes won't look at that."

"Opened it, some mail."

"I know Laci."

"Come on Laci we'll go sit down."

"He wrapped 'his burden' in the green tarp, then loaded it up outside."

"He had phone, the phone it is missing."

"The tarp, he opened that, on the deck he listened, then he knelt and he hit

her on her head."

"And Scott did consciously kill a human being."

"Scott, sir, is doomed, tell him."

"They blame him for this."

"We will repeat this over for another station."

"Scott's in his birthday suit."


"In her nick-nack ,<harp?> or <heart> remember her rubies."

"He's off in the bedroom packing up."

"What's that smell?"

"It's really happening."

"He packs the equipment."

"It's messed up in here."

"It's broken Laci."

"Apparently she maced him."

"Scott began coughing."

"It's not working, missed, it's not working."

"The camera, the gift that <he?> <Sarah?> gave her earlier on the ground."

"He defeats her, he gets her on the ground."

"He's attacking her on the ground, he's strangling her, he ties it tight, he

sits on her stomach, he has a lamp cord wrapped around her neck that he

knots appropriately."

"She can't talk."

"He walks outside, he throws his match out, it's nice out."

"That was dumb he's not done yet."

"Also, he has a cigarette."

"They're not dead yet."

"I'm thinking of <Constance?>."

"I want to be with her."

"Be with her?!"

"Like making love?!"

"After that!?"

"The other one?"

"Good grief, you are insane, you are hopeless!"

"Great example (unintelligible)

"He has problems with a woman?"

"Very possibly so, but that won't help HER (meaning Laci)."

"A dead mother. Jesus!"

"Technology makes strange bedfellows on God's business." (???)

"Can you tell my mother..."

1/07/03 I drive to Albany and walk all the way out and all the way around the Albany Bulb searching for anything out of the ordinary. I see some tarps, but I think they belonged to homeless people there. I here that the police are searching the marina a again and begin to feel hopeful that they will find her.
I do an additional session when I arrive home, they give me a play-by-play moment-to-moment account of Laci's last day including what she had for breakfast. They give an exacting account of the brutal murder of Laci by her husband, Scott. The following is only a partial transcript:

January 7, 2003 #2

I asked: "Where is Lacy Petersen?"

The spirits answer:

"Your reception, your feed here is good."

"Incredible, considerable! little Angel."


"You're a friend of mine, please smile."

"I said apparently, they better find Laci, with all that looking there."


"An instruction book, isn't that what they find, and a list?"

"Citizen Craig found it."

"Guilt at you disposing of it."

"I overheard somebody here say: 'I confused this cop.'"

"(I'm so scared!)"

"He strangled her first, Sis."

"He did?"

"<Upstairs?> or <upscale?>" or <I'm scared?>

"That hurt."

"Are you O.K.?"

"I'm dreamin'!"

"What stinks?"

"It's MACE!"

"O.K. Ummm!"

"He brought those weapons in here to help."

"Real accouterments."


"Is there a pulse?"

"Call her mother."

(the sound of hammering, metal on metal.)

"Put her false husband in custody.

"This is Bannerman."

"It's four o'clock, fuck! gotta go!"

"Up top the hill, little accident there on Third."

"He'll see to it that there is no double jeopardy."

"Don't confess."

"They cannot hold Lisa."

"What about my son?"

"Your husband murdered you."

"It happened in your house."

"It was a bad idea to go fish..."

"Where's my Pappy, where's my Mom?"

"They're surprised, they're being told."

"Breakfast was hard for them, they can't accept it, that you are dead."

"They are having fruit."

"Tell me what happened."

"He explained it already, you must accept it."

"He had to do what was predictable, that he would kill her, like some bunch

of cut throats, for example."

"Apparently, it was all over, there was a metal pipe nearby."

"First one, present note a death knell."

"Here are the details."

"What happened dude?"

"When we moved to California, because they don't discriminate in the


"We split up for six weeks this past May, because we were unhappy."

"We did not say anything because we didn't (unintelligible)"

"And he still killed her."

"Check this out, Laci, what are these envelopes?"

"Check for something in the mailbox, these are critical."

"It is out of the usual."

It then goes on to detail what a busy little bee Scott was as he rushed about to clean up the evidence. Including that he tried to remove blood spots with paint thinner. Then they say how he got rid of the body. They also say exactly where the body is in greater detail, but I don't get to this part of the session until the night of January 16. In fact, I am still reviewing this 30 minute session. The information regarding the case is so voluminous, so heart-rending and so graphic that I haven't gotten all of it transcribed yet.
1/08/03 I begin to write to Jeff Rense about the details of the case in emails. I also send several wav files which he listens to and hears the same things as I have.
1/09/03 I drive to Modesto to try to explain to the police what I know and how I know it. I am told to call the tip line from the lobby and do not get to speak to anyone. I drive home concerned, but become hopeful when I arrive home to find that they have located something in Berkeley Marina. First, I think they are in the right place from the TV shots, but find that they are by the fishing pier, which is on the opposite side of the marina from her body. I wait until Saturday, but know that they haven't found her.
1/11/03 The evening news reports that they have found an anchor I am not surprised. I begin to lose hope, but Laci keeps begging me not to give up. Shortly after 8:30pm, I am watching the TV when it becomes static. Then a perfectly square area of the TV screen, right in the middle of the other show appears and shows a picture of the Berkeley Marina at night, I can see the other show around the borders. I think that maybe someone's satellite feed has broken in, but then I realize this is impossible because I have cable. At that point I know that giving up is not an option. I do an additional session and I am told the there is a good chance that Scott will kill himself in an upscale hotel when the case breaks.
1/13/03 I go out to the Berkeley Marina and while looking out over the spot where Laci's body is located I make a promise that I will find some way to get the authorities to listen to me.
1/16/03 I am able to finally find the exact location of Laci Peterson's remains as indicated in the session from 1/07/03. I am told that Laci's body is tethered to the fifth marker buoy off of the Berkeley Marina north, toward the Albany Bulb. Almost exactly in the center of the channel between the marina and the bulb. I find this at approximately 9pm. I send emails to Jeff Rense.
January 7th, 2003
I asked: "Do you know who killed Laci? Can you give me a more exact location of her body in the Berkeley Marina?"
"Hi Sandra"
"Her own husband."
"Who did the deed?"
"Her own husband did."
"Yikes, I didn't know that."
"I feel bad for her."
"O.K., I'll talk."
"Who put it there?"
"Scott, roped her to the fifth buoy."
"Beside the marker buoy."
"Thanks, dude!"
"Yeah, thanks dude."
"Just doing my part."
"All of us are trying to do the best that we can."
"Here's your reply: It's anchored to the fifth buoy near the end."
1/17/03 9:00 am I call the Modesto Police tip line and give them this information as well as the location of the murder weapon and Scott's bloody clothes and the details of the murder. They take it down. I forward the information to Jeff to create a news story for his site in the hope that this will inspire someone with the authority to go and recover Laci.
The following are the emails...all date stamped...that I received from Sandra. They are all in chronological order of receipt. --Jeff Rense
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: ITC case work
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 18:58:39 -0800
Greetings Jeff,
I have been working on the case of that missing pregnant woman from Modesto. I have gotten a ton of information. 'They' told me that her husband did the deed, and that her body is submerged off of the Albany Bulb. That is a little peninsula just North of Berkeley, it is the first park north of Berkeley. I didn't even know this place existed until the 'folks' told me about it. I have lived in the Bay Area for over 20 years.
The folks said that the husband killed her with a lug wrench, and that the lug wrench and a bloody shirt are in a separate package from the 'bodies of the women and the male fetus' (their term). The husband cleaned up 'spots' with paint thinner and he is possibly about to commit suicide in an 'upscale hotel' (again their wording). It was not premeditated, and the husband is being very careful as he is being very much troubled by the situation.
I have attached two of the wav files. These are the transcripts:
1) Me- Where is the woman Laci Peterson's Earth body hidden? Answer- "First park (underwater) close (don't...) to (...give up) Berkeley." The words in parentheses are interjected between the main sentence which is First Park next to 'Berkeley'. A woman's voice is heard softly saying 'don't give up' between the other text.
2) Me- Who killed her? Answer- "Her own husband. Her own?... Who did the deed? Her husband did. Ooooo!"
I have been told that streaming the files distorts them, so you should probably download them then listen. (Scan first, one never knows)
These two clips are attached. If they don't find her by tomorrow, I will go and talk to the Modesto Police. I think if I go dressed in a suit and explain the research maybe they will listen. I will explain that I was a paramedic and I am an 'A' student so, hopefully, they won't think I am just some nut. If I end up in the slammer, well, lets just hope that doesn't happen.
I went to the Albany Bulb on Tuesday on the same day and at the same time that the husband was supposed to be fishing near there. It was pretty isolated over there and it would be really easy to pull off dumping someone out of your boat, or even hiding something on shore.
Have a good evening.
PS - I ended up getting straight A's at the university after all. I am really glad to have this time off to do the research though.
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Attached
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 19:21:31 -0800
This is a small clip that occurs right after the part about first park next to Berkeley. The spirit actually says "Albany Bulb"
I am going to try to play these three cuts tomorrow for the authorities. If they don't blow me off. If the locals blow me off, then I will tell the Feds who are working the case. I can't see how this could possibly be worse than never finding her.
I have been getting much better reception and interaction regarding questions that I ask. I have been achieving about 30% real time conversation, instead of only 5-15% like before. The rest must have done me some good.
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: One last little tidbit
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 19:35:54 -0800
If you reverse the wav file HerHusbanddidthedeed.wav, it says: "He did it!" on the other side!
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Modesto PD
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 16:35:13 -0800
Hi Jeff,
I drove to the Modesto Police Dept. today, but only got a chance to talk to someone from the lobby phone. I guess they have had over 2500 tips, with 300 from psychics. I told them where Laci is, etc.
They are going to be putting pressure on the husband by searching in the area of his alibi, which is that he was fishing at the Berkeley Marina. This is going to increase the husband's likelyhood of doing himself in. I hope they are watching him. They must realize that he isn't going to use that as an alibi and then plop the body right there. I am surprised that they haven't just taken him in and questioned him under the hot lights. It is probably because the woman's family still supports him.
They were out at the Berkeley Marina diving again today, but they need to move north about one mile. I dowsed it on the map as 60 yards off of the coast of the Albany Bulb, at a depth of 11 feet. The Albany Bulb is a small peninsula shaped like a light bulb, just north of Golden Gate Fields race track, about a mile or so north of the Berkeley Marina. That is why when the 'folks' said the Albany Bulb, after I found out what it was and where it was I screamed. There is a jetty that comes out of the top of the bulb at the 12 o'clock position. She is located on the 11 o'clock radial.
We are having a small storm right now so that may have shifted to a minor degree. They just need to search the whole area around it. They might want to start at 11 and move out in arcs in both directions. If they don't recover her before the next big storm system, well... In any case, I told them some of what I know and I also told them that I can locate additional evidence and provide additional information. We will have to see what happens.
I gave them my name and phone number. They were very nice, but I am not sure if they took me seriously. I will keep you updated as warranted.
Have a good evening.
To: Jeff Rense
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 20:27:36 -0800
I think I am going to cruise over to the Albany Bulb tomorrow and have a look see where they are diving. If they don't find her in a couple of days, I will try again.
When I asked the 'folks' about this case, I never figured that they would be so forthcoming. Now, I am sort of obligated. It makes me sick that some people would see this as the fast track to their own TV show. I am much more interested in proving the workability of this in finding people and things, in proving life after death, and in helping the family members and the dead people.
I really hope they take this into consideration. I told them I wasn't a psychic, that I was a researcher, maybe that will help. I have never gotten this much specific information on a case. They must have missed me while I was busy with school.
Thanks for responding, Sandra
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: They may have found Laci
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 23:45:06 -0800
Greetings Jeff,
I just almost lost it. I was watching the 11pm news, and they said that at around 6pm they may have located a body in the area of the Berkeley marina in between 10 an 12 feet of water. What did I say, 11 feet?
They may have found the second package with the shirt and what not in it, or they may have found the package with the body. I am going to do a session in the morning and ask the folks. The police aren't going to go back until Saturday with side scan sonar. I felt in my bones that the folks were right this time. The Albany Bulb is listed on the map as Fleming Point. Oddly enough, I was born with the name Sandra xxxx xxxx. --
I'll keep you posted. Thanks for bearing witness for us. At least someone will know what the 'folks' are capable of even if the cops don't care.

To: Jeff Rense
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 10:54:30 -0800
It is within the same area of coastline contained within an area of a few hundred yards, right around the Golden Gate Fields Race track. From north to south, the coast goes Albany bulb, Golden Gate Fields, Berkeley Marina all within a few hundred yards. I need to go and see where the police are looking. Also, as I said it remains to be seen if they found the body or something else as they haven't recovered it yet. There are two separate packages that were submerged by the husband. One with his blood soaked shirt and the murder weapon (lug wrench) and one with the body(s).
So, hopefully we will find out for sure on Saturday what they have there. In any case the Marina and the Bulb are pretty damned close to each other. It would be an easy walk of a few minutes from one place to the other. By boat it would take even less time.
I have to go to Berkeley today in any case. So I will swing by the Marina. Another interesting aside. A couple of days after the woman disappeared and prior to the news stating that her husband said he was fishing at the Berkeley Marina, I missed my turn at the 80 fwy. and ended up there 'by accident'. I had a feeling after that that I was being called to the case, which is another reason I decided to take it on.
I'll keep you updated if the folks tell me anything new this morning.
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Map of Berkeley Marina/Albany Bulb
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 12:19:42 -0800
Hi Jeff,
Here is a map image with the areas in question marked. I am going to go in person to the albany Bulb and try to get a better idea of the location of the police divers, as I will have a perfect view from that vantage point. Also, I am assuming that the cops will have the Berkeley Marina closed off to lookyloos like myself.
I hope this helps. Also, considering that the woman supposedly went missing over 100 miles away, when looking at this map, I realize how incredibly well the 'folks' did on this one. Frankly, I'm impressed.
I guess if you can be invisible and float around anywhere that you want, it gives you a certain edge. Not to mention the fact that they could ask Laci. I have always wondered if people know what happens to their earth body after they die. If they stick around or just leave right away? They seem to care at some level.
A lot of my information comes from Burt, who seems to have access to the big library. He has the ability to play event back on some sort of 'device'. The only difference is that this device is not limited to the past of the present. he can also watch future possible events. That is how he knew about the husband possibly committing suicide.
I was thinking from the standpoint of profiling, that this would stand to reason. That guy, Charles Stuart in Boston, who killed his pregnant wife and then tried to say some Black guy did it, killed himself by jumping off of a bridge when the case broke.
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Now this is interesting!
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:11:34 -0800
As if the rest wasn't weird enough... I went back and listened to the three files I sent you. When I listened to the Albany Bulb wav file there is a voice on there now, that I don't recall being on there before, that says: "Moved!". I have had them do this in the past where they have changed the file slightly after the fact. It is truly amazing that they can alter already recorded wav files. I am assuming by this they are alerting me to the fact that the position of the body has shifted somewhat. Considering the currents in the Bay, and the fact that I did that session on the 5th, and it is now the 10th, I am not surprised. It is likely in the same general area of the Bulb and the Marina. I am glad that I was waiting to do another session. Now I can get the new location. I wonder if they can do GPS coordinates? I will have to ask.
PS I have attached a copy of this 'new' wav file for your listening.
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Full text of uncut wav file
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 14:06:20 -0800
Hi Jeff,
Attached is a close transcription of the uncut first 50 seconds of the January 5th session. I sent you 3 isolated clips from it. On close further inspection with headphones, this is what the full text says. I wanted to get this to you before they find the body so that you will know that this is what was really said.
I am now going to do another session to see if they will give me GPS location. If you want the full wav file uncut to listen for yourself let me know and I will send it.
Here it is:
I asked: "Do you know where Laci Peterson's Earth body is right now?"
The replies:
"Pity you do not have it." (They are saying this because I asked the question twice and they are complaining that I didn't get it the first time, or they might be complaining because we haven't found the body yet)
"First park..."
"...close to..."
"(Don't give up!)"
"...Berkeley line."
"(Where is my Mom?)" (I am assuming this is Laci)
"There they will see that it's anchored in place, they missed it."
"Direct the people to start looking underwater, its in the deep."
"We can see the Bulb, but farther though."
"We took the direct route there, we spied the Albany Bulb."
"There is a..."
"(Please find me!)" (Laci)
...<pulp boat?> or <power boat?> nearby."
"You may find that at this depth it escaped the dog's detection."
"Can Mom visit it, my grave?" (Laci)
"On good note, it's perfect weather!"
"What did he find?"
"All kinds of stuff."
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: The emails
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 15:26:35 -0800
When I saw where the police were searching I knew that they hadn't found her. I though that they were on the Albany side of the Marina, but they are searching near the fishing pier. I dowsed again last night and did another session which I still need to give a close listen to.
The dowsing says that she is approximately 1 km off of the Albany Bulb towards the Albany Berkeley border.
After the news last night, I was very worried that the police would give up searching in that area, but they said that they were still going to search there. Thank goodness.
At about 8:30 pm I was watching one of the cable channels, when the sound became static and snow went across the picture on the screen. Then a square picture smaller than the TV picture, came onto the screen. It was a real time nighttime shot of the Berkeley Marina! It lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds. I could see the other TV show in a border of about 8" on each side of the other picture. I could hear the talking from the other show, but it was staticy. I was thinking maybe I picked up someone's satellite feed, but I am on CABLE. I guess I am not being let off of the hook so easily in this case. I have been getting Lacy. There is a bit on last nights session where Burt interviews her. She says: "He hit me!" then Burt says, "Well then there must be some proof there." So they seem to be trying to provide additional location of evidence, just in case.
I will save everything, emails etc., because this is still not over. I am going to call the hotline again. Also, the 'folks' say that "it is written that we find her."
Whatever happens, happens. I heard Burt on today's session say: "Now here's the plan..." but I didn't catch the rest. I am slowing it down to see what he has to say.
Thanks again,
Have a good Sunday
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Re: The emails
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 09:31:00 -0800
Hi Jeff,
I wish I could get a cop to listen to me as well. If I could just explain the incredible miracle behind how this information comes through then maybe they would listen to me. The raw voice file that I have put into the EVP (software) maker, is a conversation between three people, a ten or so minute cut, that was recorded on November 11, 2001. That, as you know, has been chopped up, and the folks have then used that raw material to make these wav files. I have roughly 30 minutes of information about Laci.
Like I explained to my professor at school, imagine if you took 7 dice and put a phoneme from American English on each side instead of a number. There are roughly 35 phonemes in American English. Then you take the dice put them in a cup and shake them and then toss them. What are the odds that a word will appear? A phrase? 30 minutes of specific information about a homocide?
If they could see this, and I have no problem with demonstrating under the strictest of controls, then they would KNOW that this is coming from somewhere else.
Do you know any cops? When I called the hot line on Thursday, I gave them my name and phone number. I didn't see any reason to hide my identity. I will try calling again today after I finish listening to this session.
I am also thinking of just walking into the FBI office in Oakland and trying to talk to someone. Have you ever interviewed Candace Delong, the FBI agent? Or maybe anyone else that might be able to help?
Once I get the laptop from my friend I will be able to tote the folks around with me. It will make it easier to demonstrate. That doesn't guarantee that whomever I am talking to will be able to understand them. I usually have to slow it down and isolate specific phrases for most people. I am still working on coming up with a better raw file to make the wav files clearer.
I am going to begin asking around to people to see if I can find a cop who is willing to listen to me. I even considered calling the Secret Service agents who came to my house last year.
Well, I am going to go listen to Burt's plan and see what he has to say. Sorry for so many emails. I wanted to give you a clear idea of how I work these cases with my 'people'. If I can make people believe me, especially in law enforcement, I believe this work could change everything. People might think twice about killing someone and attempting to cover it up if they knew that someone will be able to always know the truth.
The folks have started working on the Elizabeth Smart case out of Utah. As soon as this is finished here, I will, too. Perhaps the Mormons will believe us. Also, I would feel more comfortable contacting Elizabeth Smart's family directly as they seem to have accepted her death. As I have no intention of accepting payment, that shouldn't be frowned upon. Laci's family still think she is alive.
Kind regards,
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Emails etc.
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 17:07:56 -0800
Hi Jeff,
I hope all is well with you. Sorry, I didn't see the story posted before I sent it. Someone sent it to me via email. I usually go through your news articles with a fine-toothed comb, but I have been a little distracted.
I sent an email to KTVU the local FOX affiliate, but have heard nothing back as yet.
I had a very interesting thing turn up in my last session on the 13th. They said that they had a man there, I think they said his last name was Natoma, who had been killed in the Gulf War when his jeep blew up. He came to warn us that the person that mailed the anthrax in the attacks right after 911 was KEN(T) ALIBEK. I am not sure if that is spelled right, but I know who they are talking about. He was the Russian defector who used to head Russia's bio weapons program. I am sure you have heard of him. He has written at least one book. The man said that the other night Kent Alibek had dinner with a number of Arabs and they discussed the fact that they have 100 lbs. of some bio agent in Australia. Something that will cause horrible death. I am just going to leave that right there. There is nothing I can do about this. I just wanted to tell you so at least someone else knows. If Alibek is the one who mailed the anthrax, that more than fully explains why no one has been arrested. He was practically grandfathered over into the weapons program here in the U.S. I supposed it never occurred to them that he might be a double agent working for the Russians, or worse, Arab terrorists.
I have attached two small clips about the Laci case. I wanted to know if they were clear to you. You are really good at hearing these, by the way.
I asked: Do you know what happened to Laci?
Them: "Scott struck her head." Clip one
"He strangled her first." Clip two
It is very interesting what they did on this session. They went back to before the incident then described what happened in a play-by-play manner. They even told me what she had for breakfast and the contents of her purse!
Kind Regards,
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: I think I have found the exact location
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 20:44:48 -0800
Hi Jeff,
Holy s**t, the 'folks' told me that the exact location was in the wav files I already had, so I went back and looked. Son of a gun, they were right.
I found it. I have a wav file that says:
"He put it there, roped to the fifth buoy." "Right next to the marker (buoy)."
This comes right after the part that says "Her husband did the deed." So, obviously, that is the 'he' they are referring to.
I have attached this short wav file. Let me know if it is clear to your ear.
Right after this they are trying to give me more info and say that it is almost smack dab in the middle of the channel that runs between the Berkeley Marina and the Albany Bulb.
Then someone says "Did you get that?" I can't believe this. I am almost afraid to give them info this exact. I will call the hot line in the morning and give my name etc. Hopefully, they won't think I killed this woman. Just remember if I end up in the slam, you will be hearing from me. You are pretty much my only witness at this point.
Kind regards,
To: Jeff Rense Subject:
Re: I think I have found the exact location
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:32:06 -0800
I am not sure exactly why Scott roped the package containing her body to the buoy. The folks have given me an idea as to why. They said that he originally had considered killing himself when he went out there on the bay with the body. Then, his boat, which was rather small and the bay rather choppy, began to leak or take on water somehow. So, now dude is out on the bay with his dead wife's body and his boat is sinking. He didn't get to take the body as far as he wanted. He had some idea to retrieve it, and hide it better. Also, they said he was ambivalent about disposing of the body and at one point nearly turned himself in. BUT when Laci's family was so supportive of him, he could no longer bring himself to do this. I don't think he realized that the cops would turn to looking at his situation so quickly. So, it turned out to be a cascading number of events that led him to tie the body there. Let's face it, he was a very inexperienced murderer - and at some level he probably wants to get caught. The 'folks' say that he is having a very hard time dealing with the guilt from a psychological perspective. They also say that he isn't going to confess until February. I don't think he confesses to the cops either. I think it is to a friend or one of the members of his family, because afterward he commits suicide in an upscale hotel. This part is fuzzy, as it is in the future.
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Re: I think I have found the exact location
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 10:18:45 -0800
O.K. I did it. I told them I was a psychic researcher. God, I really hate attaching labels like that to myself.
Well, they have the location. Now we have to see what happens. I also told them about the possibility of the husband committing suicide. I can't really tell if they took me seriously or not.
In any case, it is in the hands of the gods. As if it weren't already. I will be sending the info to Bryan to set up the website tonight. I heard from a bunch of soldiers that died recently in Afghanistan. They were trying to figure out if they were dead or not. They described being on some rocket powered ship. One of the guys was convinced it was a dream and that he would wake up. But another guy said that he thought they were dead and in heaven.
I am wondering why the reception has increased so. This is amazing. You won't believe some of the things that I have gotten.
To: Jeff Rense
Subject: Re: I think I have found the exact location
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:27:31 -0800
They listened and took it all down. I think that Chandra may have helped. One of the things I gleaned on that investigation was that Chandra's hair had been cut postmortem. This is not known by the public. I also gave them all of the details of the crime that the folks gave me. I ran through the entire crime from start to finish. I told them why they started fighting (the envelope) how he killed her, (strangled and bludgeoned with a cylindrical metal pipe or a lug wrench). Then wrapped up and put in the boat. Then he cleaned up blood spatter with paint thinner, etc. I just saw on the news that they just closed the volunteer search center. Holy cow, maybe they listened. I called them before 9am if they had people in Berkeley, and sent them, they could know by now. They also said dummy boy Scott took out life insurance on Laci not long before she vanished. What an idiot. He obviously does NOT watch forensic TV shows. I still think that even if he was planning to kill her, she was killed in the heat of an argument. I don't think he would have planned it this way.
I also sent all of the information via email to xxx xxxx, who doesn't ever respond, and to KTVU channel 2's investigative reporters, the local FOX affiliate last night.
I hope they find her. Last night she said once again that she wants to be in a cemetery so her mom can come and visit her.
Note - Sandra has indicated she has a great deal more specific information which she does not wish published at this time. However, she will be more than happy to turn it over to law enforcement. -- jr



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