Explanation Of The Ether

By Bill

Is anything faster than the speed of light?
Yes, the speed of thought.
Light is an electromagnetic radiation that travels in a wave form, exciting atom after atom in turn to pass the information on as to the frequency of each particular wavelength, red, blue, yellow, or light may travel in a stream of particles, whatever.
All of this happens fast, in fact, in one year light will travel six million million miles, that is VERY fast but nowhere near as fast as the speed of thought. If you and I were telepathic, and one of us were six million million miles away and I sent you a thought, you would receive it immediately . Now, THAT is fast. The same conversation with flashlight, even a very powerful one picking out Morse code, would take a very long time.
As mentioned earlier, light travels in a coarse zig-zag time-consuming manner as any scientist will tell you but how does thought travel and through what medium? I'll try to explain. Do you remember the chrome ball bearings, each suspended in a line of 5 or 6 - it makes no difference how many - and when you pull one out from either end and let it go, the one on the other end instantly pops out? That is how thought travels.
The use of the ball bearings is only a simile, but what is it that these ball bearings represent? the answer to this is: ether.
Not the substance used by doctors for cleansing, but the stuff that is known to modern science as the space between particles. Space between particles?
At this point a few well known scientific facts must be stated.
Fact 1. A block of iron is about as solid as you can get but iron, the same as everything else, is composed of atoms. An atom has a nucleus surrounded by protons and electrons that spin around it. The size of the nucleus in proportion to the electrons and protons is about the same as between the Sun and the planets. Scientists know this to be fact.
As you can appreciate, there is a lot of space between these particles. This space is called the ether. Sound waves, radio and TV transmissions all pass quite happily through solid objects because they are at a different frequency - or level of vibration. If we could project ourselves to the frequency of TV, Radio or mobile phones, the air would be full of these signals and we would know what they look like.
Fact 2. Humans - and everything that has 'life' - has an etheric body which looks identical to the physical body but functions at a higher frequency. In fact, it is at the same frequency as the ether. Could this be where it derives it's name? Scientists know that we are electromagnetic in origin. Most advanced medical tests assess electrical impulses in the brain and elsewhere in the body to find areas of activity or lack of it that may be causing a problem. Our thoughts register activity in the brain. This activity can be seen with modern medical equipment but not the 'thought' itself. The thought operates at an even higher frequency but it is quite real. The thought registers in the ether.
Because Mankind has been denied Spiritual knowledge for so long, this sixth sense has become under developed and under used by most people. However, don't worry, there is no chance of it 'falling of.' I say most people because some do develop this awareness. Most Governments have as part of their security department, remote viewers.
These are people who learn and then train how to tune in to this higher vibration by the use of meditation, or other mental protocols, and travel through the ether to spy on each other and on selected targets.
There are many books on this subject written by well-respected people. Many well0known mediums, Doris Stokes, Stephen O'Brian, etc, as well as healers like Harry Edwards, Sia Baba and of course Jesus, all used this facility.
So, where is it? It is here, all around us but we cannot see it because it is at a different vibration or frequency...just like radio or TV signals. So what? you may say.
Back to the speed of thought. In the ether, thought is reality. It is transferred instantly through the ether because everything is ether at that level, including you and your surroundings. Remember the chrome ball bearings? Because the balls are touching, energy is transferred from number 1 to number 7 instantly,there is no loss of time...just as in the ether. The balls don't go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - they go 1-7 in-out...step in #1 and step out #7.
In this environment our selves are ether. If we want to go to the planet Mars, we simply think it and it happens. Think Mars 1 and arrive on Mars 2. The distance doesn't matter. All this happens because we are in the ether and are part of it... all the same substance.
Moving on to sound...which is found in a much lower vibrational level than light - and therefore travels much slower because it uses a physical medium to travel through: air or solids.
If one could increase the frequency of the sound to closer to that of light, then it could travel at closer to the speed of light...the perfect example is radio.
It has happened already, if man can do this with sound then the possibilities for other things are there. The British lad who hacked into U.S. military computers said they were developing a craft that had an engine that worked on VIBRATION. He did not know how, or if, it worked only that it was being developed.
What Is The Ether And How Does It Work?
The article by Sir Oliver Lodge describes the ether as being one million million times more dense than water, and that one cubic inch would weigh a million tons if it were material in atom form that we are familiar with. That brings us to a conclusion that I will expand upon after these following pieces of information.
An article in the Psychic News by an eminent doctor tells us that any - and every - cell in the body has the ability to manufacture any enzyme or hormone that is needed for the well-being of its host. Every body carries the cancer potential but the process is just waiting to be turned on or of. The mechanism that controls these functions is the DNA.
The DNA, acting on instruction from a source of intelligence, instructs the cell to manufacture or activate. It isn't known weather the cell has the blueprint or is just following the recipe given to it by the D.N.A., the important thing to note is that the cell has access to supreme intelligence and the ability to arrange, at the atomic level, the protons and electrons, etc. in the right order to have the desired effect. In short, creation is taking place courtesy of the intelligence that it has access to. Silver Birch once said "a cell does two trillion things a second, you could not hope to understand."
One more thing. It is always said "as above, so below." On a modern computer you can save lots of pictures but comparatively little sound. The reason for this is that pictures contain one dimensional images with little information: this dot is blue that dot is yellow. Sound, on the other hand, is three dimensional at least, with instrument, definition, volume, and tone depth etc. ...and takes up vastly more computer memory.
This is how I believe it works in the ether.
If you were one side of the room and I on the other, the space between us would be filled with air atoms. These atoms are one million million times LESS dense than the ether. The ether is a solid block of intelligence but still a solid block that material bodies do not penetrate. What happens is this...
Just as on a TV when images move across the screen, the dots or pixels are told what color to be at any given time. And so it is with our bodies...but in three dimensions.
Each 'molecule' of ether receives the information from the individual bodily intelligence as to what it will be at any given time. Cells, as we know, can create and change substance at will, and it is this will...this intelligence...that travels through the ether giving the illusion of movement.
Physical mass does not move, only the information of the swirling mass of atoms that make it what it is.
As the metal in the electric cable waits for the electricity to pass along it, so, too does the ether wait for energy and intelligence to pass though it.
All that exists has life...and a level of intelligence of mind that defines its identity and integrity at an atomic level - be it a stone, a book or a human body. A chair, even though it is 'inanimate', is still a swirling mass of atomic mind. All that has form has intelligence that is life itself.
In the article by Sir Oliver Lodge, he describes how light, if it were not to reflect on anything would be invisible at least to the naked eye. All we see is the reaction of light. So it is with matter: we register only the reaction of individual intelligence with our five senses.
Thought and life itself in the spiritual realms transcend these limitations for we then become part of the ether, part of this supreme intelligence that knows all. And if we want to go to the planet Mars, we just think the intention and step out the reaction, however many million miles away.
From Xavier Simmons
If the hanging steel balls are a simile to how thought is transferred through the Ether, then thought does not travel faster than light.
The hanging steel balls work because of the compression waves created by the impact of the moving ball (or balls) with the stationary balls.
This wave travels through the steel at a predictable speed, aka: the speed of sound through steel: ~13,332mph.
I'm not suggesting that we are or we are not telepathic. But the steelies do not react faster than the speed of light. They react to the compression waves travelling through the steel at ~13,332mph.

From: Jiggs Morgan
You explained that it was a fact that the nucleus of the atom was surrounded by protons and electrons that spin around it. Actually, the fact is that protons and neutrons make up the nucleus of the atom and electrons spin around the nucleus.   As well, your hypothesis that the air atoms between us in a room would be LESS dense than the ether would not make sense.The air atoms would be MORE dense.Let me explain my reasoning. If you look at the different states of H2O, and go from most dense to least dense, you have solid(ice), liquid, and vapor. As a solid , the molecules of H2O are very close together and as temperature and frequency increase, the molecules get further apart. Now, if the ether can be described as that which solid matter is derived from, then it would be consistent to deduct that the ether would be of a higher frequency than that which is of a gaseous state. Better yet, the higher the frequency the closer we get to that frequency which is thought. Thought being the origin of all matter. Thought being the origin of consciousness. Thought being the connection to the mind of GOD , of the is-ness and connection to all things.              
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