Chemtrails Over
Santa Fe - Heavy
From The Zeph Report

My wife just took these--she began to notice these short burst patterns...where they would put down a puff, then stop, then another--perhaps in an effort to fool us.
Also, the strange clouds over the mountain you see were indicated to be UFO cloaking clouds...sometimes they are perfectly round and do not move with the atmosphere. At Santa Fe Baldy, the mountain, it is rumored (by very reliable sources) that there is an undergound base of some sort.
As I write this, they are laying it down so massively that the sky is getting blocked out.
We have noticed two things: 1) that whenever there is a storm forecast, they spray, and 2) they only seem to spray over population centers, turning off the spray as they leave Santa Fe.
Someone sent me some chemtrail photos recently with UFOs (one, a bright light, the other a strange, dense object)...we are beginning to see a really interesting possible development: the UFO/chemtrail connection.
When I get a really good photo, I'll send it, since this is an increasing flap. Getting reports here countrywide about UFOs and chems together. That's why I point out the clouds in the background of these photos.
On our site, we have mentioned that 6 Jan is a prophetic date, and to be vigilant.
Take care, Z.
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