TV Show Previews WTC Attack Many
Months Before 911


In February of 2000, The Lone Gunman series aired on FOX TV. The pilot episode was about a commercial airliner being flown into the World Trade Center Towers 19 mos. before 9/11.
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From: Ted Hudacko
Note: According to this fan website the pilot aired on 03/04/01.  This is still 6 months in advance of the attacks. The website states that the pilot episode was filmed March 20 - April 7, 2000\

From Thora Rasmussen>
British Columbia, Canada
Just a few silly comments...
We don't need the Patriot Act, we just need to hire people to watch TV.
- or -
You don't need to watch the "Mainstream" News to know what bad things are happening, just watch TV, it will tell you what's coming.
I used to wonder what kind of strange imagination was needed to come up with programs like the X-Files, now since coming to your website and one other ( ) I realize that they are getting a lot of their plot lines from real life. Now the question is, what kind of maniacs do we have running the assylum, and what kind of life leads a person to do the things that these people do?
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