When It's Cool To Be Evil
By Henry Makow, PhD

"My friends and I did three whores yesterday," my son, 16, remarked casually.
"Then we killed them and took our money back."
He was referring to the new video game craze, "Grand Theft Auto --Vice City" which allows impressionable teens to pretend they are psychotic gangsters. They become ex-con "Tommy Vercetti," a Darwinian survivor in a pitiless hedonistic "Vice City."
They have a choice of 120 vehicles and 30 weapons (meat cleaver, machete) to use to gun down policemen, rob liquor stores and jack cars. Made by Sony, the game teaches the young it's cool to be evil. The predecessor game "Grand Theft Auto-3", (only 50 vehicles, 20 weapons) sold seven million copies.
My son added: "If I had a high-powered rifle and wasn't afraid of the law, it's what I'd do."
He was just goading me; but I was taken aback. I didn't say anything.
Boomers like me who got zero moral education are not prepared to instruct our children. This is exacerbated by the fact that our children often don't live with us, as in my case.
I see this with other male friends. One told me his wife caught his 12-year-old daughter in a chat room where assorted sexual positions were being compared. Another discovered his 17-year-old daughter had lost her virginity and acted as if it were a glove. Both fathers do not live with their daughters and probably wouldn't know how to react if they did.
Our reflex is to be laid back and tolerant. To say:" This is natural experimentation."
I might have done this a few years ago but I am beginning to see the world differently. I no longer believe trends like family breakdown, promiscuity and violence are random.
As you know from my previous articles, I believe a satanic, criminal cabal rules the world controlling illegal drugs, prostitution as well as banking, oil, defence and the media. In order to consolidate its power and weaken society, it actively promotes these destructive trends.
Following a centuries-old plan, it has subverted all social institutions: business, politics, education, and religion. (Most people don't realize that success today depends on serving this cabal.) It started all wars. It fabricated the war on terror to advance the creation of an Orwellian world-police-state.
We are on the cusp of a New Dark Age from which we may never emerge. How did this happen?
It happened because they took God out of the universe. "They" are members of secret Satanist societies. They are too smart to say, "Here's the devil. You'll like him better." But when they removed God, which is essentially a belief in the reality of morality, they opened the door for evil.
They used a sleight of hand. They preyed on mankind's innate desire for justice by promising "fraternity, liberty and equality." They gave us liberalism, socialism and communism, not to help but to control us. They gave us feminism, pornography and sexual liberation, not to free but to enslave us. They used them all to undermine family, nation, and religion.
Without vision, a people will perish. God is vision. God is Goodness: this is how we perceive the difference between good and evil. Man is blind without God,
There IS Moral Order in the universe. Morality, (obedience to God) far from being old fashioned and boring, is extremely useful and necessary.
Just look at our satanic masters! They are notoriously dysfunctional: drug addicts, pedophiles, and murderers. Their families are a mess. If only we could convince them they could find true love and happiness by serving rather than defying God.
Jesus said, "God is a spirit. We worship Him in spirit and in truth." God is Goodness, Truth, Justice and Beauty. We all have an innate sense of these spiritual absolutes. We all have a direction connection with our Creator. We can serve Him by doing whatever we think He wants us to do. This is the key to happiness.
A lot of Christians are fatalistic. They think the end times are near and necessary for the fulfillment of prophesy. I can't comment on this but I don't believe God intended us to sit back and let His creation go to hell.
We were created to serve God. We must sacrifice ourselves to His purpose. We must not cowardly cling to life, if increasingly life is not worth living.
Men need to begin by taking control of their own families.
A man cannot be strong without a connection to God. He must align himself with God's purpose, and provide a strong moral vision for his family.
Heterosexual union entails the exchange of power and love. Men love women who obey them. Men love women who empower them. I love my wife more and more each day because she is helpful and adaptable. This makes me want to make her happy.
My wife's career is not her first priority. She is happy because I am devoted to her. A man's love is a woman's power, and vice versa.
Dutiful daughters (women who love their parents and are devoted to them) make the best wives. This devotion is naturally transferred to their husbands. And when wives obey their husbands, children obey their parents.
Heterosexual marriage involves a profound fusion necessary for emotional and psychological development. It takes place when a woman loves a man enough to trust him completely. She self effaces, assuming an aspect of his identity. He assumes a part of her essence as well. This mystical exchange produces the sense of "completion" that people seek.
Many men confuse their relationship to God with their love of women. They are seeking themselves, which women can't give them. Women want to be enlisted for a higher purpose, and loved for their contribution.
In conclusion, men must represent God in their family and society.
The next time I see my son, I'll remind him that criminals are sick, tormented, losers. There is nothing glamorous about their lives; playing "Vice City" pollutes the soul. (My son isn't really into this game and I'm not sure I'd forbid it if he were. I'd rather he came to my way of thinking himself.)
As for my friends' daughters, I'll suggest that sex is a profound psychological and emotional experience, not only a physical one.
Psychologically and emotionally, sex is always self-surrender for a woman. She MUST love and be loved; otherwise, she will be damaged. Sex is an expression of love, and a mystery. Teenage girls need to mature in order to explore this mystery.
Truth, Justice, Goodness and Beauty are absolutes. Our satanist leaders can distort them but they can't change this Reality. A true civilization would be devoted to discussing how to enact these absolutes. Ours is devoted to suppressing or mutilating them.
God is Reality. The more we evade Reality, the more unreal we become. We slide toward the edge of extinction.
We must be fearless in confronting the cabal. Its power is built on lies. Evil is unreal. It is the absence of Good, a kind of obsessive envy. Sick and unwholesome, it resembles a dilapidated shed. Kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will collapse!
Henry Makow, Ph.D. is the inventor of the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles and feminism and the new world order are archived on his web site He welcomes feedback at


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