Who Is Marching Us To
War? The Unthinkable

By Marshall Vian Summers

We are marching to a war with Iraq, or, it seems, we are being marched to war with Iraq. Inexplicably, a relatively small number of government leaders who are determined to have a "regime change" in Baghdad are going to get their way and just about everyone, including other nations, is being persuaded to fall into line. It is reasonable for us to stop and say, "Wait a minute. What is happening here?" Or should we just keep on marching?

I would like to present a new and very different insight into our "war in the making". Before our current opinions in this matter become fully forged, if they are not already, I ask if you are willing to rethink this situation with me for a moment in order to gain a greater perspective.

As a teacher of Greater Community Spirituality and as a student of Steps to Knowledge, I have learned the importance of taking time to watch the movement of things in the "Bigger Picture". In this light, a war with Iraq, I think, deserves special consideration. I see well-intentioned people all around me lashing out at George Bush or Saddam Hussein or Islam or something else without taking time to look deeper at the situation or to consider different viewpoints on this growing conflict.

I have read arguments from pundits on both sides of the issue of going to war with Iraq. Each, in their own right, can make a compelling argument and a reasonable justification either to go to war or not to go to war. On one side, experts say Saddam is or will be a hidden supplier for Islamic terrorists, ultimately providing them with nuclear weapons. They regard him as a Hitler on the rise and claim that we should take him out before it is too late. They emphasize that if we wait, it will be far more difficult and costly later to stop him. Perhaps Winston Churchill was saying many of the same things to the British Parliament about Hitler in the years leading up to W.W.II. These experts argue that we cannot afford to make the same mistake again. Regime change now or face the specter of a much larger war later on.

On the other side of the fence, there is another group of experts who argue that while Saddam Hussein is a ruthless dictator, he poses only an indirect threat to the U.S. and the West, certainly not enough of a threat to go to war with him. They say that any pre-emptive strike would not only cost perhaps thousands of innocent lives, but could destroy the West's fragile and deteriorating relationship with the Islamic world. This, they say, could destabilize the Middle East and set off terrorist attacks all over the world. Some go further, arguing that this is a classic example of U.S. imperialism seeking a New World Order under its firm domain.

Perhaps you have felt the pull of these arguments or others like them. Whatever side you may choose to take, it is clear that our opinions are not being sought in the matter. The decision is being made for us and explained as we go along. Either through pressure, fear or, for many, simple resignation, we are falling in line with the intentions of a small group of people. Those who question or criticize this are being largely ignored or marginalized. We go to war or somehow we are not being patriotic. We are being prodded and prompted as we are being marched to war.

I have been gifted or, depending on how I look at it, burdened with a Greater Community perspective, which I bring to bear on this matter. This requires me to step back from my own personal reflexes to look again and again from a much broader perspective. Rather than providing explanations, the Teaching in the Greater Community Way of Knowledge has given me some seeds for thought to contemplate which I find relevant to this situation. If you've had a chance to read my post 9/11 paper on What Will End Terrorism - The Unthinkable, you have had an opportunity to begin to share in this contemplation.

Let us take a moment to rethink four important questions about our new war:
- If we have real adversaries, who are they and what are they doing? - What is the real threat to our and everyone else's "national security"? - What can end terrorism and brutal conflict between nations? - Who and what is marching us to war?
If you have read and deeply considered the message in The Allies of Humanity, you will find the answer to the first three questions and with it the key to what can meaningfully generate cooperation and security within the human family. The Allies material vividly emphasizes that our real adversaries are those extraterrestrial forces that are intervening in our world and suggests what we must do to stop their "Intervention" and establish our own "Rules of Engagement" with any form of intelligent life which seeks to visit our world. Recognizing the greater collective threat of this Intervention could overshadow and bring an end to the civil and tribal conflicts that are plaguing and dividing the human family. The Intervention, the silent infiltration by our uninvited visitors, threatens our freedom and self-determination as a race. This message may seem shocking to some peace advocates because it stresses the importance of resisting the Intervention. However, the Allies' message offers a final answer for establishing peace on Earth through an agenda of mutual cooperation, well-being and protection of our world from outside interference.

From this perspective, let us consider the fourth question: Who and what is marching us to war?

- Is it the political/economic ambitions of the rich and powerful? Probably. That's an easy answer. - Is it an attempt to liberate the Iraqi people? Probably not. - Is this U.S. imperialism at work again? Perhaps.

We can keep asking these types of questions, but we are still on the surface when we think like this. We are not seeing the bigger picture. If the Intervention is real and is seeking to divide and conquer humanity as the Allies so passionately emphasize, then we cannot leave the "Intruders" out of this war in the making.

One of the seeds for thought that the Teaching has given me to consider is this: Because the leaders of the Western Powers could not be adequately "turned" to support the Intervention, then an Islamic revolution would be fomented from the very real conditions of economic exploitation and repression in the Middle East to oppose and attack the West, thus destabilizing it and weakening its resistance to the Intervention. Unthinkable? This is how Cortez with his 550 men managed to conquer the Aztec empire of 2 million people: Have the dispossessed tribes join and overthrow the ruling tribe and then move in to take over. Cortez successfully exploited the cultural divisions and religious predispositions of the native peoples to his advantage. The Intervention is seeking a similar approach within our world at this time. Because the Intervention lacks the military power and political support to take over our world by force, the Intruders will seek a more beguiling approach to achieve their aims. (This is explained in the second volume of the Allies material, which is not yet complete.)

Thus we march to war, some of us armed with reason and noble aims, with most of the rest of us wondering why. This war, aside from its tragedies and its possible benefits, can only serve the interests of the Intervention. Instead of building cooperation and interdependence between the West and the East, we will fracture even further the tenuous bonds that hold us together. This can only weaken a fledgling human unity to the advantage of the Intruders. In addition, our fomented war makes the nations of the world look barbaric, which supports the growing belief that is being promoted by the Intervention that we as human beings are too violent and fallible to govern our own world peacefully, thus justifying the uninvited presence and manipulation of the Intervention. This erodes even further whatever confidence we have left in ourselves and in our institutions to bring harmony and justice to our world. This is leading increasing numbers of people to believe that it will take an outside technologically advanced race to save us from ourselves. This opens the door to the Intervention. The Allies of Humanity have warned us of this.

What I am presenting here is a very different understanding. Once you begin to consider the reality of the Intervention, which is well documented by researchers from around the world, then this new perspective does not seem so radical. Yet this is clearly not an understanding that is being offered to us by governments or the media. For those who insist on projecting the usual pro- and anti-war ideals, my observation may appear ridiculous, anti-American, anti-peace or even anti-extraterrestrial. However, if you too could enter this contemplation with me, you would know that my seed for thought is hardly ridiculous, it is most certainly not anti-American, it promotes peace for everyone based upon mutual security, and is open to ET assistance, not Intervention, such as is demonstrated by the Allies of Humanity message. The peace initiative that the Allies of Humanity recommend is for the nations of the world to join together for our mutual defense against the growing presence of the Intervention. This is certainly different from anything that we are currently considering and I think in the end perhaps far more lasting. With the Intervention, we all face a common threat to our sovereignty and right to live in this world as a free race. Understand this and the need to engender unity between peoples and nations becomes not only a good idea, but the most important idea.

Yes, the Western Powers, i.e., the United States, could win its war with Iraq, at great costs, only to lose a greater war later on. What I am proposing is that we are all being marched to war by forces from beyond our world who seek to divide and weaken the human family for their own benefit. Our fears, prejudices, self-doubts and desire for revenge are all being manipulated and used by the Intervention and we are not seeing it. Like Cortez, the Intruders will play us against one another as they slowly build their presence and influence within our world, waiting for the time when we are too weak and distracted to resist.

If you have not had the opportunity to read and consider the Allies of Humanity material, I strongly recommend that you do so before making any conclusions about the new war with Iraq or any other major world event.

I offer this new perspective to you so that you may see yourself in the midst of a greater life and a great turning point for humanity. I encourage you to enter this contemplation with me. It is not easy to do this. It requires breaking out of our socially conditioned views and responses in order to gain a new understanding of our challenges, hidden strengths and destiny as we attempt to take our place within a Greater Community of intelligent life. There are no easy answers. Yet it is not easy answers that we need, but vision, courage and relationship. I will have more to say as we proceed

Marshall Vian Summers is the leading teacher of Greater Community Spirituality in the world today and the author of the books of The Greater Community Way of Knowledge.

"It is time to end your ceaseless conflicts and prepare for life in the Greater Community." The Allies of Humanity
"The Greater Community gives you a great opportunity for liberation as a race. The gravity of its impact, the problems that it will
present and the challenges it will give to humanity will either defeat you or redeem you. This is the greater problem which will unite
people everywhere, for everyone will be in the same boat now. The differences between you will not matter."
Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation Chapter 13: What must be unlearned? and


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