A Curtain Of Sleep
An examination of the Generation Gap in
the 21st Century reveals a morbid twist of fate...

By John Kaminski

Hello? Are you there? (Can't tell.) Am I getting through?
I need to give you a warning. Can you understand?
The information you needed did not get through. From the time just after you went to school as a kid ... to about five minutes ago ... the information you have received has been mostly lies.
All the people I talk to ... who can understand what I'm saying ... they're all about sixty years old. (Hello!) Much younger than that can't understand. The information you needed to thrive and prosper did not get through.
I think it's the schools. Everyone should get out of the schools. Don't believe what they're saying. You've been taught to take bribes and keep your mouth shut. Don't do it.
It used to be just the opposite. When I was twenty, the old people - of whom I guess I am one now - didn't have a clue. Maybe it was the Beatles? Or marijuana? Or the CIA LSD experiments? Or all three.
Now, it seems the only people who notice what's going on are old and decrepit like me. Oh sure, there are indymedia protests and such, but most kids don't pay attention to their freedom evaporating in a landslide of phony patriotism, corporate hogwash raining down on us like prouncements from God to Moses on the mountain. I guess that's true of all the generations, though. Most don't pay attention.
I've noticed in my transit through this life that music seems to imbed itself in your brain most in your late twenties. Something about fluidity of the inner ear creating a free-flowing balance that allows sound, particularly music, to work its wonderful way down into your synapses. So all your life you're stuck with whatever you listened to then. I'm lucky. I got the "Marrakech Express." And Gil Scott-Heron's "Johannesburg." Some people got the BeeGees, poor souls. But after that - almost everything after that, from David Bowie on - is corporate rock.
Approved by the suits in the boardroom. Very little human about it. Strictly a business deal. Not really healthy stuff.
The point being: Back when the music was good, it seemed that public issues were more widely understood. Nixon didn't get away with his crap.
Today, he would. Bush is getting away with his crap. I blame it on the music, on corporate control of creative options, mostly manifested through the rigidity of schools, who focus on creating lackey stooges rather than individuals with integrity. In fact, you probably never heard that in your passage through schools: individuals with integrity.
The information you needed did not get through. It was diverted for the profits of a few. The misery of the millions was substituted. Teachers became businessmen. The contentment of civilization was diverted for the profits of a few.
How can you identify the point at which it happened? You can track it from the point in the late '60s or early '70s when the percentage of hourly pay began to not rise in relation to the Gross National Product, or maybe that point in the late '50s when women started going to work (I'm not saying that's bad, but I am saying it changed the financial picture, and made big bucks for the power elite.) Wages have been essentially frozen since 1972. Sure, the numbers reflected by inflation have risen, but prices have risen much more drastically than wages. All that money has been stolen by the power elite, and all this time the big newspapers (which are owned by the power elite) have been saying everything was OK. The politicians, too.
The information you needed did not get through.
I don't think I'm just acting old, here. I think I am describing a phenomenon that actually happened, and I feel the need to try to warn you - you folks younger than myself - that everything you have been taught has been twisted for the purpose of profit. And if you say that, well, profit is the purpose of life, then that will be a sure sign that you have in fact been twisted.
The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is really a vicious corporate entity that has been making war on the rest of the world for the entire 20th century ... oh, not the people, of course. People are decent everywhere, if they have enough to eat. No, not the people, the movers and shakers. From the rape of the Philippines in 1899 to the target practice in Iraq in 2002, America has been at war with everyone, but has managed to convince its own populace that it was fighting for freedom. Yeah, the freedom to rip off everybody else in the world. Did you ever notice all America's best allies - like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Colombia - are vicious dictatorships. Didn't that ever puzzle you? Doesn't it bother you when America has to bribe other countries to get them to agree.
The information you needed did not get through.
Did you realize Bush's grandfather was once busted for sending money to Hitler. Check it out. You must might see how the Nazi line survived all these years - no, not Hitler himself, but the vicious, deceptive, racist philosophy - is now in full bloom in Washington. If you don't see that - and say something about it very soon and very loud - the price you are going to pay is going to be much higher than you thought. In fact, you may not be able to pay such a high price in your entire lifetime.
Did you realize that all this talk about God that you hear from so many people is really just Freud's concept of transference? Most of us grow up in the safety of our parents' house and from the time we are little kids have an authority figure to protect us from danger; then when we grow up, we fail to leave that childhood mode and adopt some imaginary parent in the sky that enables us to continue our children throughout our lives. It is this kind of behavior that makes us so vulnerable to the lethal lies of politicians and priests who say they are going to lead us toward freedom and prosperty, not to mention eternal bliss. And then they molest us.
Wake up! The information you needed did not get through.
Now we all find ourselves in a situation where the country has been turned into a killer police state by a cynical band of petronazis - really, the 235 families who have ruled the world since the time of Charlemagne - who have plans turn herd us all into camps, all those people who do not have a salary of $100,000 per year or more, and who can contribute much of it in the form of bribes to the power elite. The powers that be have decided there are too many people in the world and the world's population needs to be reduced by THREE QUARTERS in order for them to live comfortable, pollution free lives.
So there you have the reason for what's going on: war in almost every nation on earth. Cuts down the population nicely. Especially kids.
It's good to kill kids in a war because that obliterates future generations, which is what they try to do when trying to reduce populations. They're doing a lot of that in Israel nowadays.
Diseases in medicines. Very effective at killing large numbers, as has been demonstrated by the successes with smallpox and first hepatitis B vaccines containing HIV in both Africa and the gay communities in New York and San Francisco.
Psychotronic devices. Maximize diseases in people, makes them take more medicines (good for Eli Lilly profits) and makes them die sooner (saves space).
Poison the food supply. Maybe this started with fluoride, a nuke waste byproduct that they had to find a use for. Now we have aspartame, invented and purveyed by one Donald Rumsfeld. They say if used long enough it will give you the same symptoms as heart trouble, or, come to think of it, psychotronic devices.
And have you heard about the list of designer diseases? Some say West Nile virus is the latest success. But there's Mad Cow (and CWD, CJD, Alzheimer's and others), ebola, hanta ... hey, when it comes to eliminating lives, they spare no expense.
The information you needed did not get through.
You have access to more information than any other generation on Earth, yet you are the most poorly educated generation in history.
Past a certain point in time ... I'm not sure when it was ... but it has something to do with TV: if you grew up with TV, chances are excellent you're not really a real human being, you're a TV character and your life is some sick sitcom in which you are totally powerless ... and clueless.
Past a certain point in time ... you can see the progression in the degeneration of American literature throughout the 20th century ... past that point and you didn't get the information to make you self-reliant, you didn't get Emerson, you didn't get a respect for your neighbors and a disbelief in politicians. Most of all ... perhaps ... you didn't get all those good old journalists who told you to check both sides of the story. There are none of those journalists left now.
Otherwise, the information you needed would have gotten through.
The people now who are aware of the civilization-busting measures now taking place, at least the ones I see, are all very old and gray. The kids aren't here. Because of this the future is a lot bleaker than it ought to be.
The information they needed did not get through.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives in Florida and as a consequence is surrounded by a lot of old zombies with good tans.
From Eleanor Clarke
Wow, those are some pretty potent thoughts you have there - I think I will have to read the article a few times in order to really take it in.
I'm sure you will really hit a lot of people like a 'sock on the jaw' (apologies to David Bowie), when they discover, after reading your article, that they are not really human beings.
It's not very often that I sit up and take notice of someone else's writing. Generally people fit into two categories with me: Competent writers, and incompetent writers. I am not saying which one I fit into - I guess that is for you to decide.
But back to your stark pronouncement. Again, wow.
I suppose on the one hand, I would have to agree with you, especially given our current situation in time. More and more we are becoming a generation of MTV automatons - and for those of us who, by the grace of God, and good timing, remain unmolested by the brainwashing clutches of MTV, we probably do fall into the sick sitcom category.
Very thought provoking indeed, and I will vigilantly contemplate which pigeon hole I fit into as a result of your article I can assure you.
You raised the issue of transference, visa vis the relationship of the general American population to God - as the caring parent in the sky that will protect us forevermore.
I choke upon the profound truth of this observation. Further, I would augment your sentiment by pointing out that the corporate dictatorship that controls the media has (through the breakdown of families, gender roles, etc.) afforded itself the sacred task, and almighty luxury of giving to us, our identities.
Just how deeply they have reached into, and messed up our brains, (and possibly our souls) is anybody's guess.
And so, with no identity of our own, separate from mother/father, MTV/Seinfeld, Chruch/State, Revlon/Lexus, it falls to these various institutions to provide direction and leadership to a huge populous that would otherwise be completely lost.
Before this dissertation takes on a life of it's own, I'd better stop now, and get to my point.
You are the preacher, and I am the choir. (the choir is in need of more members, perhaps we should recruit) I have only one contention, and its not with something you wrote, but it is with something that is implied in what you wrote.
You observed that much of the TV generation are not really human beings. I would like to take your observation a step father and state that a true state of humanity is actualized in degrees, and the more successfully we process and integrate our experiences, the more we are able to cultivate and elevate our humanity.
One of the major anatomical features that separates humans from other primates and mammals, is our huge frontal lobes. It is here where much, if not all of our thought processes take place. We live in a society that discourages us from thinking, and thereby discourages us from becoming what we were born to be: human.
From personal experience, I know that the conscious moving toward the full development of humanity is an arduous undertaking - and I would hazard a guess that it was equally as arduous 60 years ago, and 1000 years ago.
Could it be that similar percentages of the populations of earlier times also failed to achieve humanity?
By the way, I escaped the clutches of school as well, choosing to go my own way after the eighth grade. I have known for years I'm one of the lucky ones...or am I? It all depends on how you look at it.
Oh yes, and I am somewhat younger than yourself - hope that cheers you up a bit.


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