Top Euro Air Quality Chief
Asked About Chemtrails
From Christopher Bollyn

To Peter Gammeltoft
European Union - Air Pollution Dept.
Dear Mr. Gammeltoft,
RE: Chemtrails (Chemical trails) over Europe - A Media Question
An person who wished to remain anonymous at the European Commission recommended that I contact you by e-mail with my question.
I was told that this is how a person living in the European Union poses questions to the E-government. Lovely system - Ross Perot would have loved it.
My questions are about the pollution regulations and standards that are in effect in the European Union, particularly those regarding airplanes.
It was a clear morning in Berlin with a nice blue sky until the "chemtrail" spraying planes got started (early) messing it up. By midday the sky was covered with artificial cloud cover, in some places thick and in some places thin, but covering 70 percent of the sky it was.
These planes are probably emitting aerosol aluminum and/or barium stearate, both of which are toxic to humans and other life forms that still exist in Europe. In any case they are emitting something that disperses into a thin layer that eventually falls to earth - that much is clear.
Certainly you must be aware of the activities and conditions of which I speak.
My question is, what is the position of the European Union on the air pollution being rained down on Europeans from high-flying planes and what is the legal liability of these planes for the impact they cause on the health of the people living below?
I know many people who suffer a number of health and psychological complaints due to these "chemtrails".
Thank you for your prompt response.
Christopher Bollyn
- American Free Press (European Desk)
- Washington, D.C.

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