Cheney States - 'Our
Government Hijacked,
Tyranny Abounds'

By Alfred Lehmberg

Jeff -- I think it's gone passed any mere suspicion or even reactionary hyperbole...TYRANTS pronounce and TYRANNY abounds!
Our government has been hijacked: in principle, in spirit, in letter, and in FACT by tyrannous forces of darkness, and our ardent protest to that actuality is being reduced by that *enemy* to the spoiled mutterings of misguided whiners energized only by our "irreligious faithlessness" and "sorry lack of patriotism..." ...please! Allow me a sneer of my own!
Moreover, put a sock in it you puling pundits of portentous patriotism! You'd glibly have us down an uninformed path of fear and easy loathing, loyalty oaths, or unconditional, and largely ignorant, jingoistic populism! A pox on you, your too convenient attitude, and your flawed presumptions regarding MY character!
If I haven't made it clear enough (?) -- consider me the antithesis -you- created, and opposed to you in every way the *law* (including natural law) allows. Question MY patriotism! Please!
It seems the nation that I have loved and fought for is being assaulted from within by sociopathic minions of a failed old guard, Jeff -- old-guard ancients of an era largely discredited in history... and these psychopathic troglodytes wield their traditional weapons of easy duplicity and common deceit to prosecute their jealous control of our aggregate soul.
They threaten -my- freedom, Jeff.
I -will- be free!
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"I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave _far_ behind me." - Giordano Bruno, scourged by the scabrously specious scurrilous.


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