The Sucker Traps - Part Four
Fed To Ambush Common Americans
by Sherman H. Skolnick

In nailing bribe-taking judges and bribe-giving lawyers, we do NOT proceed applying some overall conspiracy or plot. We do not like to think of events solely in terms of a conspiracy, nor we do wish to be falsely labeled as "conspiracy theorists", a favorite put-down of the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press.
We do not like "pie in the sky" ideas or mere philosophies. Our group's corruption investigations have turned on highly technical details, our specialty based on over one million records, court files, secret notebooks, audio and video tapes, and similar items compiled over four decades of our work. Fingering corrupt members of the bench and the bar, from our standpoint, does NOT depend on whether they are conservatives, liberals, Democrats or Republicans. In four decades we have hit enough of them between the eyes, in our public interest crusading, more than in the entire previous history of the nation. These are matters of record, not theories, that should reassure even skeptics that we are not inclined to make idle statements.
So, when we call the PRIVATE Central Bank, masquerading as a U.S. Government unit, the conspiratorial FEDERAL RESERVE, we do not know of any more specific way to describe them.
If you watch with an eagle-eye, occasionally the instruments and mouthpieces of The Establishment, "the powers that be", the Ruling Class, whatever you call THEM, you sometimes get an advance warning from a faction in the Aristocracy.
Notice this item:
"The Federal Reserve may have lowered interest rates to the once unimaginable level of 1.25 percent, but senior officials insist they can still FLOOD THE COUNTRY WITH MONEY if they need to."
"'The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press---or, todays, its electronic equivalent---that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes AT ESSENTIALLY NO COST', Ben S. Bernanke, one of the Federal Reserve's seven governors, said in a speech to economists here today."
"In a detailed analysis that tracks fairly closely with more general comments last week by Alan Greenspan, the Fed chairman, Mr. Bernanke described the many ways the central bank could INJECT VAST SUMS OF MONEY into the economy to combat DEFLATION, even if interest rates were to drop to ZERO."
A story, datelined Washington, in the New York Times, 11/22/2. (Emphasis added.)
Like in the wake of 1929, the Establishment currently is not about to admit that an horrendous financial meltdown is in the works.AND THAT A FACTION IN THE ARISTOCRACY, with prior treasonous knowledge, diverted attention, temporarily, from an impending financial debacle by way of Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001.
The small to medium so-called "investors", having become sour on stock losses, have been advised by the brokerage trade, "Well, then I'll put you into bonds instead". And the price of U.S. Treasury Securities goes UP as the interest rates go DOWN, and vice versa.
To just TEMPORARILY delay the inevitable financial collapse, the Federal Reserve is going to RE-FLATE WALL STREET, just long enough for the "big boys" to get their rear ends free and clear, if possible, of financial fall-out, destined to rain-down on know-nothings, the unsuspecting suckers, like so much mostly fatal nuclear economic residue.
After all, who remembers. that the greatest losses were inflicted AFTER 1929, on those that believed the newsfakers and the Herbert Hoover White House that "prosperity is just around the corner". By 1930, plenty of suckers were lured back into the stock market and got clipped and ruined.
A good text book of the events in and after 1929, is J. Kenneth Galbraith's opus, "The Great Crash-1929", several times re-printed since 1959. NOT in October, 1929, BUT IN SEVERAL YEARS AFTERWARDS, quite a number of wrecked "investors", caught also in the real estate bust that followed, "took the gas pipe", then typical lingo for snuffing themselves out at a time that not all gas stoves had safety pilot lights.
No, they do not nowadays jump out of windows in some spectacular "end it all" situation. In fact, cynics point out that it cannot now happen anyway. After all big buildings, such as near Wall Street, La Salle Street, and such financial districts, do NOT have windows that open, and roof entries are locked.
Only old-timers remember the unemployed bond brokers of the 1930s, walking down the street, without a topcoat in the winter, in the last of their fancy suits. Who remembers the Wall Street Journal almost went into bankruptcy in 1935. Then and now, as the peddler of Establishment lies, the Journal is trusted by WHOM, and WHO needs them, after all? (Some sarcastic sorts read the Journal the cheap-way, on-line, just to see what the "Big Lie" is currently being circulated. For the purpose of dissidents and commentators to be able to refute the Journal on Internet or wheresoever outspoken types can be heard.)
In the Fall of 2002, the Wall Street Journal apparently got tired of their skilled team writing stories about corporate finagling. So, in the name of "cut-backs", the Journal dismissed their entire "legal team", the label for 23 of their writers of cover-up and whitewash stories of corporate bandits and pirates. If you believe in conspiracy theories, can it be said the Bush and Cheney White House ordered this head-chopping? AND, who, if anyone, will write such big lies in the future, to protect the Aristocracy and their corporations? Will it be their worldwide wire service pack of liars, the Associated Press, AP, the same ones who promoted big CIA lies, such as a "lone gunman" assassinated President John F. Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy?
So, will the Journal merely re-print AP stories of corporate gangsters, the Journal's own writing team having been wacked?
In their item 11/22/2,the New York Times does not dare go into more specifics or contradictions, such as:
[1] Is the re-flating supposedly of the economy, going to be quite temporary, just long enough to get the "big boys" out and lure the suckers back in?
[2] What will happen to U.S. Treasury Securities, now that so many ordinary Americans have been herded into that?
[3] Will the re-flating actually be able to stop, what savvy sorts see, namely, that dreaded long-term, on-coming DEFLATION?
[4] Will the Federal Reserve's trick device be able to actually stop the impending real estate bust, considering that real estate is one of the only free markets in America?
[5] Actually, if not theoretically, would not re-flation, even if temporary, cause the good stuff, the independent, real MONEY, namely GOLD, jump way up? And would the big-time derivatives swindlers, like J.P. Morgan Chase be already out of their wrong gold positions, being some 23 or more TRILLION dollars, like three times the gross product per year of the whole U.S.?
[6] Why is a faction in the Aristocracy through their mouthpiece, the New York Times, supposedly warning any of us commonfolk at all? To head-off a pro-Nazi-like, fascist-type of element, an opposing faction in the Aristocracy that installed a financial incompetent named George W. Bush?
Do we have to right HERE include all the details elsewhere posted on various websites, showing the documented items that the Bush Crime Family promoted and financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, before, DURING, and after World War 2? [Some examples are in Webster Tarpley's book, "The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush".]
Do we right HERE have to show the list of the Ruling Families that formed the Federal Reserve in 1912 and their descendants, agents, and surrogates that continue to own and operate the Federal Reserve?  Others on various websites have shown the 1976 Congressional Report detailing the same.
Unfortunately, some not-well-informed sorts, highly naive, would require us to re-invent the wheel of history every few paragraphs..And, greatly heckle us for not doing so.
A small correction: on a recent posting on some websites, we erroneously called our story "The Red Chinese Secret Police in the U.S.", as Part 3. Actually, it should be as on our own website, as Part 4.
More coming...Stay tuned.


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