Great Secrets Into The 21st Century
Counterfeit Reserve
Sherman Skolnick

Carried over from the greatly troubled 20th Century is a hush-hush group of events that is virtually impossible to be dealt with by the American monopoly press. After you study this, the how, when, where, and why of it, may become clear to you.
It first became clear in matters of a print shop in the old West Side of Chicago. It was about the time of the Korean War. The facility was owned and operated by several brothers. Other printers nearby were somewhat puzzled by little things they noticed. Those in the shop did not work long hours, unusual at a time it was customary because there was plenty of work for skilled printers. The brothers did not seem to be troubled by the then war-time paper shortage. They operated mostly a few hours now and then at night. They drove the most expensive cars and seemed to have lots of money.
What was the family of clever sorts printing, anyway? And, ONLY a couple of hours now and then at night?
As later became clear, they were enterprising sorts. They had developed and/or perfected a then relatively new process called deep etch offset. In the hands of the right operators, if they were very careful, they could produce work that previously required steel engraving or a similar old-time, slow, expensive process.
It was a time when fancy lawyers had their envelopes and letterheads printed the long-established way, steel engraving, cumbersome,time-consuming. But the brothers could not possibly be making so much money taking care of a few orders from professional types, lawyers, maybe even a few accountants.
The process they were using was a nice step up from photo offset, which some old-time sorts kept grumbling could not substitute for good quality letterpress, another relatiively slow, expensive way of printing.
After a couple of years, the secret could be read in the daily newspapers of that era. The brothers had developed and perfected deep etch offset to the point they could produce superior quality U.S. Treasury Savings Bonds, at the time called Series H. Those in the public who bought a few government savings bonds knew there was a series E and a series H.
This print shop, in just a few hours, could mass produce H Bonds that looked just lilke they were steel engraved or similarly used by the U.S. Treasury.
The situation was simple. The brothers were NOT working for the U.S. Treasury or U.S. Government Printing Office, or any such. They were latter day counterfeiters.. And they were in short order, sent to Federal Prison. From jail, they were used by the U.S. Government to be consultants on the Treasury switching over to H Bonds to be produced by the faster, cheaper method perfected by these clever law-breakers.
The brothers' method was so superior, few people could tell the difference between the older and the newer method of printing the Savings Bonds.
If carried to extreme, countefeiting government money or securities could topple a central government quicker, and neater, than bombing them to bits. That is, taking care of a government perceived as unfriendly to others, or an enemy.
In the Second World War, the Germans produced a superior quality counterfeit series of British Five Pound Sterling Notes. There was even later, a Hollywood movie about that. The Germans had a two-fold scheme. First, actually bomb to wreckage the London government. Second, destroy their validity through flooding that nation and the world with fake British currency.
Then there was a movie about a spy for the Nazis, holed up in neutral Turkey, using the code name, "Cicero". It was both the name, by the way, of a Roman philosopher as well as the mafia enclave adjoining Chicago, Al Capone Land.
The movie about the spy "Cicero" ended with an ironic twist. He was paid for his treachery with several million dollars of superior quality counterfeit currency. He did not find out until he retrieved the same, while supposedly retiring to South America.
If over the years you have various pals who associate with U.S. Secret Service types, sort of like almost contract agents. And if others like these pals, are retired "spooks", once parachute spies and similar, such as those that dropped or infiltrated Nazi Germany in the closing days of the War. Well, you learned stuff. Such as, how members of their team separated some German banks from the last of their gold. How? By blasting open their vaults and such. In short, you can learn spy craft from those that survived doing it.
The U.S. Government had a unit of super operators, paper currency counterfeiters. No, they wre not sweet nice, patriotic types. Some had circulated their highly-skilled product through known criminals. So, the government would, on occasion, grab them, summarily put them in jail at the hands of a blackmailable federal judge. All by way of persuading the bogus money boys to reluctantly work for the Central Government, or ELSE.
I learned about a convicted counterfeiter, allowed early out of prison, and set up in a Chicago suburb as a supposed "hairdresser". My information sources used to joke with me in the wee hours, in an all-night greasy spoon. They would drive me past the "hairdresser's" closed shop.
"Hey, what happened? The windows and doors are all blown out?", I asked, at the time, naive about such matters, still learning bits and pieces about the real world. The answer I got was blunt. "The Secret Service boys were persuading him a little bit. He was hesitating to go to work for them. They wanted him to produce, for them, his specialty, superior quality bogus money. So they could start to topple a government or two, enemies of the U.S., such as in Southeast Asia and such."
"Persuade him?" I asked. My source laughed at me. "Aw, come on, like the old Black Hand Society. The moustache petes. You know, the boys, the syndicate."
There, as in the old West Side, when there was a bombing not supposed to be looked into, the police did not respond. So, if late on a Saturday night, a cleaning and dyeing store did not pay "protection" to the mob, the store was bombed. Locals did not call the police. The folks just walked around the blown out glass windows and such.
In the 1970s, in Chicago, six known gangsters were murdered. The pressfakers, who should know better, explained it away as "Mob In-Fighting". Actually, the dispatched mobsters had, for a while, been aiding the U.S. Government circulate phoney money overseas, to topple "enemy" governments. The criminals did not keep quiet enough, a fatal flaw.
The U.S. Treasury arranging for and distributing superior quality counterfeit currencies, is a deep-down secret. And the pressfakers know to stay shut. For various reasons. For example, journalists that go to press conferences of public officials must FIRST be cleared by the U.S. SECRET SERVICE. Among other things, the reporters know they better never arrange photographs showing the Secret Service in a bad light. And they know they better not write something negative about the Secret Service which not only issues or refuses to issue press credentials, but also investigates bogus currency.
What mass media journalist would dare, even half jokingly, repeat the age-old saying, TO KILL THE KING, YOU NEED THE AID OF THE PALACE GUARDS. And serious or not, apply it to the murder of President John F. Kennedy, or President Lincoln,and others.
Any non-issuance or violation of press credentials, and the reporter becomes unemployable throughout the monopoly press.
Starting October, 1980, Daddy Bush, running for Vice President on the Reagan/Bush ticket, arranged a treasonous deal with the Iranians at the time, holding 52 U.S. Embassy hostages in Teheran. The Iranians agreed, in a Paris suburb meeting, to hold the U.S. hostages until the Reagan/Bush ticket was elected by getting the edge over incumbent Jimmy Carter.
After all, Carter's phoney smile would not help him if he appeared to be a wimp unable to resolve the hostage crisis.In treachery against the American people, Bush promised 40 million dollars to the Iranians plus weapons, through Portugal and trans-shipped via Israel. The hostages were released at the moment Reagan/Bush were inaugurated in 1981.
[As stated by us elsewhere, the Prime Minister of Portugal, to silence him, was murdered by Daddy Bush by way of a sabotaged plane crash. Israel has used their knowledge of the events to blackmail Daddy Bush, his crony Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.]
Another, little-known part of the treasonous Daddy Bush/Iran deal, was Bush's promise to them that the then new administration would take no action if the Iranians counterfeited foreign currencies, INCLUDING THAT OF THE UNITED STATES.
So, the Iranians bought printing apparatus from Germany, similar to that used by the U.S., to print superior quality bogus Federal Reserve Hundred Dollar Notes. Through corrupt means, the Iranians even obtained the special U.S.-contract only, linen type paper used for printing the hocus pocus money.
The big secret, forbidden to be discussed by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press is that there is, because of Iran and others, over 800 billion dollars worth of these superior quality Federal Reserve Notes, masquerading, of course, as the "U.S. Dollar". Some of it, circulating by way of Iran. Some is being circulated by a joint deal between the Russian mafiya (former KGB officers) and a faction of the Colombia dope cartel. Some by blowback (spy lingo) is coming back to the U.S.
[For related details of the Bush Crime Family partners with a co-founder of one of the Colombia dope cartels, visit our two-part website series, "The Chandra Levy Affair".]
In the U.S. there are five master "cutters", U.S. Treasury lingo for super-duper counterfeiters. [One "cutter" is now holed up in Colombia, producing Federal Reserve Notes.] There product is so well-made, it even goes throught he Federal Reserve counting machines and such, as if genuine. From time to time, one or more of these "cutters" are framed by U.S. Treasury and other federal officials. To keep these types from refusing to work for the central government again.
As to counterfeit U.S. currency, there have been a few stories overseas, such as in Australian newspapers.
In 1990, the U.S. Treasury, aided by criminal-types within the American CIA, confederates of Daddy Bush, then U.S. President, arranged to topple the Soviet Government. How? By manipulating the Soviet currency, the Ruble.
A book goes into what it calls the Ruble Scam. "Thieves World: The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime", by Claire Sterling, Simon & Schuster, N.Y., 1994. The problem with the book is that it was written by the late Claire Sterling, an apparent American resident in Italy who also wrote for the reputed American CIA-sponsored newspaper in Rome, "The Daily American". She conveniently left out of her opus that the scam was done with massive amounts of superior quality counterfeit rubles, not just some manipulating of the ruble by Western World banks.
A team of "cutters" arranged the fake rubles for a special dirty tricks unit of the U.S. Treasury jointly with Daddy Bush's covert team cronies in the American CIA. The bogus money team, headed by a master "cutter", was promised a portion of the damage they caused to the Moscow government, eventually toppling them into anarchy and runaway gangster-types, called the Russian mafiya. [It is practically an every month event, these days, when "bankers", not co-operating with the mafiya to launder funds from Russian criminal enterprises, are assassinated.]
The bogus money team, primarily Europeans sometimes residing in the U.S. and elsewhere, have been grumbling that the U.S. Treasury owes them upwards of one trillion dollars, the "cutters" promised take from permanently damaging and destroying the Moscow regime.
Hoping, somehow, to force the U.S. Treasury to pay them, the hocus pocus producers have used, among other devices, blackmail against the Daddy Bush White House, the Clinton White House, and against the current occupant and resident of the Oval Office, George W. Bush (some perceiving the real president not inaugerated, as Albert Gore, Jr.)
Informing the present Moscow government just how the "magician's handkerchief" trick was pulled off by the team, could cause a nasty international financial scandal. Some of the same "cutters" were pressed into service following the downfall of Dictator Marshal Tito, to overthrow the Belgrade, Yugoslavia government. Considered by knowledgeable sorts as a super war-criminal, Henry Kissinger, described by some as a German not American, arranged the Belgrade counterfeit currency trick.
[As to other details of Kissinger's criminality, see the book "The Trial of Henry Kissinger". byChristopher Hitchens, paperback, Verso, 2002.]
The Russian ruble counterfeiters are experts on how the superior quality U.S. fake currency passes right through the Federal Reserve counting machines and other such apparatus, just as if genuine notes.[Of course, understood by some is that the Federal Reserve notes are hot-air backed paper masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar".]
Knowing a lot of the foregoing, some savvy sorts simply call them THE COUNTERFEIT RESERVE. The Fed stays quiet about the 800 billion dollars worth of fake U.S. currency floating around the world, some of it coming back into the U.S. What are the fake Federal Reserve notes, a massive amount, being used for? Simple. They are knowingly used, in part, to temporarily support the U.S. Stock Markets. To prevent a financial meltdown, the same secret reason a faction in the American Aristorcracy used to cover up if not instigate Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001, with that faction having prior knowledge they were simply piggie-backing on to a known scheme of supposed Moslems.
[To better understand this aspect, read our entire website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic".]
Do the bigtime fakers in the Federal Reserve, THE COUNTERFEIT RESERVE, have some of the foregoing in mind? Read carefully the implications of the following press item:
"The Federal Reserve may have lowered the interest rates to the once unimaginable level of 1.25 percent, but senior officials insist they can still FLOOD THE COUNTRY WITH MONEY if they need to."
" 'The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press---or, today, its electronic equivalent---that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes AT ESSENTIALLY NO COST,' Ben S. Bernanke, one of the Federal Reserve's seven governors, said in a speech to economists here today."
"In a detailed analysis that tracks fairly closely with general comments last week by Alan Greenspan, the Fed chairman, Mr. Bernanke described the many ways the central bank could INJECT VAST SUMS OF MONEY into the economy to combat DEFLATION, even if interest rates were to drop to zero."
Date-lined Washington, head-lined "Federal Officials Say Policy Isn't Limited by Low Rates", New York Times, 11/22/2.(Emphasis added.)
Question: Would the highly corrupt, conspiratorial Federal Reserve, temporarily pump up the U.S. markets using fake U.S. currency, created by the U.S. Treasury?
To those urging that stories like this be censored, our motto may explain plenty. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD, THOUGH THE HEAVENS CRUMBLE. And, STOP CURSING THE DARKNESS and LIGHT A CANDLE!
More coming....Stay tuned.


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