Chemtrails Over San Diego
From Fred Gunn

Hi Jeff,
My family and I recently moved from Hawaii where we saw only one chemtrail there in 5 years, and that was just last year. Now, in San Diego, we are unfortunately given one "hell" of a show on almost a daily basis.
Just east of here there are several military aerial bombardment ranges and many military bases surrounding us so military aircraft are seen constantly overhead, and noisy, too. But you know what? It's still like pulling teeth to get anyone here to "look up." And the planes doing the spraying are always white and unmarked. Even my 4 year old son can tell the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail now.
We've seen some pretty scary ones, too. I mean, parallel tracks that eventually merge and then start to "rain" down chemicals from the sky. Interestingly, the other real clouds scattered around started to lose their moisture at the same time. And then my friend Michael, who has recently opened his eyes and mind, asked me if they ever spray at night. I said "I've never seen any," and I'm an avid sky watcher, day and night, being a field investigator and former State Assistant Director for MUFON Hawaii, and now joined up with MUFON San Diego.
But then a few nights after I said that, I was taking a break from work (night shift) around 8:00 p.m., and there they were. Nighttime chemtrails! A perfectly clear sky, the moon was almost full, and here are these two chemtrails not more than 6,000 feet high in a parallel track about 500 yards apart and stretching for miles across the sky! I videotaped them with my digital camcorder that I always have with me as they crossed the face of the moon. I don't think I've ever seen anything so ominous in my life. And then two nights after that, the exact same pattern around 8:30 p.m., also captured on video. Since then, only daytime chemtrails.
Here is a gallery shot sequentially from last week.
11:00 a.m.
Here they come. Just getting started for the day. A really low one, couldn't be more than 5,000-6,000 feet.
11:10 a.m.
Another low chemtrail crosses the last one.
11:30 a.m.
Another low chemtrail, possible 4,000-5,000 feet.
11:35 a.m.
Then another chemtrail even lower with obvious an "spraying" pattern.
11:38 a.m.
After a few minutes..they begin to merge.
12:00 noon
Looking back west, another onslaught is approaching. Where's my gas mask? Would that really help?
How can these pilots and their crew sleep at night? Don't they know they are spraying their own children?
We want to thank you personally for continuing to expose this unauthorized poisoning of our brothers and sisters and all life on the planet. Please keep watching the skies everyone. If you don't want to open your minds, at least open your eyes, look up and excercise a little common sense.
All the best Jeff,
Fred Gunn
San Diego
November 28, 2002


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