James Randi's Funding?
From Michael Roll

From Michael Roll
Jeff, I have now done further homework regarding the BBC Radio 4 'Today' Programme that went out on 2nd October 2001. It featured the Cambridge University Nobel Laureate for Physics Prof. B.D. Josephson after he had linked so-called paranormal phenomena with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics.
A representative from the programme has just phoned me back. Randi was on the programme but not live. They played a clip of Randi saying that those who link paranormal phenomena with subatomic physics are "scoundrels". Josephson destroyed Randi's arguments on the programme but I was in error if I gave the impression Randi was destroyed in live debate. We have that still to look forward to. So far to my knowledge this has just not taken place in the UK.
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From: Burt Brown To: Sent: 24 November 2002 02:15 Subject: Randi and his gang's funding
Dear Mike:
I saw a recent post from you on speaking of James Randi and his bunch of debunkers. You mentioned their seemingly unlimited source of funds and I too have found this very interesting and unusual. Do you by any chance have any knowledge as to where these funds come from? Any leads or hints that you might supply me so I can do a bit of digging? Ever hear of any religious or governmental connections to their group. Even the smallest hint may give me a suitable lead and I would be most grateful.
Many thanks,
Burt Brown
From: Michael Roll
To: Burt Brown
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002
Burt, many thanks for making contact. Please make contact with our lawyer Dr. Victor Zammit. He has really got the number of James Randi.
This debunker is the establishment front man for the whole of the religious and scientific establishments throughout the world. The mind boggles at the sort of funding that he must have access to.
I can only speak for the UK but over here Randi is billed as world's foremost expert on the paranormal. The staggering thing is that whenever the subject crops up on any media outlet this magician holds court on all outlets, especially in front of millions on television. Our professors of physics from Cambridge University, Wadhams and Josephson, who disagree with Randi are never allowed on British TV to balance Randi's case that death is the end of everything! It's this injustice that has made me fighting mad.
The only time the "great" Randi has ever been balanced on the British media was when the Nobel Laureate for physics, Josephson, linked the so-called paranormal with subatomic physics in a blaze of publicity in October 2001. Josephson was invited on BBC Radio 4. The Producer thought he would be very clever and stuck Randi up against this great scientist. Until that moment Randi had only come up against soft tarkets like mediums who did not know hay from a bulls foot about subatomic physics. Needless to say Josephson totally destroyed Randi in debate. All Randi could do was to call him a "scoundrel"on the air! Game, set, match and championship to the scientist. But hardly any person heard this on morning radio.
Randi was given a six part TV series on mediumship and the "paranormal". The astrophysicist, Sam Nicholls, wrote to the Granada studios warning them that Randi was a professional wrecker and that there would be no balance as the law demanded in the UK in order to fall in line with Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinon and expression: this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
Nicholls warning was completely ignored and Randi was given the go-ahead! To his credit Nicholls put up a fight. He turned up at the Granada studios when Randi was making the series. Nicholls stood up and challenged this foreign magician. Randi panicked when confronted by a qualified scientist and ordered all the cameras to be switched off! Thankfully, all this was recorded for posterity and I am sure someone will now expose this self-styled expert on life after death and related subjects. As our lawyer Victor Zammit will confirm, Randi's million dollar offer is a hoax, a trick, the same as most everything conected with this magician.
Reference: The Sun August 8th 1991. Last night's verdict on JAMES RANDI: PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR. ITV. 9 pm.
Journalist Garry Bushell told the truth to millions. He asked, "Why are not scientists who claim there is a rational case for a belief in life after death allowed to speak?"
"Why have their arguments been kept off TV? I hear that comments from astrophysicist Sam Nicholls were cut from the show on mediums. Why?"
"Could it be that Randi, a conjurer and escapologist, is only interested in easy targets?"
Michael Roll
Tel. 0117 9561960
Getting The Facts Straight
By Michael Roll
To James Randi
James, please do the exercise that I did. Phone the BBC Tel. 020 7580 4468 and ask for the 'Today' Programme. They were most helpful. The person who answered the phone took all the details of the broadcast on 2nd October 2001 and said he would ring me back. He confirmed that they played a tape of you speaking generally about scientists who link so-called paranormal phenomena and survival after death as being "scoundrels".
I am sorry I gave the impression that you had been destroyed in debate on a live broadcast. Even though we are on opposite sides of the fence it's very important to always get things like this straight. It must have made you angry to be accused of being on a radio show that you did not in fact take part in.
However, I am sure you can see why I am also angry that qualified professors of physics who disagree with you are not allowed to balance your arguments on media and educational outlets in the UK. "I will fight to the death for your right" to present your case that the so-called paranormal does not exist. If only you would do the same thing for those of us who are adamant that survival after death is a secular subject and all covered in the scientific discipline of subatomic physics. Only the American broadcaster Jeff Rense dares to present our case against you. This can't be right in what is meant to be a free country. For a start it's totally against Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This demands a balance of "information and ideas through any media, and regardless of frontiers."
However, we have the consolation that the longer uncomfortable discoveries in physics are censored, in order to keep the old-boy network intact, then the bigger the explosion when people eventually find out just how badly they are being deceived by those who decide what information reaches the people, but more importantly, what does not reach them.
Michael Roll
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From: James Randi <> To: michael roll <> Sent: 25 November 2002 20:36 Subject: Re: Did this BBC Radio broadcast take place?
I'd really like to hear me use "scoundrel." May I? I don't think it has EVER been a part of my vocabulary...
James Randi.
From Wayne Fenner
Randi ~
Beautiful!! What a truly "magnificent" job you did on Michael Roll, completely side-stepping the entire gist of his message to you, evading his every sincere and honest concern and switching the subject to a juvenile word-fight!  What a masterful example of successful debunking technique! What an exemplary demonstration of pseudo-science!  What a "Klass"-y way to help him prove his point, and to illustrate, once again, that your scurrilous shenannigans have no place in modern, intelligent scientific investigations!
The sad thing is that such a small percentage of the "great unwashed" out there will ever see this splendid literary accomplishment, and will go thru life without ever hearing about you, and your perfection of the concept of negative analysis! Oh, the shame!
By the way, home come your e-address is an .org? Shouldn't it be a .con?
I think you might find this of interest!
From James Randi
To wayne fenner
Dear "fuzzy":
Thank you, smooth talker! No fooling you, huh?
James Randi.


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