Israel Has Never
Repaid A US Loan


An AP story has just come out on aid to Israel, and along with several other problems, it contains a sentence that we should all call our newspapers to correct. I have just called AP itself, and asked them to correct the story. In case they don't, please call your local newspapers and ask them to give more accurate information, as follows:
In its current report, AP says that Israel has never defaulted on a loan. The real fact is that ISRAEL HAS NEVER REPAID A LOAN. THE MONEY NEVER RETURNS TO THE US TREASURY.
I gave AP the following reference: an excellent article by longtime journalist and executive editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Richard Curtiss:
"...friends of Israel never tire of saying that Israel has never defaulted on repayment of a U.S. government loan. It would be equally accurate to say Israel has never been required to repay a U.S. government loan. The truth of the matter is complex, and designed to be so by those who seek to conceal it from the U.S. taxpayer.
Most U.S. loans to Israel are forgiven, and many were made with the explicit understanding that they would be forgiven before Israel was required to repay them. By disguising as loans what in fact were grants, cooperating members of Congress exempted Israel from the U.S. oversight that would have accompanied grants. On other loans, Israel was expected to pay the interest and eventually to begin repaying the principal. But the so-called Cranston Amendment, which has been attached by Congress to every foreign aid appropriation since 1983, provides that economic aid to Israel will never dip below the amount Israel is required to pay on its outstanding loans. In short, whether U.S. aid is extended as grants or loans to Israel, it never returns to the Treasury."
If the newspapers say that the AP contention that Israel "never defaulted on a loan" is not incorrect, you might want to mention John Stuart Mill's observation that the greater evil is not the violent conflict of parts of the truth, "but the quiet suppression of half of it."
The AP article can be viewed at:
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