Aerosol Spraying - Fear Is Never
An Excuse To Do Nothing
A First Response To The Durango Herald
Posted on behalf of the author
November 25, 2002
Jennifer Kostka
Durango Herald Staff Writer

Dear Jennifer,
Oh, how weary I become when reading articles about the non-debate over chemtrails or, more correctly, aerosol emissions.
I am not a rocket scientist but I am smart enough to draw conclusions from ground based observations without the use of instrumentation. In order for contrail ice crystals to form, a nucleus of some solid material is needed. Over the ocean, salt crystals are present pretty high up and so vapor trails can form and persist for a long time there. However, when the atmospheric conditions between 20 to 40 thousand feet over the arid southwest do not vary widely, why is it that contrail formation does?
Today, there were a few contrails to the southwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Five or six parallel lines at the level of the setting sun with two new short contrails being created from two jets fling a divergent pattern so that it appeared as a "V" intersecting the parallel lines. That these contrails were in a limited space in the sky and the fact that no other aircraft, and there was plenty of it, were emitting any trails whatsoever is indeed puzzling or should be.
Often these jets leave just a thick wisp of a trail or they leave a long line of dashed trails across the whole sky. Are they turning their engines off and on? And so frequently? And why the "X's" which have been observed and documented all over the country (and there are thousands of photos on the web of these patterns)?
FAA law does not allow commercial aircraft to cross flight paths so close and so quickly. These jets are therefore under military control. And what about the prismatic colors often observed in the resultant aerosol haze illuminated by sunlight?
If the haze was primarily water vapor, carbon monoxide and negligible amounts of hydrocarbons, the prismatic colors would essentially be that of a rainbow. But, instead it is either magenta and green or broad bands of orange and yellow. All elements through which sunlight passes give a signature color which is totally unique to that element. Through spectroscopy a number of heavy metals have been shown to be ever-present in our breathable atmosphere. All heavy metals, as you may know, cause the dementia symptoms associated with Alzheimer's Syndrome.
The now-common haze which obscures distant landmarks is always with us in New Mexico where before one could view the distant mountains with great clarity. It could be explained if the humidity weren't so low that my knuckles are always cracking from the dryness. The television news has explained it in three different ways and never with reference to their past explanations so they are relying on everyones' rapidly diminishing short term memories.
Aphasia is a symptom of Alzheimer's. A Mongolian dust storm which looped over the arctic to settle with it's resultant haze in the American southwest. Air pollution from Mexican factories hard at work after trade treaties and pacts were put into effect. Also, and my personal favorite because it is the most believable, air pollution from industrialized China. "Made in China" is hard to avoid when shopping for non-food items. Those tireless Chinese children are doing a tremendous job providing us with oodles of a vast variety and of much esteemed cheap, plastic crap.
Did you know that China is also where most of the world's barium is mined? Allegedly, it is a very important component in the aerosol sprays. It absorbs eight times it's weight in water and can do so below 60 degrees Fahrenheit which is about the temperature of the atmosphere where the jets fly. It is also a heavy metal and is easily ionized by the sun.
Remember, that if an atom is ionized it is unstable and throws off sub atomic particles which is another way to say radiation. Not all radiation is harmful in small quantities but do you want to breathe barium in it's ionized form?
Barium also causes asthma, which has reached epidemic proportions in this country and also is a powerful immune suppressant. In the barium mines the workers all have what's called baritosis, a special type of asthma, which surprisingly is worse on the weekend when they're not in the mines working. It gets better when they return to work. Did you also realize that we have a flu season every year and that it can last over 8 to 9 months? The incidence of allergies have risen so much that pharmaceutical companies' profits have tripled on their allergy medications and it can only be coincidence that those rise in profits also mirror the rise in aerosol operations which began in earnest in the fall of 1998.
If these trails were indeed normal water vapor and their persistence could be logically expected over the high deserts, why then do they appear one day when the upper atmosphere contains less humidity than days where they're not present and the humidity is higher? Why are there breaks in the appearance of these trails in the late summer and early fall? For weeks we see none at all. Then it begins again and the sky is a tortured mess. The sky is never, ever dark blue anymore. It's more like a silvery, powder blue. These are good questions.
The meteorological experts don't have to spend time on them because their single sentence denials and obfuscation are sufficient to put the matter to rest and those who insist on presenting the real facts can be easily dismissed as fanatics and conspiricists. How convenient the popularity of the one liner put-down proves to be for those in authority who wish to diminish any detractor. People are still in awe of the science professors who prostitute their degrees and positions to parrot the party line. So few feel they have the edumacation to challenge those with their fancy degrees.
If one were to ignore what is being fed to the masses and actually start watching with an open mind and the thirst for real knowledge, one would probably arrive at similar conclusions. In fact, there are millions of people throughout America - and I include Central and South - who have reached a similar conclusion. If it were not for the Internet we would all be truly isolated in our knowledge. As we watched George Bush ascend to his throne, the media insisted that most Americans were in favor of him and his policies. I know that not to be the truth, but since the major media have become the public relations arm of the military -industial complex all facts are irrelevant and truth is false and up is down and etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, as long as it serves their appetites for their ever growing wealth, power and control.
Please do not hand this over to the Homeland Security folks. I am but a simple man who works with very old people to brighten their lives a little. My job holds meaning for me, my life has purpose and I wish we could all breathe better. If more of us feel a little less hopeless, helpless and a little more brave we could put an end to the present tyranny.
One of the saddest things in all that is happening now is that we have forgotten that we will all be held responsible to a much higher authority for our lack of action. Fear was never a good excuse to do nothing.
A Concerned Citizen
Santa Fe NM
Scientists Dismiss 'Chemtrail' Theories
By Jennifer Kostka
Durango Herald Staff Writer
November 19, 2002
Scientists and aviation officials say there is nothing dangerous about the white jet streams from aircraft that a New Mexico scientist and some Durango-area residents say are causing sickness and drought around the country.
The authorities dismiss suspicions about so-called "chemtrails," or chemical trails, as unfounded. In interviews Monday, some atmospheric scientists and aviation officials spoke with derision about proponents of chemtrail conspiracy theories.
"I have looked at those (chemtrail) Web sites a couple of times, and they're right up there with the UFO folks," said Paul Newman, a physicist with the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration near Washington, D.C. "There's nothing odd in what you find in those plumes, besides what you would expect out of the tail of an aircraft."
Clifford Carnicom, a geophysicist and mathematician from Santa Fe, spoke at Storehouse Baptist Church south of Durango on Saturday night. Carnicom told about 50 residents that he believes a national or global organization is placing harmful particulates in jet emissions, which he calls "aerosol trails."
Carnicom said none of the statements refute his theory or address the evidence he presented Saturday night. Carnicom presented videos and photographs he said showed suspicious aerosol trails that stayed suspended in the sky longer than normal.
However, Charles Knight, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, said that under certain weather conditions contrails can stay suspended in the sky for days.
"These pictures of the spectacular linear clouds that these people are calling chemtrails, we simply call them contrails," Knight said.
The Federal Aviation Administration says that jet emissions are composed of carbon monoxide, nitrogen and hydrocarbon oxides and smoke.
In high levels of the atmosphere, including the skies over Durango, these jet emissions easily produce ice crystals, he said.
"When a jet comes along and produces a lot of ice, it not only stays there for a long time, but the crystals grow," Knight said.
NASA's Newman said he has flown through contrails to measure their contents. He said Carnicom's studies do not take into consideration all the research that was done on contrails in the 1940s and 1950s that proved they did not contain anything harmful.
The FAA measures and regulates jet emissions to ensure they comply with the Clean Air Act of 1970, which regulates the emissions of pollutants from aircraft to ensure they meet government safety standards. Brian Toon of the University of Colorado at Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics said jets fly too high above the ground to drop harmful particulates on a specific target, as many chemtrail theorists believe. He, too, called contrails harmless.
"If you are afraid of contrails, I would recommend you never open your freezer, because there's ice in your freezer and that's what's in contrails," Toon said.
Allen Kenitzer, a spokesman for the FAA, said the agency has never found any evidence that harmful substances are being added to contrails.
"We don't have an official position on this, because we don't feel we need to have one," Kenitzer said from Seattle. "A couple of years ago we were getting swamped with calls about this. All of these reports turned out to be nothing."
Tara Baten, a spokeswoman for American Airlines in Fort Worth, Texas, said she had no comment regarding chemtrails. United Airlines did not return messages seeking comment Monday.
Vi McCoy, a four-year resident of the Animas Valley who has researched chemtrails, said one of the reasons she moved to Durango was for its clear sky, but said she has trouble seeing it on days when chemtrails are present.
"We just thought Durango was it," McCoy said, "and to see our sky just disappear ..."
She said she has taken chemtrail evidence to several Colorado legislators who did not respond to her concerns.
"I've been brushed aside like a dirty intruder," McCoy said. Carnicom said he has heard responses discrediting his theory from scientists and aviation experts before.
"This is a very standard reply to receive - that everything's normal. It is not normal," Carnicom said. "Contrails are composed of water vapor. What I'm speaking of is not emissions of water vapor. What I'm speaking of is the emissions of aerosol trails."
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