ELF Disruption & Countermeasures
By Clifford E Carnicom

The development of methods to counter the effects of continuous ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radiation that remains under detection appears to be of immediate and critical need. My time available for document preparation remains limited, and the findings will continue to be presented in an abbreviated form to attempt to communicate the essential findings. The interpretation of an association between the aerosol operations and the presence of geometric ELF radiation forms is difficult to avoid at this point. Immediate additional research, investigation and activism by other citizens is required to accomplish the rapid progress that is required. A recent significant observation that may affect this progress in the future will be described on this page; this observation results from recent ELF detection experiments.
The presence of geometric patterns of ELF radiation continues to be detected. The ELF circuit that has been described previously now behaves in a predictable and steady fashion, and the sensitivity can be adjusted such that the unusual multiples of 4Hz are regularly detected and logged to the computer. The previous statement of concern with regard to biological and mental effects is again asserted, and readers are requested to rapidly educate themselves upon the expected effects of ELF radiation. These ELF influence topics include, but are not limited to:
1. Mental functioning
2. Suppression of the immune system
3. Affect upon free radical reactions
4. DNA and genetic influences
5. The role of cyclotronic resonance in ELF-biological interactions
References for these topics will be described later if time permits, but it can be said that information on these topics is relatively easy to acquire. Please consider such examples as the books which have been written by Robert Becker, M.D. entitled, The Body Electric as well as Cross Currents. Another useful reference is the chapter entitled, Biophysics of Interactions of ELF EMF with Biological Systems, published by the National Institutes of Health1. Other references are available.
The primary purpose of this page, however, is to describe an observation that has been made. A portion of this observation is subjective in nature, and will need to be treated accordingly. The remaining, as well as more important, portion of the observation is subject to replication by those with sufficient interest to begin similar ELF experimentation.
On a subjective note, it has been noticed on several occasions during the past 4 years that mental vitality has been negatively impacted for periods of several hours at a time. The effect is also manifested on a physical level, and with my particular physiology results in a level of fatigue. I have probably encountered a dozen or more of these episodes during the last four years, and they are distinct enough to warrant my usual analysis of symptoms vs. cause and effect relationships. It is also true that from an anecdotal perspective, these sessions have been closely allied with heavy aerosol operations. This case is not necessary to justify at this level of discussion, since it is offered merely as a subjective experience for consideration.
It is now important to introduce the topic of electromedicine, which has also been a concomitant topic of research with respect to the aerosol operations.
During the periods of observed mental disruption, I have also conducted experiments with the circuit introduced by Hulda Clark, in the book entitled, The Cure for All Diseases. The circuit is essentially a frequency generator connected to the body with an extremely low level of current designed into the circuit (referred to as the Zapper by Dr. Clark). Many readers may also be aware of the works of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the field of electromedicine as well, and the importance of frequencies to biological systems. The particular circuit being used has a measured output of approximately 30kHz.
It has been observed that mental clarity during the specific events referenced is significantly improved and essentially returns to a normal state after the use of the frequency generator for a period of approximately 1/2 to 1 hour. Prior to the recent ELF research, no documented reason for the noticeable improvement in mental acuity could be offered, and consequently I have never presented these observations to the public.
An additional observation has now been made that combines the effects of the frequency generator, the human body and the ELF frequencies that remain under detection.
It is now easily demonstrated that the frequency generator as it has been constructed, and as it is connected to the human body, significantly interrupts, alters, interferes with and disrupts the ambient geometric ELF frequencies that remain under detection. In addition, this method appears (on a subjective level) to have a beneficial effect during periods of sensed mental interference or fatigue. This also suggests that the detected ambient ELF radiation may have an observable and measurable bio-electric effect upon human mental functioning. The effect of the weak frequency generator acting upon the human body is quite measurable with respect to an ambient ELF field.
Direct observation indicates, therefore, that this weak frequency generator alters the electromagnetic field surrounding the human body, and that it may equally interfere with any ambient ELF field that may be imposed upon that same body. The effect upon the frequencies logged by the ELF detector can be observed from several feet distant, and they are strongly tied in to motions of the body when the frequency generator is connected. It may be recalled that extremely low level electromagnetic field strengths are under examination here, as the ELF circuit can also be set to detect the mere presence of a human body from several feet away as well. With the frequency generator in place, the ELF detector will commonly detect frequencies on the order of scores to several hundred kilohertz, and distinguishes itself markedly from the ambient observations of 4Hz, 8Hz, 12Hz, etc..
The health effects from all sides of examination, from the standpoint of a subject or a countermeasure, must now be openly discussed. The role of passive circuit design, if possible, should also be explored, as there is limited practical daily application with the electrode extensions of the Clark circuit. The impact of natural ELF frequencies, such as the Schumann resonance frequency of the earth, is not to be dismissed. The validation or refutation of the detected geometric ELF radiation remains a requirement. Any countermeasure strategy offered (passive or active) by any party requires full technical disclosure of the principles of operation to be considered as a viable topic of discussion. Demonstration of effectiveness is required. Public welfare and health is paramount to any private or profit interests on this matter.
This work is offered on a experimental basis. It is understood that this work originates, in part, from subjective evaluations. The work is offered as a conceptual model as to how ambient geometric ELF frequencies, if proven to exist, can at least be intervened with on a temporary basis. It is requested that participation from all necessary levels of research and discipline be commenced on this subject.
Clifford E Carnicom
Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Information Dissemination Program


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