Chemtrails Over New Zealand

Mike from New Zealand sent me these contrail photos. They are not old, but current, taken within the last year but I thought you might want to see them.
From Mike
Hello Paul.
As an avid reader of Jeff Rense I have been reading your latest correspondence with him about chemtrails and thought you might enjoy a couple of shots that I have taken from my front porch over the last year, which are here attached. To date I have a library of about 60 photos all shot with a Canon A10 digital camera and just as they came out of the camera, no editing whatsoever.
I have even written to our current Minister of Defence who in the time honoured political rhetorical ambivalence pleads ignorance to their existence. (He is also our minister of the armed forces!) He no longer cares to reply to my mail.
So you can see these operations are truly international and in the clear (usually) atmosphere of the central North Island of NZ we get some very spectacular displays. I have never seen it as intense as this even growing up in the UK during WWII.
If they are of any use to your crusade please do use them. There are lots more where they came from.
Keep up the essential work and all the very best for a peaceful Christmas break.
Kindest regards....Mike


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