Chamish - Burying Ginosar Alive
By Barry Chamish

So, here's how you bury the Yossi Ginosar scandal. You create an even better one. Like clockwork, before every national election, the Attorney General or State Comptroller recommends indicting Likud politicians for sundry crimes. In 1992, this strategy helped put Rabin in power.
This year the strategy resumed with new urgency. It served the double purpose of trying to put Labor back in power and covering up the scandal that can destroy its very existence forever; the Ginosar/Arafat/Muhamed/Lev/Barak/Peres/Beilin embezzlement of the Oslo "peace" process.
This week, Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein discovered vote buying at the Likud primaries and within a nanosecond ordered the police to open an investigation. The media hopped on board in half a nanosecond and voila, the public is talking about such steamy issues as the selling of sex for Likud votes. Meanwhile, the Attorney General has not ordered an investigation of Ginosar and the media are forgetting this infinitely more felonious crime.
Not that the public is completely blind to the farce. Reports I received from inside the Feiglin camp confirm the charges against the Likud. But everyone knows that Labor invented vote buying and this year was no different than any other. So, Rubinstein announced that he has directed the police to investigate Labor too. That should hog the headlines until the election and shunt Ginosar aside until his crimes no longer interest the public.
And while the Likud's corruption is guaranteed to grab most of the reporting space, look what Rubinstein forgot to investigate:
* Gad Zeevi is finally being indicted for massive fraud. To follow this side scandal, do a search at As I recently reported, Zeevi and Haifa mayor Amram Mitzna were just a bit too buddy buddy over the past years. Mitzna handed Zeevi prime municipal real estate for a song to build huge shopping and residential complexes. So why aren't Mitzna's ties to international bunko artist Zeevi being investigated by Rubinstein?
* And look who is number ten on the Labor list. Why it's none other than Isaac Herzog, son of the president who pardoned Ginosar for his blatant crimes of perjury in 1987. Isaac was head of Ehud Barak's campaign team which defrauded innocent, well-meaning foreigners with scam charity projects whose donations went straight into Barak's wallet. Rubinstein ordered this scandal investigated two years ago and subsequently Herzog took the Fifth with the cops, revealing not a word about his illegal activities. Now why did Labor put him into their top ten charts?
Rubinstein's strategy to hush Ginosar may not work because this scandal is just so filthy. Knowing how the government covered up the real Rabin murder, we shouldn't be too hopeful. Yet there are signs.
For one thing, new information was published by Maariv last Friday. An owner of the original Jericho casino explained how Ginosar got wind of the project and had a little talk with the PLO's intelligence chief Jibril Rajoub. He turned up at the building site with his goons and gave the workers twenty minutes to clear out. He then took over the casino with his partner Ginosar.
And the plot thickens. Ginosar planted himself in the Defence Ministry and persuaded its Minister, Binyamin Ben Eliezer not to attack the casino. So while the intifada burned, the casino's profits kept rolling in, then to be skimmed by Ginosar and Rajoub. And while reported income was a mere $50 million monthly, the actual take was closer to an astounding $800 million. This was a money laundering apparatus par excellence. Only when the terrorists used the casino building to attack the IDF did the army put an end to its operation.
Now why, oh why, did Ben Eliezer agree to Ginosar's protection request? Could it be money, money, money? In his pocket, pocket, pocket?
Rethinking Mombassa
About the missile attack on the Arkia passenger jet in Mombassa, Kenya, a few weeks ago: a few problems are stuck in my craw and I can't find good answers.
Two terrorists shot two Sam 7 shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles at the plane just after takeoff and could have murdered 232 passengers and crew. Two, unshot missiles were later found on the ground.
My first question is; how did they miss? These missiles have a range of 4.5 miles and are faster than a fighter jet at mid-air speed. They seek the heat of the plane's engine and contain more than enough explosives to rip any jet engine to shreds. One of the missiles exploded close enough to shake the plane but why didn't it get close enough to wreck the engine? The answer we were given is the missiles were defective. But they obviously weren't since passengers and crew saw the exhaust trails and felt the blast. Could they have been designed to miss? And if so, what for?
Next, the two unshot missiles? We were told that the terrorists were supposed to shoot them if the first launches failed. Now I know more than most people about these missiles since I was trained on them in the Israeli Air Force.
In case you want to know how to launch an anti-aircraft missile, here's how it's done. You remove it from its case and place it on your right shoulder. You hold a battery in your left hand and insert it just as the target is sighted. When you have positively indentified your target, you insert the battery. This turns on a gyroscope. Then you aim. When you have lock-on, the gyroscope vibrates strongly. You lift the missile up a bit and press the trigger. The rocket is launched in two stages, the first to prevent the shooter from being burned by the exhaust flames, the second goes after the heat source.
If that sounds like a lot of time, it is. There is no way the Mombassa terrorists could have gotten off a second round. So who was supposed to launch the unshot missiles? What was the real plan?
And now you have the real quandary. In the aftermath of the failed attack, all the news was about protecting commercial aircraft from missile attacks. We were told by the experts that such a system doesn't exist and if it was developed, it would cost at least $10 million to fit on each plane.
But that's simply not true. Israeli fighter jets have had a very effective defence against missiles for thirty years. An optical detector warns the system that a missile is approaching and a string of phosphorous flares, much hotter than the engine's exhaust, are spewed from the tail of the plane. The missiles chase the flares and the plane is safe. I saw this system in action during the Lebanon War and it works nearly perfectly. In three decades, only one Israeli jet has been downed by a Strella.
So why are the experts telling the media that a system to protect planes from missiles doesn't exist when it does? Why are they telling us that such technology would be very expensive, when it isn't?
My Brilliant Readers Write
A wonderful gentleman saw my lecture in Karnei Shomron last year and has since organized two more lectures for me with the notable Left, in Shoham and Tel Aviv. Last month, in Shoham, he told me his brother-in-law is Moti Ungar.
Moti Ungar was the IDF soldier who drove Dr. Baruch Goldstein to the Cave of the Patriarchs at 3:30 AM on the morning of the Hebron massacre. He told me that Ungar is far too honest to have been involved in setting up Goldstein. I asked him one question: "Have you ever heard of the IDF sending a jeep to take a worshiper to pray from Kiryat Araba to Hebron?" He was stunned and had no answer. The IDF only picks up soldiers at their homes, not worshipers. Goldstein had to have been told he was on emergency callup. There is no other explanation for his being driven to the Cave of the Patriarchs.
One reader, agrees:
Dear Barry,
Thought you might be interested to see an article I wrote about Dr. Baruch Goldstein, for which I used your article and research as the basis and reference point. Not surprisingly, both the Jewish Press and Arutz Sheva were not keen about printing it - though they've printed my stuff in the past, and are not particularly sensitive to public criticism. I guess even for them, this is a sore-point that they will not touch.
Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, and hope my article will find favor with you.
All my best,
Ira Heller
Rethinking Baruch Goldstein
By Ira Heller
I knew him as Benjy. As a youngster, I knew him in summer camp as a lifeguard and swim instructor. In fact, he was my swim instructor, and over the years, I spent a lot of time with Benjy. In recalling my memories of Benjy Goldstein, he was a very tall and powerful guy (approximately 6 feet four inches), but extremely mild mannered and soft spoken. He was fun-loving but serious, and was entrusted by the administration of the camp with the lives of hundreds of children as the head of the camp waterfront. I recall watching Benjy swim halfway across a lake at lightening speed to rescue a camper who was in trouble in a sailboat, and watched his serious dedication as he taught water safety and life saving courses (I was among his students). In all the years that I knew him, there was never as much of a hint of a question about his stability or sense of responsibility.
Benjy and I parted ways in 1978. I went off to college, and he went to the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. The next I heard of Benjy was more than a decade and a half later, he was called Baruch, and his picture was on the front page of a newspaper. The rest is history. However, those of us who knew him back then were in utter shock - how could such a thing be? After making inquiries to those who were acquainted with Benjy in his later years - as Baruch - I was not surprised to hear people describe Baruch the same way that I described Benjy, just in a different context, and in a different place. As Dr. Baruch Goldstein, his neighbors in Hevron described him as extremely mild mannered and soft spoken, responsible and selfless. As their doctor, the people in Hevron entrusted Baruch with the lives of their children. Everyone in Hevron has stories about the dedication of Dr. Goldstein, upon whose door they could knock at any hour, or call his phone at any time of night. They say that the soft spoken, mild mannered Dr. Baruch Goldstein was always available to them - and I must add, to Jew and Arab alike. One resident recalled how Dr. Goldstein once had to accompany their seriously ill infant child to the hospital in an ambulance, and at some point the ambulance stopped short and both Dr. Goldstein and the baby went flying. Dr. Goldstein, managed not to lose hold of the baby, and while cradling and protecting the child in his arms, made sure to absorb the entire blow with his back, sustaining an injury which gave him back problems until the day of his death. Once again, in all years that Dr. Baruch Goldstein's neighbors knew him in Hevron, there was never as much as a hint of a question about his stability or sense of responsibility.
So how could such a thing happen? What suddenly happened to Dr. Baruch Goldstein that turned him from this mild mannered, loving and righteous person into a cold blooded killer? After years of agonizing over this question, I finally came to the realization that we're simply asking the wrong question. After 10 years of watching the political tactics of the extreme leftist Oslo gang, we have to ask ourselves not what went wrong with Dr. Baruch Goldstein, but whether the good Dr. Goldstein was framed. Before I even finished writing the previous sentence, I could already hear in my mind the chorus of people wildly jumping up, screaming that the notion that Baruch Goldstein is innocent is preposterous. Is it really so preposterous? We know all too much about the foul tactics of the left, who have considered no means to their political ends as off limits. We have a laundry list of facts a mile long - from the treacherous actions of government agent provocateur Avishai Raviv, up until the recent odious behavior of the leftist Minister of Defense Fuad at the Gilad farms.
I recently came across an article written by Barry Chamish, the noted researcher on the Rabin assassination (another issue about which we have chosen to bury our heads in the sand while facts of foul play are staring us in the face). After reading the article, many things about the death of Dr. Baruch Goldstein finally began to make some sense. Mr. Chamish brings to light some compelling facts about the incident that were revealed by an Israeli researcher, Avraham Yosef. I'll mention just a few:
One - there is overwhelming evidence that the shooting in the Ma'arat Hamachpela was not committed by a loan gunman, but rather two or three. At least 25 survivors of the event, and 12 witnesses at the Shamgar commission testified to this fact, but the Shamgar commission managed to whitewash it, in order to reach their desired conclusion that Goldstein was a loan gunman. Not surprisingly, this commission was the same whitewash machine that investigated the Rabin assassination, which also dispensed with numerous critical facts in order to reach their desired conclusions.
Two - contrary to initial reports that Goldstein arrived in his civilian Subaru, it is now clear that irrefutable evidence was presented at the commission that Dr. Goldstein arrived in an army jeep, belonging to the chief IDF officer in Hevron, Shmuel Edelstein. However, this too was whitewashed.
Three - the Shabak had established a KGB-like division in Hevron called the "Jewish Division," whose duty it was to track "radicals," but in fact, was engaged in sting operations to entrap young people opposed to the Oslo agreements. (Well known victims of this division were two innocent young men - brothers by the name of Kahalani).
The evidence goes on and on, and in the scope of my article, I can't possibly cover all of it. However, if one is truly interested in considering the facts, I highly recommend reading Mr. Chamish's article on Dr. Goldstein in its entirety, which can be found on his website archive.
In his article, Mr. Chamish reports about the recent findings of Avraham Yosef. According to Mr. Yosef, the following very plausible scenario is proposed regarding the circumstances revolving around the Ma'arat Hamachpela massacre of which Dr. Goldstein is accused and presumed guilty.
Since Dr. Goldstein was on standby duty in the reserves, it is quite conceivable that he got a call in the middle of the night to report for duty, particularly in light of the fact that it is known that he had been contacted regarding a warning about imminent Arab terrorist actions, and as the doctor in town, was specifically instructed to be prepared for casualties. It is possible that he got such a call, and quietly left his house at a very early hour without disturbing his family. He was picked up in an army jeep by his soon to be accomplices who drove him to the side door of the Ma'arat Hamachpela mosque (through which the facts show that he entered, rather than the front as presumed, but he did not have the key to these doors). He entered with his two unintended accomplices (who did have the key), who then threw two stun grenades (accounting for two initial blasts that were heard and reported at the Shamgar commission) and they then shot blank bullets at the crowd. They then quickly left the prayer hall, locked the door behind them, leaving Dr. Goldstein alone with the mob. In order to keep the crowd at bay, Dr. Goldstein, who according to everyone who knew him was not capable of firing upon innocent human beings, then fired at their feet to keep them at bay (which explains the shrapnel wounds in the legs of most of the victims, which most likely came from Dr. Goldstein's bullets ricocheting off the floor). Again the details are beyond the scope of this article, but they are explained in detail by Mr. Chamish, and I strongly suggest you read them.
Far fetched you say? I'll tell you what is far fetched. It is far fetched that a mild mannered doctor with a sterling reputation would one day pick himself up, and unexplainably turn himself into a mass murderer. What is not so far fetched? That the Oslo gang in power would engineer a situation in which they could use a stooge, whose type they disdain anyway, as a tool to create a climate that would further their political end of the expulsion of the Jewish Community from Hevron. This should not be so difficult to believe, as massive evidence is available that the radical left has employed many such tactics toward their political ends, and continues to do so today. However, we are ever too frightened to stand up to these "enlightened" people for fear of what they'll do, and they've unfortunately shown time and again that they'll do just about anything. Anyone who has tried to expose them has been labeled an inciter, or has found himself in prison on some kind of trumped up charge. The truth however, screams out to be heard.
Here's the choice: Do you believe in the reputation and character of Dr. Baruch Goldstein, a brilliant and capable doctor and dedicated Jew, who made his life among his brethren in Hevron, and devoted his career to the welfare of his fellow human beings, Jew and Arab alike? Or do you believe in the duplicitous claims of the leftist Oslo elite and the corrupt Shamgar commission, who would have us believe that beneath the skin of this soft spoken, highly educated, dedicated and compassionate human being was a maniacal murderer waiting to emerge?
I think the choice is clear, and the time to rehabilitate the holy name and memory of Dr. Baruch Goldstein is long overdue.
Ira Heller is a professional singer and songwriter. He can be reached at or on the web.
From New York, more suspicions of foul play:
The only pogrom in US history was the pogrom in Crown Heights, at the time that the Rebbe was coming out very strongly against the whole process. He was telling the Israeli government what was going on and how to thwart it, on a weekly basis. Also, during that period he took on a body guard, which remained in effect until the end. (Another two points: 1) the Rebbe refused to go to the hospital after his first stroke, remaining in his office except to go to the bais hamedresh. 2) After his second stroke (both on the same date --- 27th of Adar, the same date as the signing of the camp David agreement) there was a big confusion when it came time to take him to the hospital (the Rebbe was no longer capable of making decisions). Finally, there was a motorcade --- without police --- in which the van which was supposed to be carrying the Rebbe was attacked and a Yeshiva bachur was killed, shot to death while sitting inside the van. Meanwhile, one of the seemingly unimportant members of the caravan slipped away, taking many back streets and non-direct routes, eventually arriving at the hospital with the Rebbe inside. There was a body guard was always in his room.)
Over the years I have come to believe that he was targeted along with other Jewish leaders. The pogrom is not a conventional American weapon. Now that you have clarified the European involvement, I understand where it came from.
And from Canada, a learned scholar of covert shenanigans is not excited by the prospect of Elliot Abrams coming to my region:
You guys get Elliott Abrams, the Iran Contra drug dealing Hispanic murdering
felon who was convicted and then pardoned by Bush, as your new
National Security Council liason for Arab-Israeli relations. His official
title is Senior Director NSC Near East and North African Affairs.
Watch for young Israeli heroin and maybe cocaine use to skyrocket, as prices
get cheaper and cheaper thanks to Abrams and Zinni. You now have both the
supply side (Zinni) and distribution end (Abrams) working Israel full time.
I guess the plan is to turn Israel and Palestine into South Central LA... it
worked in Cali, so I guess they figure what the Hell, let's poison the Jews
and Muslims too.
Keep your kids informed about drugs, and away from them. Every dollar spent
on US heroin from Afghanistan helps kill both Jewish and Muslim Semites.
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