Hunters Get CWD/BSE
From Eating Squirrels
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From Eugene Dusina
This is prompted by a Rense's site article about Cattle Mutilations Explained,at:

Wherein spread of the prion diseases was discussed. Very little of this problem is being publicized.
I was talking to a neurologist a couple weeks ago and randomly asked him if he heard about the prion diseases. He said Oh Yes, I have treated two hunters from eastern KY who have definitely got that from eating squirrels. He pointedly remarked that they ate the brains.
He said there was a federal district judge in Lexington KY who now had advanced dementia from prion disease, brought on by his hunting in Africa, and eating the brains of animals he killed.
He then volunteered there were 5 more cases he was aware of in central KY which were highly likely prion caused, but that had not been positively proven yet.
So he has given information about it having spread to many other animals than is being publicized.
I have wondered for some time if plants also use similar proteins to those prions with mirror image capability. I understand that many organic chemicals do have such formations.
If plants have proteins of that type, it that may explain how some vegetarian animals are getting it.
A story out of NY (I believe), telling homeowners in rural areas not to feed deer because they may become infected from the types food they would throw out for deer, sounded suspicious to me.
Also Rense mentioned the story that wild animals got prion infections from eating cattle feed, contained the unspoken content that such a thing would certainly have infected cattle as well.
I am suspicious about how squirrels got it. I never heard of a squirrel eating meat, but then I am no expert on their eating habits. I have never seen one eat meat. They do eat a lot of protein rich nuts though. It is possible their nuts get contaminated from animal feces, but that's speculation.
I cannot vouch for the neuroligist's statements, except that he is a very good neuroligist, and does not seem to be, in other subjects, an exaggerator.
So I only offer it as a suspicion, which may be worth keeping in mind as those pursuing this threat dig for facts. Prions to seem to be a lot more pervasive than we have been led to believe.
I fully understand the great reluctance for "experts" to mention new threats because they are capable of unleashing great troubles among the public, (as in Rather's apple pesticide classic example).
I am also fully aware that our government covers up all problems until they burst out of government limits of containment, because they apparently do not want to appear to be not in control of everything.
Therefore I have strong suspicions of things which don't add up to something that makes sense, and upon which the government is being very quiet.((Chemtrails for example)
However having been struck by lightning (figuratively speaking) several times, I tend to be very sensitive.
My present motto is; Believe only what governments do, and nothing of what they say.
Their reputation for looking after we the people is that they seldom have done so.
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