Ghost Of Robert Maxwell -
British & US Publisher Book War
Press Release
From Jo Phillips
Jeremy Robson

The British publisher of a book about the murder of Robert Maxwell, the former owner of the New York Daily News and the MacMillan publishing company, has described the behaviour of the US publisher he sold the book to as "highly irresponsible".
Jeremy Robson has seen the UK version of the book go through three large reprints in two weeks.
But Herman Graf, President of Carroll & Graf in New York, has refused to say how many copies he has printed - or explained a deepening mystery that equals that surrounding the death of Robert Maxwell.
It centres on Graf's relationship with Isabel Maxwell - twin daughter of New York socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.
Isabel is the daughter of Robert Maxwell and lives in San Francisco.
Unknown to the authors of the book - Robert Maxwell: Israel's Super Spy - changes were made to the book's jacket after Isabel Maxwell had been secretly given an uncorrected proof copy of the manuscript that Robson had supplied to Graf.
Robson has confirmed that the manuscript carried with it a legally binding confidentiality agreement that nobody outside the US publishing company was to see the manuscript until he said so.
But two months before publication, Carroll & Graf now admit they sent a copy of the then still uncorrected proof copy to Isabel.
Herman Graf also confirmed that one of his executives at the publisher's parent company - Avalon - was a "close personal friend of Isabel".
As a result of that relationship, the jacket was changed - and Isabel Maxwell was allowed to use the uncorrected proof to launch an attack on authors Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon.
All the claims she made in the UK based Jewish Chronicle about inaccuracies do not appear in the published edition of the book.
Graf has also admitted to author Martin Dillon, who lives in New York, that he sent two other unedited copies of the book to "un-named persons" who he refuses to identify.
"This is no longer a spat between authors and their publisher. This goes to the heart of the trust a writer puts in his publisher. Mr Graf has abused that trust," said Mr Dillon, 53, a former BBC senior producer and author of the previous bestsellers, "The Shankill Butchers" and "The Dirty War".
And London publisher Jeremy Robson has said he is "astonished at what has happened in America".
Part of the mystery surrounds plans that the NBC show, Dateline, have for a program on the story behind the book.
Dillon says he has been informed that the program plans a "hatchet job".
NBC filmed Thomas in London. "I was under the impression the item was for the Today Show. Only later did I hear that Dateline had an interest in the item," said Thomas, from his home near Dublin, Ireland.
Earlier in the year Graf told the authors that he had "huge plans to promote the book. We will hire the finest publicists in the city, we will print a huge number. It will be coast to coast all the way," Thomas recalls Graf saying.
But now all Carroll & Graf plans to promote the book have stopped. The authors are organising their own campaign - not just about the book. But to draw attention to the fragile relationship between authors and their publishers when, as Thomas said, "outside forces intervene".
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