Editor Says Bush Rape Suit
Story Published 'Prematurely'

By Jon Dougherty
© 2002

A news report about a court filing by a Missouri City, Texas, woman who claims President Bush raped her was posted on the Internet prematurely and without sufficient fact-checking, says the editor of the paper.
The story, published Wednesday by the Fort Bend Star, said Margie Schoedinger also claims that Bush conspired with the FBI and local police to cover up his alleged crime.
"This report wasn't supposed to go up yet," Jean Sandlin, an editor for the paper, told WorldNetDaily. Speaking of Schoedinger, Sandlin added: "I had heard she was a nutcase."
Repeated attempts to contact the reporter who wrote the story, LeaAnn Klentzman, were unsuccessful.
Rumors of the alleged rape circulated rapidly across the Internet today, but little in the way of details emerged.
Upon further investigation, however, WorldNetDaily discovered that indeed Schoedinger filed court papers with the Fort Bend County court Dec. 2 alleging the sexual abuse. Editor's note: The linked document above is in .pdf format; you must have an Adobe Acrobat reader to open it.
According to her account, which was confusing, rambling and incomplete, she also alleged that she has been harassed and threatened by federal agents, her bank accounts looted, her husband fired from his job, and that she had a miscarriage after being beaten. In court papers, she intimated that Bush "might have been the father of the child that was lost."
Also, she claimed that when she went to a hospital for treatment she was further threatened by federal agents "on behalf of the Defendant [Bush]."
Additionally, Schoedinger claims she has been placed on a "watch list" for AIDS and is being monitored by the National Security Agency, Secret Service and CIA. She said her home is under surveillance as well.
"Defendant [Bush] took personal responsibility for these decisions," the court papers say, "explaining to Plaintiff [Schoedinger] that committing suicide would be her best option in his opinion. "
"Plaintiff is essentially dead in any case," the filing said.
She said throughout a conversation she had with Bush - for which she gave no time frame - he allegedly never "stopped watching" her, "nor did he stop having sex" with her while she was under the influence.
"The sole concern of the Defendant and his representatives was whether Plaintiff could actually recall the individual sex crimes committed against Plaintiff and Plaintiff's husband, utilizing drugs," said the court papers. "Whether or not Plaintiff's husband was raped remains in question, as Plaintiff was drugged after she was raped and her husband was drugged before her rape."
Schoedinger's husband is not identified in the papers.
The suit seeks $1 million in actual damaged plus an additional $49 million in punitive damages and emotional distress.
A spokeswoman at the Fort Bend County Court at Law 3, where the suit was filed, told WorldNetDaily she could not discuss particulars of the case.
The White House did not respond to requests for comment by press time.
In court papers, Schoedinger also hinted that the alleged dalliances with Bush may have occurred when she was a minor, though she did not specify her age at the time of the alleged assaults. Also, her present age was not listed in court papers.
It was unclear whether Bush had been served with the suit, though court papers filed Dec. 4 gave Bush 20 days to respond or appear in a Fort Bend County courtroom.
The notice to appear was initialed by Becky Kasper, Fort Bend County deputy clerk.
Jon E. Dougherty is a staff reporter and columnist for WorldNetDaily, and author of the special report, "Election 2000: How the Military Vote Was Suppressed."
From Allison L Ragner
The newspaper editor in the story you carried titled "Editor Says Bush Rape Suit Story Published 'Prematurely'" absolutely infuriated me in calling the plaintiff a nutcase. Character assassination is very unprofessional, and arguments ad hominem are very unfair. If she didn't say "alleged," the editor might be liable to a lawsuit herself! The rich, beautiful, smart and/or educated don't have a monopoly on the truth. For that matter, the plaintiff could even be a known liar, yet still be telling the truth in this case.


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