Cattle Mutilations Explained?
End Of The Beef Industry?
By Jeff Rense

The following discussion is meant to open the door to new research and earnest 'official' scientific scrutiny.
CJD, sCJD, nvVJD, vCJD, CWD Mad Deer Disease, BSE Mad Cow Disease, TSE, Alzheimer's and so on are all names of the SAME basic 100% fatal disease conditions caused by 'misfolded proteins' known as prions.
After studying these diseases and their frightening progress over the years, it is now clear they are all directly related to one another. These misfolded proteins seat themselves in the host brain and immediately begin to turn it into hole-filled sponge-like material.
The only appreciable difference between prions seems to be which part of the brain is turned to mush.
In the only published research of its type, the brains of approximately 65 Alzheimer's victims were analyzed. About 15 of the brains showed death by 'CJD'... classic prion disease...and not what is called 'Alzheimer's' Disease.
The point: if about 25% of Alzheimer's deaths were caused by CJD, where is it coming from?? Of course, there has never been a single, solitary case of Mad Cow disease here in the cow meat couldn't possibly be the source...
What of Alzheimer's itself? What is at work destroying the brain? Prions? YES. Alzheimer's is marked by an accumulation of amyloid, an abnormally folded protein which forms fibrils. Fibrils are abnormal strings of proteins clumped together; the fibrils accumulate because they are difficult for the body's natural defenses to remove.
Here are two items from an excellent overview of prion diseases at:
"Degenerative diseases of the nervous system associated with amyloid amyloid formation are frequently caused by caused by misfolded peptides (proteins)."
Neuronal degeneration associated with amyloid plaque formation:
* Alzheimer's disease
* Prion diseases
Indestructible Prions
These 'rogue' proteins - prions - are virtually indestructible. Hundreds scientific reports, studies and papers describe how prions cannot be frozen to death, do not respond to ANY antibiotics or chemical treatments and withstand temperatures of approximately 1000 degrees F.
Autoclaves, upon which medicine and dentistry rely to sterilize all reusable invasive instruments, operate at around 250 degrees...far too low to even approach destroying these killer proteins - which one leading and extremely perplexed British scientist recently described, only half in jest, as not being from this planet. There may be more truth to his offhand remark than he realized.
Mutilations And Monitoring
CJD/BSE prions are clearly being spread throughout the environment. We are now going to state, with reasonable conviction, that prions are linked to the mystery of widespread cattle, horse and many other types of animal mutilations which have been a near constant phenomenon since the late 1960's.
Is 'someone' monitoring the spread of prions in our gravely-declining environment by taking tissue samples from these animals? I now believe that to likely be at least part of the answer.
We do know that human tonsils, when biopsied, have been found to contain prions in infected patients. Further, a Nobel Laureate has just announced that prions have also now been found in the MUSCLE tissue of infected mice...but in lower concentrations than brain tissue. (see story below). How many prions does it take to become infected?
Human Pharmaceuticals Found In Some Mutilated Cattle
Most mutilated cattle, horses, etc, evidence the same precise wounds to the head, reproductive and rectal areas. There are always organs missing, most often the eyes, tongue and the rectum. As is well-known, the wounds aren't 'cuts' but are laser-like 'incisions' done at estimated temperatures of close to 400 degrees F. There is never blood at the incision sites or much, if any remaining in the corpse. It is also reported that back muscles of the animals often show internal bleeding...indicative of something that occurred from above them. Many of the dead animals also show signs of having been dropped to the ground...with broken bones and horns shoved deeply into the soil.
Researcher and former police officer Ted Oliphant visited this program on several occasions a number of years ago. He revealed in detail how, during his extensive cattle mutilation investigations in Alabama beginning in 1992, traces of human pharmaceuticals such as anti-coagulants and pain killers were found in some of the mutilated cattle. That would suggest humans were involved in SOME of the Alabama cases.
If humans were involved in some of the mutilations, they removed for apparent testing the same basic tissues and organs that are universally-reported to be taken during these mysterious cases.
But what about the rest of the mutilations in North and South America and elsewhere...going back nearly four decades... and including the very recent deaths of scores of cattle, horses, llamas and wild boar, etc, in Argentina? Many of those cases were accompanied by unambiguous sightings of UFOs by dozens of eyewitnesses.
And how about human mutilations? In one South American case - documented with photos and complete autopsy - an adult male was found in Brazil in September, 1988, will all the hallmark signs of classic cattle mutilation. Brazilian police reported there were at least a dozen other similar unsolved human mutilation deaths at that time.
A logical conclusion to entertain might be that both ET 'visitors' and humans are monitoring the spread of prions now. It is a reasonable guess that clandestine tissue monitoring might also going on at slaughterhouses around the US.
Again: How many prions does it take to become infected?
No More Fully-Sterile Invasive Medical/Dental Instruments
We DO know that in the ONLY study ever done (or released to the public...) on invasive, reusable medical (tonsillectomy) instruments in the UK, over 50% of the instruments were found to be contaminated with deadly prions AFTER REPEATED STERILIZATIONS.
That particularly 'bad news' story disappeared VERY quickly from the UK mass media.
About the time the tonsillectomy instrument story was published, a new UK study was announced that thousands of tonsils taken from UK children and young people would be tested for prions.
To our knowledge, RESULTS of that study WERE NEVER MADE PUBLIC.
Beside the mystery tonsil tests, and tests on human brains of the deceased, no prion tests of any other human tissues have been noted in the media or mentioned in scientific reports. No prion tests of human tongues, rectal tissues, eyes, or any internal organs.
Another news story also appeared proposing that a routine biopsy of tonsil tissues in humans might be the best and quickest way to screen for prion disease. That story, too, came by once...and then vanished.
Prions, Lies And Death
Note - the first deer deaths from CWD occurred in an isolated heard in the US in the mid-1960's...something few recall. Note also, that the first 'official' animal mutilation befell 'Skippy' the horse in Colorado in the late 1967 and there have been over 10,000 reported cattle mutilations since then.
And what about those with HIV/AIDS? It is a fact that 50% of those who become HIV positive show almost immediate signs of compromised brain activity...commonly-called 'AIDS dementia'. Late stage AIDS is almost invariably marked with massive dementia. Is there a correlation between prion disease and the dementia in AIDS patients?
And remember all the lies...for years...from the British government about Mad Cow and the risks to humans? The British government finally, formally apologized to its people but only after over 100 had died from the 'human form' of mad cow prion disease. And how many Britons became infected because of those lies and are incubating prions right now but are not yet showing symptoms? Is this why the results of the tonsil biopsy tests were never, to our knowledge, released to the public?
Remember how the British officials first promised there was no danger from eating beef...but that the public should simply not eat beef brains? Then the government said the consumer should avoid both brain AND spinal tissues. And then, at long last, the British government banned ALL beef 'on the bone'. That simple progression of common sense took years to occur.
Meanwhile, about four years ago, the British government ordered all optometrists and other professionals fitting patients for contact lenses to immediately STOP USING REUSABLE CONTACT LENSES for fitting in patients' eyes. Why do you suppose that happened?
And then there was the cosmetic surgery clinic which had to notify a number of successive patients that an earlier patient turned out to have CJD and that they all might be infected with fatal prion disease.
Also, if you remember, there were patients at a birthing hospital in the UK who had to be told they might have contracted mad cow disease after a patient who had C section died from the disease. Not much information on that situation was forthcoming either. It came out once and then...gone! Never to be followed up. We wonder how many of those women and their babies contracted the disease. We wonder if the baby of the mad cow deceased mother contracted it as well.
And in that we now know prions are also found in muscle tissue - in addition to brain and spinal tissues - how can we RULE OUT the presence of these TINY killer proteins - or the agent that causes them to misfold - in the blood supply? Answer: we cannot.
"Everyone Should Be Tested"
And now comes a formal call by Dr. Stanley Pruisner that EVERYONE in
Britain be tested for prion disease and infectivity.
Here is that story:
Top Nobel Scientist Wants ALL Britons Tested For CJD
Nobel Laureate Warns Of Prions Found In Animal Muscle

How Many Prions Does It Take To Become Infected?
By Richard Woodman
LONDON (Reuters Health) - The scientist who won the Nobel prize for discovering prions, the abnormal proteins implicated in mad cow disease, has called for all Britons to be tested for the deadly brain ailment after finding surprisingly high prion levels in the muscles of mice infected with a similar illness, British newspapers reported Sunday.
Professor Stanley Prusiner of the University of California, San Francisco, told the Independent that the finding raised the "obvious worry" that cows and sheep could be similarly affected. Mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), has been linked to a similar illness in humans who ate contaminated meat. Sheep can carry a related illness called scrapie.
Until now, levels of prions in infected cow and sheep meat and muscle tissue were always believed to be low enough not to pose a significant risk of transmission and the emphasis was to remove the brain and spinal cord, which harbor much higher levels.
However, according to the newspaper, new tests being pioneered at the University of California are far more sensitive and have discovered higher concentrations of prions in muscle than have previously been found.
While describing the findings as significant, Prusiner stressed that the levels are still 100-fold less than those found in brains.
He called for testing of everyone in Britain to establish the true extent of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), which has killed 117 people since 1995.
"A million cattle infected with BSE entered the British food chain so almost everyone in the country will have been exposed to the infectious prion proteins that cause variant CJD. Every Briton should be tested so that if they are developing the disease it can be spotted before symptoms appear," he told the Sunday Times.
Prusiner was in Britain to discuss research into the disease.
Last week scientists at University College London reported that research on mice suggested BSE caused the "sporadic" strain of CJD, as well as variant CJD, which, if confirmed, could significantly increase the number of potential victims.

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Jeff - This is AMAZING! Simply amazing. When Dr. Pruisner, foremost Prionologist in the WORLD, suggests all Britons get tested for prion disease, you KNOW we have a crisis situation. I think people in the US need to be tested as well. It is not simply a matter of people eating deer meat or CWD infected meat. Many of these people who ate Deer, Elk or Moose in the US and potentially-infected, could have exposed OTHERS via blood donation or sexual contact, etc. When such a powerful main stream scientist sounds the warning regarding prion disease, this indicates much more of a problem then the CDC, the government, or anyone ever realized...or admitted. Combine this to the UK scientist who likened prion to 'alien' pathogen and an alarm should sound in the minds of all reasonable, rational people. Anyone who eats MEAT, or meat additive products, is playing Russian Roulette.
Mad Deer, Elk, Moose...And How Many Other Animals?
At, I have been carefully tracking the current, exploding,100% deadly CWD Mad Deer prion epidemic as it races across the US. Latest reports show it to be in at least 14 states and Canada. Tens of thousands of deer and elk heads have been brought to storage sites and locations to be sawn open and the brains to be checked for CWD prion infection.
Efforts announced by at least two states to go into a large designated areas where CWD deer have been found and to shoot all the deer to death to 'stop' the spread of CWD/Mad Deer disease are absurd.
No one knows exactly how Mad Deer/CWD prions are being spread through the deer population. The best guess is saliva and body fluids...BUT no one has - or can - rule out aerosolized transmission. No one knows how CWD found its way into farmed, isolated elk herds in the US and Canada, either.
There was one rather bizarre government explanation a few years ago which attempted to explain the outbreak of CWD in deer as deriving directly from foraging deer on open cattle ranches becoming infected from EATING CATTLE FEED which was dumped in the fields for the cattle, especially during the winter months.
Amazingly, the public bought this lame excuse with nary a whimper. NO ONE bothered to ask about the CATTLE!
Of course, there is no Mad Cow/BSE in the U.S. according to the Beef and Dairy Industries and the USDA. But just for speculation, let's assume there were a number of cases of mad cow discovered here in the US, what do you suppose would happen to the mega-billion dollar beef and dairy industries? Hint: remember what happened in Great Britain. Howard Lyman ( regularly speculates on the issue of possible BSE in US cattle. For speaking his piece, he was named in a major lawsuit with Oprah by the beef industry. Howard and Oprah prevailed.
Keep in mind the incubation period for Mad Cow/BSE can be 5 years and longer... maybe even up to 20 years. Here in the US, beef cattle are slaughtered long before their fifth birthdays. Another note to remember: so-called 'downer cattle' - thousands and thousands of sick and dying animals...are routinely sent to slaughter. And no effort is made to check for BSE.
Back to the catastrophic slaughter of animals in the UK during the height of the Mad Cow disaster. How did the Brits get rid of the prions in the infected animal cadavers? They either buried the bodies in vast pits or they burned them in huge pyres. The corpses in the pits have largely all decomposed by now. Many express little doubt prions have made their way into nearby water tables, streams and rivers. In the case of the massive burning of corpses, there is little doubt prions were carried off into the environment in the mountains of smoke and vapors rising from the flames and fire.
What happens to road kill...from rabid raccoons to possibly CWD deer and scores of other animal types? Answer: they are picked up and usually taken to rendering plants, along with millions of bodies of pet cats and dogs, to be made into PET FOOD and commercial and garden fertilizer products. Did you know many veterinarians report increased numbers of dementia-like illnesses in dogs and cats?
Back to the estimated 200,000 deer and elk heads now - or soon to be - sitting in storage waiting to be sawed into to extract the brains for analysis. What will the government agencies do with all of these heads? Answer: they will probably burn them in crematories...and, yes, expel a certain amount of prions into the environment with each and every CWD positive head or brain they immolate.
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Jeff - I have to wonder if we are seeing prion disease in fish and water animals, reptiles. Remember, the reptiles that died in a 4-year span in Florida showed 'neurological symptoms.' This may be prion infection and NOT WNV. The research needs to be ongoing to find out what killed or is killing HUNDREDS of alligators. So, are other forms of life prone to prion infection? I believe the answer is YES. What about the Brant geese? We never found out what killed all of those thousands of Brant Geese last November and January. They died of symptoms which sounded very much like prion disease. If, as most of us believe, mutated prions have entered the environment, they may also be in our water and even in the air thanks to crematories. As you mentioned, the funeral crematorium could be sending out mutant prions. Birds pass over and voila. People living adjacent or even driving by with the windows done would potentially be exposed. So far, no one is testing to find out
how many prions are sent skyward when burning a CJD corpse...
And what about human cadavers of the people who die from 'Alzheimer's' or those who are actually diagnosed with CJD and then die?
Did you know brain biopsies are refused to patients suspected of having CJD? Did you know dozens of brain surgery patients have sued a major hospital because a prior patient was found to have had CJD and that hospital had to warn all successive patients that they may now have CJD, too? -- Because the hospital knows autoclaving reusable, invasive surgical instruments cannot sterilize them of prions.
Dentists are perhaps the most adamant about refusing to face the fact that THEIR surgical/invasive/reusable instruments might also NOT be sterilizable from prion contamination. Want to see an unhappy dentist? Take this material into the office and ask him or her to read through it. You'll get the standard line: "If there was a problem, the ADA would notify us immediately." Or, "Until they change the sterilization protocols, we will stay with the official guidelines." And if you don't like it, feel free to find another dentist...
For more than the past four years, I have been demanding a complete cessation of the reuse of invasive surgical and dental instruments. This should be considered a national priority.
Here is a recent note to Dr. Patricia Doyle, PhD and her response:
To: Patricia Doyle, PhD
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002
It is well past time we need to begin putting all of these prion diseases in the same 100% FATAL basket and stop labeling them differently...CJD, BSE, CWD, etc. This is a deception and it must end.
As we know, prions are essentially indestructible. They are a POTENTIAL mechanism by which much of the world population, human and animal, could be reduced. One of the top UK scientists said prions seem like an 'ALIEN DISEASE' recently.
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002
Hello, Jeff - I totally agree with you on the fact that prion disease is the same disease, nuances of each just affect different parts of the brain. Whether it affects or "spongifies" the cerebellum, brain stem or cebral cortex differentiates the name. The fact that the CDC and others don't recognize it
makes no difference -- the disease mechanism factor is the same: the prion.
I look at it like computer "programming." Someone may have figured out how to "program" a prion or protein to misfold, and learned how that 'rogue' protein will affect the brain. That is a pretty tall order, even for our current advances in biotechnology...but for an alien culture, it could be child's play.
Jeff, do you know if there has ever been any research on those who have been abducted? I would look for changes in spinal fluid and brain tissue. I am wondering what percent of those who claim abduction, and I believe that most are telling the truth about being abducted, have brain and spinal nuance changes. What a great research project that would make.
Quite possibly, programming prion mutation, is, as the British researcher put it, is 'alien.' I doubt if this type of research will go foward in the prion community as most, like Dr. Fred Cohen of UCSF, call those of us with such opinions 'uncredible.' I have written to him on several occassions and was not given much consideration or even professional courtesy.
I do believe, and so mentioned on your program, that cattle/animal mutilations might have some bearing on the current prion disease outbreaks which are of a mass epidemic now in the North
American deer and elk populations.
Another thing I am wondering is if the chemtrails have any bearing on the spread. I wonder if any of the chemtrail investigators have tested for prion or synthetic proteins or proteins of any form in
the air after heavy spraying has occurred? Just one of many possibilities.
Perhaps, "someone" either of this earth - or not - has decided to wipe out industralized first world countries? Look at those coming foward with this disease, US, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia. I don't see cases, yet, in Africa, or Latin America. Of course, they already have raging HIV/AIDS epidemics. So, we have to then ask, why?
There have been several large mutilation cases now in South and Central amercia, and it will be interesting to note if any of those countries begin to have mad cow, mad deer, mad anything disease.
Humans are very close to making this planet unlivable via pollution and raping of natural resources. Is this the environment fighting back?
Are there those forces or entities from other universes who want to void the planet Earth?
One sure way to find out if prion disease is connected with alien abductions of humans and cattle mutilations is to study the abductiees and their families for the next 20+ years. Also, one must test animals in the areas of mutilations.
It is so obvious that these "alien prions" are already in our food supply. How anyone can continue to eat meat, either deer meat or butcher meat, is beyond me.
It would also be advisable to monitor mad animal/mad people disease in areas of heavy chemtrail activity. I do not subscribe to the idea that chemtrails are the work of the Govt. trying to immunize people against biowar diseases. Immunization could not be successful administered by falling chemtrails. Too many variables. Heat, sunlight, wind dispersals, one's duration in the outdoors etc etc. I think they are more then weather control. I think it is very sinister and testing of chemtrail materials needs to include protein identification.
Well, this is just my two cents worth. I agree with you that prion disease is ONE disease (depending on programming) that affects different parts of the brain. There might even be some unidentified human factor that predisposes one to which part of the brain would spongify.
You are the only voice that has called attention to prion disease and recognized it for what it is, an epidemic that will eventually kill millions if not all on the planet.
And Another Note From Dr. Doyle
Hello, Jeff - Yes, these are all things that the CDC and others did not consider, or if they did, they did not want the information made public. Take this one step further, what about the animal crematories for Plum Island, Ames Iowa, and Ft. Detrick, etc.?
We know that there were 375 Fresian sheep from Vermont that were carrying nvTSE. Most were sent to APHIS in Newberg at Stewart Airbase to the quarantine center for "slaughter" and incineration. 21 went to Plum Island. Doubtful that any of the 21 have survived. So, where do Plum Island specimens go? The Plum will NOT answer that question clearly. Ms. Sally Hays does a two-step around that one.
At one point in time, I think it was a year or two ago, carcasses and exposed barrals were seen coming out of the pits on Plum Island. The PR people said that this was a temporary situation as the burial and dump sites were being exhumed and taken off the island. So, where does all of this red hot stuff go?
Jeff, I stated last month on your program that we have not yet begun to hear about CWD. Very very soon, we will find out that other species of animals have a prionlike disease. We have a ticking timebomb here and we are counting down to zero.
If you remember I stated on the program that I felt that Chronic Wasting Disease and nvBSE showed up about the same time that cattle mutilations became frequent. Are the cattle mutilations actually a test, searching for prions? or are they more sinister? Has "someone" been using animal tissue to develop prion disease.
It would be interesting if someone were to research the numbers of cases of CJD, sCJD, GSS, Alzheimer Disease, etc in humans around funeral and animal crematoriums. Also, it would be interesting to study the numbers of cases of BSE, nvTSE in the UK and Europe in relation to nearby crematoriums. I wonder if the numbers are highest near these places?
Finding numbers of human cases will be difficult as Alzheimer cases, I believe, are not reportable to the CDC. Still, it would be a great study and one that needs to be commenced.
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
Please visit my "Emerging Diseases" message board at:
So, there you have the latest on the prion threat. For further research and data,
please visit the Mad Cow/CJD DataPage on the left side of the home page.
-- Jeff Rense
First published 12-3-2
From Diane Harvey
Dear Jeff and Patty:
This is a riveting piece of work.You are performing an incredibly valuable service in bringing this catastrophe to the attention of people who would otherwise be left in the dark. Many of us who have been following this story through your efforts over the years have long thought along these same general lines as well, in regard to the separate names for prion reactions being deliberately misleading. Yet without your strict regular accountings, I suspect that most of us would retain only a very hazy understanding of how this terrible scourge is unfolding. It would certainly not be at all surprising if the vast majority of us harbor these deadly time-bombs by now, through one means or another.
If I may, for what it's worth, I'd like to add a comment to the concept of there being a chemtrail connection in this mess. Certainly, the world is so frankly bizarre right now that even the most skeptical person is learning to think twice before dismissing any possibility. But based on all that we have seen in the way of research, I still think that chemtrails show the earmarks of being an all-too-stupidly-human operation. I do not discount the presence of aliens on this planet in the least. It is too illogical to suppose that so many reasonable and normal people would suddenly be taken with the peculiar desire to fabricate such abysmal stories as we read and hear about. And no one untampered with by such creatures, either directly or by their astonishingly successful public relations campaign, could possibly doubt their hideously parasitical nature. An alien species which would perpetrate such abominable abuses of human free will speaks loudly and clearly for itself through its own actions, despite all sophisticated efforts at disguise. It is an enormous tragedy that so many become so confused, and can no longer see the blazingly obvious in this slow stealthy nightmare. But then, that so many do not see what any human retaining free will can see is the entire point of what the Grays are doing here.
Yet chemtrails are delivered by ordinary aircraft, and there is sufficient information available to strongly suggest that there are several overweeningly egotistical human purposes potentially at work here. It's true that no one knows for sure exactly what they are doing, except the criminally ignorant and criminally secretive authorities themselves. But this operation is one which leads seamlessly from many previous and lesser versions of similar insanities. There is a great deal of human precedent for such a monstrous effort, and plenty of the usual mad-scientist variety of scientific research to back it up. It is painful to recall that science was originally the noble act of tracing the subtle workings of cause and effect in nature. And that now it consists mainly of murderously vain human attempts to override those very same laws of cause and effect.
Chemtrails still look to me, after all this time, to be a disastrous attempt to alter the basic chemistry of the atmosphere in order to make it "serve" new forms of Prize Idiot Human technology. Whether the supposed primary goal is an ozone-mitigation folly, the implementation of incalculably dangerous new weapons, new communications systems, or a mixture of all of these and more- we can only guess, but we don't know for sure. What we do know is that the chemfogs we breathe are poisonous, and that a number of cowardly humans in responsible positions know this, and are lying about it straight to our faces.
My guess would be that cattle mutilations, if connected to prion investigation (and that's a very intelligent supposition), might be to see how their hoped-for real estate and human and animal chattel are holding up under human degenerative practices. They have long shown intense solicitousness for the health of that which they clearly wish to own and operate as soon as possible.
Whatever the intricate truth of all this turns out to be, without places on the internet to look for it, we would be out of luck. What we would do without people like you, who are willing to go to such lengths in order to research, store, and share information, is unthinkable.
Thank you, as always. The worse it gets, the more valuable the lights in the gloom.


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