Chemtrails & 'Death By Barium'

Note - American aerosol spraying researcher Clifford Carnicom, in May of 2002, announced he had discovered an extraordinarily high level of deadly barium now exists in our air and is, in his considered opinion, directly related to the aerosol-chemtrail spraying operations which have been extant over America and much of the planet for nearly four years now.
To read his research and findings, go to and take the link 'Electrolysis And Barium' located near the top of the main page. Barium is, without question, on a par with arsenic as a deadly toxin.
The following article articulates the dimensions of the health threat posed to all of us by barium and most especially so since it has been determined to now exist in high levels in the air we breath. -JR
Death By Barium
By Dr. Anil Aggrawal
Professor of Forensic Medicine
Maulana Azad Medical College
New Delhi, INDIA
From The Poison Sleuths Journal
(Reprinted By Special Permission Of Professor Aggrawal c. 2002-3 Dr. Anil Aggrawal All Rights Reserved. May not be reproduced in any media.)
Note - To protect the identity of the individuals, their names, as well as the various dates of occurrence have been changed.
"Good morning doctor. Oh, my God, what are you doing today? You have the dead body of a man. What happened to him? Please tell me."
"Good morning Tarun. The name of this 37 year old man is Kantilal, and he has died this morning in the hospital. He is married to 23 year old Asha, and they don't have any children. It is rumored that Asha had an affair with a 24 year old person Sohan. He works in a chemical factory. They perhaps wanted to marry too, but obviously Asha could not marry him without first divorcing Kantilal, and he would not agree for it."
"Oh, I see. So Asha and Sohan gave some poison to Kantilal and finished him off. Right?"
"Don't jump to conclusions Tarun. You may be right, but listen to the story first. Then you can perhaps make a more logical and scientific deduction. Yesterday night Asha gave her husband the dinner as usual. Just after having his dinner, Kantilal became severely ill. He complained of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea along with severe abdominal pain. He complained of dryness of mouth and tightness in the throat, generalized weakness and headache too. In addition, he felt numbness and tingling around his mouth. However the most alarming symptoms were a paralysis of his both lower legs. His wife thought these symptoms were probably due to exhaustion and advised him to rest in bed, but he insisted on calling his doctor. Despite his wife's constant advice to the contrary, he called his doctor. The doctor immediately advised hospitalization. In the hospital, investigations were being carried out to diagnose his illness, but in the meantime he died. Since this is quite an unexpected death, and the hospital doctors had not been able to come to any conclusion regarding his illness, the police has handed over his body to me to find out the cause of death. They are suspecting that Asha gave him some poisonous substance last night in his dinner. If this hunch proves to be correct, Asha could land in jail for a long period."
"So what do you think, Kantilal died of?"
"Tarun, I have gone through the hospital records. I have found that he had muscular twichings too. The doctors have also recorded that he was not able to pass the urine normally and that once he vomited blood. There was a slowing of his heart beat and he was found to have high blood pressure. All these findings point only to one poison......"
"What is it doctor? Please tell me. I am getting curious."
"Well, the poison appears to be a salt of barium, perhaps barium chloride."
"Barium? Never heard of it being used as a homicidal poison."
"Yeah, you may be right. Not many cases of homicidal cases with barium are known, which is surprising, because barium can indeed be used quite successfully as a homicidal poison."
"Okay, in this case how are you going to prove to the court that Kantilal did in fact die to barium poisoning?"
"I am quite confident of proving that, but to understand how I can do that, you must perhaps know a little bit about barium. The history is replete with interesting stories of poisoning with barium."
"Oh doctor, as I told you earlier, I like good juicy stories about poisons. Please tell me more about barium."
"Tarun, Barium was discovered by the Swedish chemist Karl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774. He can probably be called the unluckiest chemist in history, for although he discovered several elements such as chlorine, manganese, barium and several others, he does not receive undisputed credit for having discovered a single one. In some cases chemists independently made the same discovery a little sooner. In others Scheele did not quite carry matters far enough and other chemists took the last step and got the credit. Anyway, I told you that just as an interesting historical sideline."
"Oh, yes. That is indeed very interesting. I read somewhere that barium preparations are used as a rat poison. Is it true?"
"Tarun, over a century ago, barium preparations were used in the treatment of scrofula, which is a form of tuberculosis. It has also been used as a sudorific. A sudorific is an agent which promotes sweating. You might wonder why anybody would want to promote sweating in anyone. Well, sweating as you know brings the temperature of the body down, and at one time this was a favorite method of controlling fever. Furthermore, in ancient days people believed that many poisons can get excreted through the sweat, so to treat any poisoning, doctors recommended sudorifics. The idea was that they would induce so much sweating that all poison would come out along with it. Barium salts have also been used as a diuretic. It is an agent which promotes urinary excretion. Diuretics were also recommended in many poisonings. So you can see, barium salts were in rampant use in ancient times. But barium is quite toxic to the human body and this fact was soon recognized."
"Oh, so barium salts are not used in modern medicine at all?"
"That is not the case Tarun. There are several salts of barium almost all of which are poisonous except one- barium sulphate. And this salt finds good used in modern diagnostics. This is routinely used in radiography. Doctors use this when they want to take radiographs of the patient's stomach and intestines. The patient is given a glass of barium sulphate suspension to drink. This fills the stomach and intestines. Then the doctor takes the X-ray. By this method, stomach and intestines are very clearly seen in the X-ray. Almost all other salts of barium are poisonous. Barium salts which are poisonous are Barium carbonate, barium nitrate, barium chloride, barium hydroxide, barium sulfide, barium chlorate and barium acetate. Out of these barium carbonate and barium sulphide are often used as a rat poison as you mentioned earlier. In fact all these barium salts which I mentioned can cause serious poisoning in man. Barium carbonate and barium chloride are most often responsible for poisonings in man."
"Doctor, how is it that certain salts of barium are so poisonous that they have been used as rat poisons and can even cause serious poisoning in man, while other salts of barium are routinely given to patients for diagnosis? It appears almost as a paradox to me."
"Tarun, it all depends on the solubility of the salt. The chloride and nitrate are well soluble in water. The carbonate is much less soluble in water but is soluble in dilute acids. All other poisonous salts that I mentioned are also soluble either in water or in dilute acids. So once they are ingested by a human being, they get dissolved in the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and can get absorbed. Sulfate on the other hand is the least soluble compound in any medium. That is why it is non poisonous and is even routinely used in diagnostics. In fact, when a case of barium poisoning comes to the doctor, his first line of treatment is to give about 5-10 g of sodium sulphate or magnesium sulphate to the patient, so that the poisonous barium salt may get converted to insoluble and harmless barium sulphate."
"Oh, I see. Are there other uses for barium salts in modern times too."
"Barium salts are used in a number of industrial processes, but I will not go into the details of that. I would only limit myself to the use of barium salts in day-to-day life. This is important, because this is how a poisoner can get hold of the poisonous salt. Barium sulphide in a cream is sometimes used as a depilatory, i.e. to remove hair. And as I told you earlier, it has also been used as a rat poison. Barium carbonate is more commonly used as a rat poison however."
"Doctor, since when is barium being used to poison people?"
"Tarun, I must tell you that till now barium has not been used much by the poisoner to kill people, although it has several properties of an ideal homicidal poison (for ideal homicidal poisons, see "Arsenic- the King of Poisons", Science Reporter February 1997). Barium has been used for suicide, but this poisoning has mostly remained accidental till now. And very rarely barium has been taken by women to procure abortion. The first case of poisoning by any of the barium salts was reported in 1868, when a case of poisoning by barium nitrate was reported. Since then several interesting cases of barium poisoning have been reported. A case was described in 1921, where a bag of flour was stolen from a store at some docks. It was used to make noodles for the family. Five persons were poisoned and one of them died. Later the flour was found to contain 23% of barium carbonate! So quite ironically the thief received punishment without undergoing any trial. Another case occurred in 1948, in which severe but non-fatal poisoning resulted when a woman tasted some icing on a cake she had made. She had used a product called "Stafford starch" to set the icing. Analysis demonstrated that Stafford starch contained upto 55% barium carbonate. It was withdrawn from sale in 1956. Barium salts have been mistaken for other products and taken. In 1951, for instance, a patient was ordered barium sulphate prior to X-ray examination of his stomach, but owing to a mixing of the stock in the chemist's shop, barium carbonate was supplied. The patient became seriously ill after the X-ray examination and died in spite of prompt treatment. In yet another case, a workman in a chemical factory took home some crystals of barium chloride from the poison store and gave some to a neighbour, who used them in a foot bath in the belief that the substance was a "health salt". His wife, in like belief, handed some to a woman aged 27, who died after ingesting about 8-10 g."
"Oh, they are very interesting cases indeed!"
"Early in this century, it was the practice to add an artificial rind to gorgonzola cheese by applying a mixture of barium sulphate and talc....."
"Sorry to interrupt you doctor, but what exactly is gorgonzola cheese?"
"Tarun, Gorgonzola cheese is a strongly flavoured, hard pressed variety of white Italian cheese veined with mold. It is named after a small town in Lombardy, in Northern Italy, just a few miles east of Milan. It is a very popular kind of cheese even today. So it is interesting that despite applying barium sulphate on it, no one was poisoned."
"Oh, but that is what is to be expected. You told me earlier that barium sulphate is the only form of barium which is non poisonous."
"That's right Tarun. I am happy you are listening. But actually commercial forms of barium sulfate may be contaminated with other soluble barium salts, and indeed such forms of barium sulfate may prove to be poisonous. But in the case that I mentioned, certainly the manufacturers seem to have been using a very pure form of barium sulfate.
"Oh, I see!"
"Tarun there have been some other mass poisoning incidents in which barium salts were involved. In the Chinese province of Szechuan, in the district of Ipin, an endemic condition, Pa-Ping, has been described since 1930, the cause of which was eventually attributed to food poisoning from the very high proportion of barium chloride in the table-salt mined there. The poisoning was restricted to the workers in the salt mines and others who ate the salt from there. The poisoned people showed symptoms of nausea, vomiting, ocassional diarrhea, and muscular paralysis. Analysis of salt has shown it to be contaminated by barium chloride in concentrations of up to 25.69%. Fortunately fatalities were rare. Similarly a poisoning incident of the British Army occurred in 1945. In that year, British Army was stationed in Persia. They ate some pastry made of flour, and immeditely thereafter 85 of them became severely ill. It was later discovered that a sack in the flour store, containing 4 lb of barium carbonate, had been filled with flour and issued to the unit! It was found that an average portion of pastry contained about 15 g of barium carbonate! Fortunately in this case too, there were no fatalities. Yet another epidemic occurred in an Indian Unit of British Army stationed at Alexandria. In this outbreak however, one person died. In this case too, it was shown that that the flour had been contaminated by barium carbonate intended for use as a rat poison."
"Oh, they are indeed very interesting incidents."
"There are more of such incidents Tarun. One of the most well-known is the accidental poisoning of about 100 persons in Israel in 1963. On Aug 21, 1963, more than 100 persons, ranging in age from 15 to 56 years, fell ill in Israel, following the ingestion of sausage made from turkey. Nineteen of them- 12 males and 7 females- had to be even admitted to the Central Emek Hospital for treatment. The main symptoms in these patients were diarrhoea, vomiting, generalized weakness, paralysis ranging from weakness of one limb to complete quadriplegia, dryness of the mouth, tightness in the throat, dysarthria, headache and muscular twitchings. One of the most characteristic and constant symptoms was however paresthesia around the mouth. This was described as numbness and tingling, without impairment of touch, pain or temperature. In some patients the paresthesiae spread to the hands and feet. The history of intake of food from a common source, coupled with the fact that there were predominant neurological symptoms led the doctors to believe initially that they were facing an outbreak of botulism...."
"Sorry to interrupt you doctor, but what exactly is botulism?"
"Tarun, botulism is a form of food poisoning, which occurs due to poor preservation of food. A dangerous bacterium Clostridium botulinum infects such food, and produces a very dangerous nerve poison, botulin. In fact, it is the most powerful and dangerous toxin known, with the lethal dose as small as half of a microgram! Initially it was thought that this bacterium infects only meat. In fact the word botulism comes from the Latin Botulus meaning, "a sausage" signifying this earlier belief. But now it is known that it can infect any type of food- even vegetables. The symptoms of botulism may resemble that of barium poisoning. In fact, so similar may be the symptoms that according to most doctors, barium poisoning should always be considered as a possible diagnosis in all cases of food poisoning accompanied by neurological complications. However there are some differentiating features. For instance, in botulism, the patient usually displays eye signs such as double vision (technically known as diplopia), drooping of eye lids (technically known as ptosis) and abnormalities of the pupil. In the Israel poisoning, eye signs were not present in any of the victims, and this led the doctors to think towards barium poisoning. The doctors looked for potassium depletion in the blood. This is a very typical finding seen in barium poisoning. They did find very low potassium levels in the blood (this condition is technically known as hypokalemia), which seemed to confirm that the patiens indeed were suffering from barium poisoning. On investigation, it was found that the turkey-sausage, made by a local factory was contaminated heavily with barium carbonate..."
"Interesting! But how in the first place did it get contaminated?"
"In the manufacture of that particular type of sausage, potato meal was mixed with meat. On that particular day, by accident a sack of barium carbonate had been sent to the factory in place of potato meal and this is how the meat got contaminated! Earlier I was telling you that most barium salts, except barium sulphate, prove poisonous because they are soluble either in water or in dilute acids. This Israel poisoning case proves this point very nicely. In this case children were not affected, although many had eaten the affected food. Do you know why? The reason was that children's stomachs have very low acidity, and in this low acidity, barium carbonate could not get dissolved, and was thus not absorbed. More interesting is the case of three persons, who had had previous gastrectomies....."
"What is a gastrectomy doctor?"
"It is an operation in which the stomach is surgically removed for some reason. Most commonly, it is removed because of cancer of stomach. These three people who had had gatrectomies also ate the contaminated food, but were not affected! This was also due to the fact that the barium could not get absorbed in these patients. Intestines have an alkaline medium in which barium carbonate is insoluble!"
"Very interesting indeed. Doctor, just now you told me that in barium poisoning, potassium levels of the blood are decreased. Why does it occur?" "Tarun, Barium is physiologically antagonistic to potassium. It is seen that somehow, barium is responsible for pumping the potassium from the blood stream in to the cells. That is why hypokalemia of barium poisoning is accompanied by increased intracellular potassium levels. In addition, some potassium is also lost through vomiting and diarrhea which occurs in barium poisoning."
"This means that administration of potassium should be a good treatment of barium poisoning?"
"Oh, indeed it is. I am happy you are thinking. Indeed, intravenous administration of potassium is a very effective treatment of barium poisoning. In fact, in the British Army case, I just mentioned, the soldiers were given solutions of potassium permanganate to drink! And this worked dramatically and that's why there were no fatalities. Similarly in the Pa-Ping outbreak, the workers were given a 5% solution of potassium citrate, again with very good effect. Both these salts provided much needed potassium to the patients."
"Doctor, how much of a barium salt can kill a human being?" "Tarun the fatal dose of barium salts generally varies between 1 and 15 g. The fatal dose of barium carbonate- one of most commonly implicated salts- is about 0.8 g. Coupled with the fact, that this salt is white, odourless and tasteless, this really makes a very good homicidal poison. To prevent it being used as a homicidal poison, and mainly to prevent an accidental intake of barium, an attempt has been made to add coloring matter to barium carbonate. But this has proved futile because the rats refuse to eat the colored food!"
"Oh! And how quickly does a person die when given a lethal dose of barium?" "Death usually occurs within an hour."
"Doctor, in the case of Kantilal, how are you going to prove, that he indeed died of barium poisoning, and not food poisoning?"
"Tarun, I have done post-mortem in this case, and have found some findings which are seen in barium poisoning. For instance there is evidence of inflammation of stomach and duodenum, accompanied by numerous bleeding points in the wall of the stomach. I have found hemorrhages in the left ventricle. These are called subendocardial hemorrhages. I have also found severe pulmonary edema, which is a condition in which lungs become water-logged. However these are not very specific findings and I could not prove barium poisoning from these findings alone. The finding that clinches my point is that barium barium has been found to be present in the kidneys and spleen of Kantilal's dead body. Come, let us tell the police that Kantilal has indeed died of barium poisoning. Now they can question Asha and Sohan more rigorously and perhaps they will now come out with the truth." "Oh, how very clever of you doctor. This was a most interesting discussion. Tell me what are you going to tell me the next time?"
"Tarun, next time, I would tell you about a very interesting poison- Selenium "
Professor article was first published in the May 1998 Issue of The Poison Sleuths under the title 'Death By Barium'
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put at end of my barium story
Presence of Barium Carbonate in chemtrails
From D. H.
Dear Jeff...
How repeated dosing with even tiny amounts of toxic material can cause serious symptoms which will eventually become energetically embedded as a 'miasm'. > The subject of barium salts occurring in chemtrails is interesting >from a homeopathic point of view.
Barium Carbonate is known as Baryta Carbonica and is one of the major polychrest remedies utilised in homeopathy.
Dutch homeopath, Jan Scholten, describes the Essence of the element:
Barium (Baryta) produces and cures within the human energy body as:
Powerless, Small, Ridiculed, Retarded, Timid, Hiding
US homeopath Robin Murphy lists some of the symptoms calling for Baryta Carb as:
Mistrustful. Shy of strangers, Forgets her errand or word in her mouth. Loss of memory. Irresolute. Lost confidence in himself. Hides behind the furniture and keeps the hands over the face, peeping through the fingers. Timid. Cowardly.
It's the first remedy that most homeopaths would think of when faced with a child with learning disabilities, or an elderly person with dementia.
The symptoms Murphy describes are from the 'provings.' A proving is a trial of a substance to see what it might treat, whereby volunteers take tiny amounts of the substance daily until (temporary) symptoms appear. These symptoms can then be collected and collated to form the basis of what the substance in potency might treat - like cures like.
The presence in regular chemtrails of Barium could be seen as a proving in a mass population, producing the kinds of symptoms described. Of course, there is no voluntary cessation of the trial.
Baryta Carb also produces many physical symptoms, noticeable among them problems with the testes and ovaries, and consequent reproductive problems.
So there you have it - a dumbed down cowardly population unable to reproduce. How ideal. The good news is that these effects can be treated homeopathically, or rather isopathically, where you use the same substance against the ill effects of a substance. Baryta Carb 30C taken daily during and after suspect Barium laden chemtrails would help clear barium salts from the body rather quickly, and could perhaps be combined with Nux Vom6C am, and Sulphur6C pm for a few days for added detox effect.
Better still would be to make new remedies up from whole collected chemtrail samples. > Cheers, D.H. Ref: Homeopathy and the Elements Jan Scholten Stichting Alonnissos
Lotus Materia Medica - Robin Murphy Lotus Star Academy 1995
Dear Jeff,
My professional background: I did my bachelor in medicine and surgery in 1977, and then proceeded to specialize in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology in 1982. Currently, I am working as a professor of forensic medicine and toxicology in Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.
I edit an electronic journal, which is avidly read all over the world. The link is given below.
I am providing some interesting links to you below.
Many thanks.
Professor Anil Aggrawal
Professor of Forensic Medicine
Maulana Azad Medical College
S-299 Greater Kailash-1
New Delhi-110048 INDIA
Phone: 26465460, 26413101
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From CM Ross
Dear Mr. Rense,
If barium is indeed as lethal as the author states, then this may indeed explain why it is a constituent of chemtrails.
This link says that barium is used as rat poison:
Please let your readers know about this!
Miss Ross
Response and Comment
From Clifford E Carnicom
Hi Jeff,
I want to thank you for sending this to me and for making it available to the public as well. I do hope that people will be able to gain insight into the seriousness of the issue from this article, as it is educational and written in a form that most should be able to understand. Solubility of the various forms of barium has been a key point of education since the unusual presence of this element was first indicated within the research. All evidence and analysis points to the presence of soluble forms with respect to the aerosol operations, especially from moisture observations and subsequent pH results that have accumulated. There is an earlier page on my site entitled "A Case For Testing" which essentially predicts the existence of soluble forms of barium prior to the detection methods that have evolved from grassroots research. It is also seen that solubility is a key factor in the electrolysis experiments that I have conducted; in that case it is important to understand that the precipitate being formed is the PRODUCT of an induced reaction as opposed to a naturally occurring event. The importance of the electrolysis result, if confirmed, is that it supports the claim of existence for soluble forms of barium compounds within the atmospheric environment. It is easy to have confusion on this issue and to misstate the compounds in question, and that is another beneficial purpose that Professor Aggrawal's article serves.
The most remarkable result which remains in effect is the apparent lack of documented effort to either refute or confirm the electrolysis findings within my research. Abrogation of duty by public officials is all too evident at this stage; it should be a simple matter to serve the public interest with proper resources and testing. As stated earlier, the findings if confirmed should represent a grave concern to all citizens. It is the responsibility of all citizens to mandate that those who are obligated to serve the public welfare perform their duties; environmental testing with independent verification is required. Individuals are not obligated to perform the required tests; public officials are. The luxury of infinite time for debate on the aerosol issue is not available and serves no further purpose. Professional services from all disciplines are needed; the lawyers and the health professionals are the first crusaders that are long overdue. We are to face the truth that lies ahead, regardless of where that shall lead.
My gratitude is extended for your service to open discussion and disclosure. The many citizens that contribute to our knowledge of truth on these matters receive my equal thanks.
Clifford E Carnicom
From Tbone
The symptoms the three women from Texas had sounds alot like barium poisoning. Reread the article on your site about the three women then reread the article you have about barium/chemtrails. The symptoms appear exactly the same.



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