US Will Not Be Allowed To
Attack Iraq From Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (ANI) -- American forces will not be allowed to use Pakistani territory for launching any attack on Iraq, reports Dawn.
Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said after a cabinet meeting on Tuesday: "We are with the international community against terrorism but that does not mean that our soil could be used for attack on a third country".
Asked about the reaction of the religious parties in case the Bush Administration decided to launch an attack on Iraq, he said the government was well aware of the issue. "Nothing has so far happened about attack on Iraq. Therefore, the government cannot give its reaction", But he said the government knew how to deal with protest rallies of the religious parties.
The minister also claimed that not a single Pakistani had been handed over to the US during the last one year.
However, he said the US government will continue using various bases in Pakistan to hunt down Al Qaeda terrorists.
"There is no change in the policy and the US government will continue to have necessary logistic support in defined areas to chase Al Qaeda men", Rashid added.
He said that there were only 12 US men belonging to CIA or FBI in Pakistan who were supervising the operation against Al Qaede terrorists in tribal areas.
Meanwhile, The News has learnt that the FBI officials once again interfered in Pakistan internal affair's apparently on the pretext of providing 'technical assistance' to local investigators, as they visited and collected material evidence from the honorary Consulate of Macedonia where a blast took place during the night between December 3 and 4.
While the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Asad Ashraf Malik denied any visit of FBI agents to the site of the blast, well-informed sources disclosed that on Tuesday the FBI personnel and bomb disposal experts of Pakistan Navy visited the offices of Macedonian Consulate to examine the scene of crime and the crater. The FBI teams remained there for at least four hours.
The sources close to the investigations said that after thoroughly examining the blast after-effects, the officials were convinced that the terrorists used dynamite strips for the blast.
Before arrival of the FBI team, sources said, the streets leading to the Consulate were blocked by the law-enforcement agencies owing to security reasons. According to sources, FBI agents accompanied by the local investigators, collected samples of the debris from the scene and took the pieces with them for laboratory tests.
Sources said the team of FBI also visited the Consulate office on Monday but the police officials kept their visit secret.
A senior investigator said: "We have associated some 10 persons in the investigations including some of the already arrested accused booked in the US Consulate or other bomb blast cases. But so far we could not find any concrete evidence leading to a clue to the persons or group behind the attack."
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