Professional Magician
Alleges Randi Duplicity

From Michael Roll
To William Perron

William, many thanks for giving permission to pass on the information you sent me about James Randi.
It's incredible that this magician is striding around the Royal Society like a colossus while Prof. B.D. Josephson, a Nobel Laureate for Physics from the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University, is attacked for daring to tell the truth and linking so-called paranormal phenomena with natural forces in the universe. It's the sheer injustice of the whole thing that is getting to me. I think I would explode with frustration if it were not for Jeff Rense giving the truth a platform.
From <>William Perron
To Michael Roll
Of course you may, absolutely, positively yes. When I tell skeptics that the million is just a publicity stunt they go into a blind denial. Randi is quoted in an article called sTARBABY written by Dennis Rawlins a co founder of CSICOP, an organization that he quit in disgust after it was revealed that Randi and other members falsified data as to the Gauquelin astrology reports.
They had set out to disprove Gauquelins findings, instead using Gauquelins methods to their horror, they verified his findings. You can read they whole report yourself and if you want download and print it. Go to <> and scroll down to Rawlins' sTARBABY -- it is fascinating and reveals to what lengths professional skeptics will go to just to protect their agendas.
In this article about three quarters thru Rawlins relates that he and Randi were talking about his then ten thousand dollar challenge and Rawlins asks Randi if he wasn't concerned that some day he might have to give up the money and Randi answers that he wasn't concerned because he always has a way out. He had no intention, then, in giving the money away and he has none now, either. It is only a publicity stunt. He is an ego maniac who needs constant attention and will start trouble, call names whatever it takes to get that attention.
He has had two heroes, Houdini, and Dunninger, Houdini is who he tries to emulate with his paranormal debunking, and Dunninger is the guy who gave him the idea for a phony monitory challenge. Most professional magicians such as myself have nothing but contempt for the nasty fellow. And in truth he really never was a very good performer, only good at generating a lot of publicity for himself. I certainly hope I have been of some help to you.
Sincerely, William Perron <>



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