Controversy Over
Brazil Abductee's Story


Abduction Story

Note - You can hear the interview in question at the program archives. Mr. Castelo Branco acted as translator during the interview with Mr. Urandir. One interesting aspect of the case are the stones which reportedly fell during the abduction...the identical sort of stones have been found on an Island off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA. See tm Below are letters representing both sides of the controversy.
From A. J. Gevaerd (Revista UFO)
Please be informed that the story of a man abducted in Brazil, with dramatic photos of the scenario, is a campaign to promote overseas the biggest UFO hoaxer of all times in Brazil, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, who has actually created a sect of fanatics around him, composed of people who blindly believe in his alleged ET contacts and healing powers, none of them ever confirmed by anyone. The man has been repeatedly exposed as hoaxer by dozens of UFO researcher and many people even from his sect, after "waking up to reality", have come forward to describe Urandir's tricks and scheme.
His last great attempt to go public in Brazil and overseas happened last year, when he invented the story (easily exposed) that a UFO had crashed at his friend's farm. It was only another of his hoaxes, perpetrated to attract people to his activities, to which they are invited to join if they pay a considerable amount of money. His history is all fake and the man is fastly becoming a millionaire with his obscure agenda, supported by thousands of fanatics. Urandir is largely rejectedby 99% of the Brazilian UFO Community, who perfectly knows that he is nothing but a hoaxer. This story is NOT to be taken seriously, as no responsible UFO researcher has been allowed to scrutinize the scenario and the alleged case.
Urandir has been interviewed by Jeff Rense on Thursday night, December 12, assisted by his fellow Felipe Castelo Branco. This has taken serious people in the USA and all over the world to believe in the story invented by Urandir. The damage can be much bigger than one can think. In Brazil, responsible UFO researchers and large media stream have succeeded in debunking him at a considerable level. We have succeeded in preventing that thousands of Brazilians being cheated by Urandir and now he is trying the USA and other countries to establish his sect. Serious UFO researchers all over the world cannot let it happen. The man is as fake as a 3-dollar bill. He spent time in jail for selling property that doesn't belong to him.
A. J. Gevaerd
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine National Director
Mutual UFO Network Director, International UFO Congress
>From Felipe Castelo Branco
Hello Jeff,
I am not at all surprised by Gevaerd's letter.
He has tried in the past to "cut a deal" with Mr. Urandir (about 6 years ago) to have his story an exclusive subject of his magazine (he is the editor of UFO magazine).
Mr. Urandir did not agree, and thus we have formed a very large UFO research association with its membership amounting to 1.000 plus associates. We are people of open mind who are keen to uncover the amazing phenomena that occurs in the Campo Grande area.
Mr. Gevaerd has never performed any research whatsoever "in loco". I have invited him to come and check the facts there and he has not responded so far. This is an old grudge and he utilizes his "status" in the UFO community to debunk this case without even doing the proper research. You see, Jeff, there is no degree in UFOLOGY and all these associations that he belongs to, like MUFON and others, do not hold the canon in UFOLOGY. As a matter of fact, I think some are engaged in disinformation.
Mr. Gevaerd is not the ultimate word in the field, he is just interested in selling magazines. I would describe him as the Phillip Klass of Brazilian ufology.
Jeff, we are assisted by a very well known American scientist who is providing us with a strong scientific base for our case. He is willing to produce the evidence when his research is finished. Well, what else can I say? We are not at all worried about Mr. Gevaerd.
Thanks again, Jeff, for allowing us to divulge our experiences on the UFO phenomena.
Best regards,
From A. J. Gevaerd (Revista UFO)
Dear Jeff:
I am the one who should say that is NOT SURPRISED at all with this reaction from Felipe Castelo Branco, who claims to be a UFO researchers and constantly invokes Irene Granchi&laqno;s name to make his story more reliable. I am afraid, however, that he is nothing but another fanatic from the large sect that Urandir formed around him.
I don&laqno;t have to say anything on my behalf or to describe how I do my researchers and what is my background in Ufology. You have interviewed me two times, as I was introduced to you by our common friends Doc Roger Leir and Don Waldrop. Besides them, I am friend of many UFO researchers in the USA, such as Budd Hopkins, Stan Friedman, David Jacobs, Peter Davenport, Kathleen Anderson, James Courant, Antonio Huneeus, Colin Andrews, Bob Dean, Wendelle Stevens, John Carpenter, etc. They and many other UFO researchers in the USA and in 39 countries can tell you of my reputation and my seriousness in the UFO field, as I have lectured over 100 times overseas. I am also the national director for MUFON in Brazil, the South America director for the International UFO Congress and represent other serious UFO organizations down here.
However, the ridiculous accusations that Felipe made in his e-mail to you have to be corrected. The truth is that since I started exposing his 3-dollar-bill guru, it was him (the guru) who desperately offered me money to stop doing so. The proposal was witnessed by several people. As I didn&laqno;t accept the money and continued my work, and eventually made public facts that took the fake guru Urandir to jail, some inside members of his cult started a big pressure and intimidation on me. For 3 times my life was threaten and at least one of such threats was notified to the local police. In Brazil, there is not only one serious UFO researcher who would take Urandir, Felipe and his crew seriously. And all the country knew the threat that I was subject, as a countrywide TV program that debunked Urandir in 2000 showed the facts.
The claims that I haven&laqno;t been 'in loco' investigating Urandir&laqno;s alleged experiences and that it was Felipe who invited me to go to his property, are also preposterous and pathetic. While Felipe met Urandir and came to this farm only a few years ago, I have been living about 3O miles from it for the last 20 years!!! I have been dozens of times where Urandir&laqno;s property is located now, even before Urandir ever heard of it. And I was one of the first researchers that Urandir called to tell of his phenomena, back in 1993, and since then I started observing his activities. When it became obvious, in 1996, that they were all primary hoaxes and his sole intention was to deceive and take advantage of fanatic and gullible people, I was the first Brazilian UFO researcher to come public to reveal it. I suffered severe consequences for that, but until now, in 2002, I never stopped and never will.
The pressure on me is still on. Just a few days ago I sent Felipe a private e-mail asking him to be honest towards this thing and stop promoting his bogus guru overseas, as he is doing now, because it could destroy Brazilian Ufology credibility. Felipe is an educated man and knows perfectly well that Urandir&laqno;s alleged experiences are all hoaxes --- and because of that I believe now that they are together in this scheme. What did Felipe do about my e-mail? He sent me an answer "refreshing my memories" that he is from a very powerful family and I should think better before going ahead. Well, his family&laqno;s money and power means nothing to me and I will continue serving the truth.
A. J. Gevaerd
From Paola Covo
Prezados. Brazilian the Ufologica community, has the obligation to communicate that the Urandir, is a fraud. He is gaining much money, using of the good faith of the people here in Brazil. It is a robbery. Already he applied some blows here in Brazil.
Yours truly,
Paola Lucherini Covo
From Luabx 11
Hoax - Brasilian sect Doorway Project Urandir's fake abduction
Hi Jeff,
The point of our arguments about the false brasilian abduction report, is that we don't claim that it is impossible or even improbable; we merely tell you and raise, that the status of the showed evidences, photos and the Felipes reports is totaly 100% a crude fake. the effects on the roof, probable was make with candles fire smoke and in the bed with regular alcohol...
We know personally the group, or the "sect" to be more honest, which this guy Felipe Castelo Branco are linked as a member, and we tell you that these people, are a kind of self - appointed extraterrestial contact channels, only seeking to deceive the followers in order to take money...for a hoax!
They charge the followers a monthly payment, to promote and support their "guru's" farm, by the way him self is the declare "abducted gay", a commercial enterprise like a hotel farm for the followers, in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul here in Brazil, and also to support the "guru's" personal "good life" without any kind of a truthful work...he is only a smart cheap guy, a hoaxer!
This people make a loot of rude fake photos, of "et phenomenons", seeking to show in the internet and send for the followers list!
Also they deceive the followers, with a project to creation of a indenpendent money, their own currency, aside of the officials, government and market laws, to share between followers, with the promise to easy raise their life status...!...and this "guru" is the future chairman and partner of this "nom profitable" company! ...can we or you bilieve in such kind of "charity or a hoax"??? ex stonemason in charge of it, without any practice, affinity or approach with money market players and rules!!!
without reserves about the people's luck fate, but thus! still think they are truthful, with serious proposal???
We insist that the photos and report are a rude and deep fake!!! and this is the real truth about them...
...We've hard believes in extraterrestial life, and we was our own strong sightings and 3º degree experience, but these people of Projeto Portal or Doorway Project as they call, are again, a rude joke!
...think about what we tell you Jeff, and take them away from your web site, away from yours 7 million listeners in USA, to protect them, their money, even the entire country! this is our sincere tip.
regards from the Serious Brasilian UFO Researchers
From Rodolfo Heltai Andromeda Group 12-13-2
I am an UFO investigator in Brazil, from Andromeda Group. I lament to inform that Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira comes if presented as a false ufologist with deceiving histories, with the idea of promoting. We are surprised in Brazil the presentation of this impostor.  He collects for their services deceiving the people. This message is to alert you of an interview aired recently with Mr Urandir Fernandes, who claims to be an abductee.
Rodolfo Heltai
From Thiago Luiz Ticchetti
President - Brazilian Organization of Extraterrestrial Research
Edition 2 - May/June - 2000
EBE-ET Copyright by Thiago Luiz Ticchetti
Hello my friends,
We also would like to apologize our grammatical errors.
Well, in our second International Bulletin we show how a person can take advantage of others using the ufology.
That person called Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, and we will show what happened until he become the largest charlatan of the Brazilian ufology in every time.
That episode is unique in the world ufology, because for the first time ufologists, press and public joined to expose tricks, lies and promises.
We would like to thank A.J. Gevaerd, Editor of Revista UFO and all members of the EBE-ET, as always.
We hope you enjoy our bulletin.
Best regards,
Thiago Luiz Ticchetti
Publication Department and Specialized Translation Director - EBE-ET
Four years ago, a person named Urandir Fernades de Oliveira, appeared on the Brazilian ufologic scenario saying that he was able to contact with extraterrestrials beings, took a ride on board of the UFOs many times, and those beings had given to him paranormal powers. He never proof it.
It is inside of this scenario that the alleged contacted claims that he is friend of the aliens beings, included the strange and mythological Ashtar Sheran, whose story Urandir took from others that, since 40 years ago say the same. By the way, Urandir has been being worth of the experiences - many times real - from others people. The most flagrant case is of Mr. Lucio Barbosa, a former teacher in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul State. Was Lucio the first one who Urandir looked for to learn more about UFO 4 years ago, when he came to Mato Grosso: "Since then, Urandir did not know nothing about UFOs, and claimed to me that never have had any experience with aliens beings", said Lucio to the Revista UFO (edition nr 56, January 1998) Lucio lived in a modest rural property about 100km Campo Grande city, in a place called Colônia Boa Sorte (Good Luck Colony); a small town composed exclusively by black people descendants of slaves. He taught in a small local school and alphabetized adults and children, taking a good life, for option, far away from the civilization.
Lucio already came making it for almost one decade, period in that had the chance to observe strange night lights in the beautiful skies of the area. By the way, he was not the only one.
One day, such facts attracted the onlookers' attention, among them Urandir, that went until the colony to know the teacher and to try to observe the ships that he affirmed to see. Well then, it was there that the "Urandir phenomenon" began. Most of all the stories that Urandir tells about his past of contacts is the copy of the histories that Lúcio lived and that it entrusted to the new friend, without imagining that that will assimilate everything so quickly. The Revista UFO magazine has been documenting the Lucio's histories more than five years, reproduced later on with some make-up by Urandir and boasted as belonging to him, that at least two years before Urandir to present them in the TV as being yours. That chosen has the audacity of describing as yours a contact history with aliens that Lucio had when he was 13 years old.
The idea to create more visuals phenomenons and to move forward in the filed of the cures, however, the contacted supposition acquired in the last three years. Knowing what afflicted people were looking for, specially the poorer, he proposed to come as possessor of the talent of the cure. To improve his image of miraculous healer, he makes magic tricks without connection with the situation, just shown to distract.
"My cures were already proven by the science", he insists. But he never proved anything.
He was the "star" of a TV Show called Brasil Verdade (True Brazil), where made magic tricks, claimed that he had powers to cure people, to make to appear crystals in his head, to transform metals in gold, to resurrect killed and to cure the AIDS.
Urandir learned a lot with Lúcio Barbosa. He read many books about UFOs and aliens and it improved his lying stories. PART II THE STORY
Since 1997 the magazine UFO comes informing the inexhaustible capacity of production of ufologic facts of  the solemnity-denominated contacted Urandir Fernades de Oliveira regularly, today the most notorious of all the characters that was already combated by the Brazilian ufologic community. The activities of the referred citizen, that is founder of the project Portal, were initiate about 7 years ago and can already be characterized as the most imaginative and badly servant ufologic repertoire set up in any part of the world to get personal benefits through the phenomenon UFO. Now, they turned case of police. Urandir was shackled and arrested in Porto Alegre, on March 26, 2000. His prison was decreed by a judge and executed by the police of the 17th District of the Police of that city.
Weigh against him countless accusations among them the one of faith healing and quackery, swindle and ideological falsehood. For not having fixed residence or defined profession, and for his displacement easiness and possibility of eventual escape, the judge understood that Urandir should be available to the Justice so that the pending facts are clear on him. The fuse of the prison was lit by the lawyer Nicolau Borges Lütz Netto that represents countless victims of Urandir that acquired of the unlikely contacted irregular lands in a property called "the city of the Ets".
Lütz Netto tried to negotiate in a friendly way with the prisoner, in the expectation of seeing it reimburse the people that bought the illegal lands, without writing nor any other form of appropriate legal documentation. Urandir ignored the solicitations, he mocked of the justice and, in subject of hours, he was arrested.
The referred citizen, as know all the readers of the magazine UFO, alleges openly and shamelessly to have special powers, gave to him by extraterrestrials beings, to attract ships and to do them to land in his property in Corguinho, municipal district at 70km of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul state. It is there that his project works and where is located the imaginary city of the Ets. His allegations, however, do not find the minimum back in fact, since he would never have gotten really the fact before people that had capacity to distinguish the cash landing of an alien ship of maneuvers with pens laser and mile lights, instruments that him and his employees use to deceive the dozens of thousands of people that seek him. It is that work that Urandir uses to attract the his followers' attention and to animate them they acquire it the illegal lands. Many already made it.
Among the most absurd statements and lies of the supposed paranormal, that it comes if running out to submit to an analysis and rigid researches around his alleged powers, exists an entangled of lies to his followers, especially, and to Brazilian Ufologia in general. In popular programs like the infamous Brasil Verdade, already former-dyed, or the Programa do Ratinho, Urandir guaranteed to have the capacity to speak in languages of extra-terrestrial. He also affirmed to make trips the other worlds a hour in that well understood. Finally, completing yours manufactured repertoire, he insisted for the fact that himself would be an alien embodied in the Earth, whose mission would be to alert the Humanity and to save some of his members. Of course would survive mainly the inhabitants of his extraterrestrial city...
While his placements don't pass of subterfuges to bargain some points in the audience of those programs and even certain point is inoffensive for the Brazilian population, some of the declarations and acts that he developed after achieving the fame and the national knowledge they are concern reason and they constitute serious aggressions to the law and the morality, as now it was proven. Among such declarations, Urandir started to guarantee to his followers - and with that hr got still more followers - to be capable to cure any types of illnesses that have, until the most serious, as cancer, leukemia and even AIDS. He alleges the unlikely contacted to be possible that, just with the touch of his hands, he gets to extract people's cerebral tumors from people that thought would die.
Not satisfied with greats lies , Urandir published in his site in the Internet, removed of the air after the accusation that this author did in the program Paulo Lopes in the TV, of the Rede Bandeirantes television, on February 2nd 2000, to be able to resuscitate people, bringing them of what he calls fourth dimension. Urandir got out to announce such a fact in his countless courses in Brazil, as documented in video by the Revista UFO magazine. In certain events that made, such citizen explains how he is able of such feat and he alleges that received the power to revive people directly of his extraterrestrial friends, that saw in the more practice a chance of Urandir to complete yours mentioned mission in the Earth. His allegations and practices, as you see, are clearly excuses and highly reprovable. But nevertheless Urandir got to attract about 78.000 Brazilians, who pay his bills.
The quackery practice and faith healing is clearly seeing in the actions that Urandir accomplishes without punishment at least four years. In that period, thousands of people with the most several - and sometimes serious - illnesses to look for him innocently to relief for their suffering. Nobody was assisted free, and although paying - and well - for the faith healing, nobody was never cured of nothing some. There are cases, however, of people that were guided by Urandir to stop the use of medications after they have been treated by him, and that they had their problems worsened. The supposed paranormal sees that naturally. " To be cured, you have to have good energy and to be in harmony with the Martians ", said Urandir Maria das Graças, from the city of Novo Hamburgo, state of Rio Grande do Sul, that paid R$ 300,00 for a consultation and she continues even today with terrible headaches.
The young Afonso C. N. was taken in the glue of his mother, with immense sacrifice, from his city in the north of Minas Gerais to the city of Corguinho. To the whole, to arrive to the property of Urandir, the little sick boy with leukemia supported more than 50 hours of trip, and his mother invested almost R$ 900,00 in bus expenses and lodging, besides R$ 500,00 collected by Urandir to do the assume cure. " He was not nor two minutes with the boy and he already left the room saying that my son was cured ". But Afonso continues with his problem of health and now worsened. His family saw themselves in difficulties for having invested what could not in the hope that Urandir really went a chosen of ETs to cure people. Everything doesn't pass of an unforgivable blow against of good faith and despaired people by some encouragement that induces them better.
A former businessman from Rio de Janeiro also passed by a problem but, in his case, he had the cure illusion maintained by several months by Urandir, that always called him and asked if his health was good. To the end of each connection, Urandir feigned to do a telepathic transmission of energy and warranty that the lawyer would be quickly good. After that, he asked for a small payment for the treatment. " To the whole, Urandir took me more than R$ 12.000,00, always with his chat that the money would be used in the construction of an health clinic for treatment of sick ", the lawyer said. " Actually, that he wanted is to pull up the maximum of money and he deceived me the whole " time. The lawyer broke up with his healer, but without before to try to recover his money, without success.
These three situations are among dozens hurried in the last two years. The victims' of Urandir depositions are maintained vast volume of evidences of his quackery activities close to, in our files. The people that they were hurted, as the suitable ones above, in spite of having guided for Revista UFO's direction they render it complaint to the official authorities, they didn't make it for fear of they suffer reprisals of Urandir and his vast body of employees, that guarantee that the robbery is very applied and stay unpunished. In hypothesis some such ones foot-sound they allowed that this publication identified them completely.
"One day, when I called to Urandir and said that would not give him any money and would still denounce him, he threatened me telling me that my life and of my family would be in risk if I made it", said the businessman to the Revista UFO.
The menaces are a constant in the activities of Urandir. Along his years of acts unlawfulls , whenever somebody discovered something on his maneuvers, such person was immediately expelled of the group and, still, terribly threatened. One of the most serious cases happened to a manager from São Paulo, that discovered in warehouses of the farm of Urandir, in Corguinho, motorcycles prepared to transit in rural areas and a paraphernalia composed by radios of communications type walkie-talkie, batteries, mile lights and varied instruments whose purpose she did not know. When seeing that such equipments could only be used to swindle the insistent lights in the hills of the area in turn of the property of Urandir, that everybody thinks to be flying disks, was asked what they are about.
Urandir was emphatic: "If you open your mouth, you will be sorry". He scared me and continued to do it even after my return to São Paulo to guarantee that I will not tell anything to anybody ", said the victim, counting more than 10 received calls from Urandir and his assistants, that are part of the outline and assure since the attainment of the tricks in the farm until the warranty that nobody will speak anything, in case that someone comes to discover. One of the Urandir's brother, Jurandir Fernandes of Oliveira, is military policeman in São Paulo and frequently absent of the work to work in the farm of Corguinho, where he takes charge, among other things, of the protection to his brother.
The atmosphere in that the never confirmed cures of Urandir happen are also subject of rejects. The people that were already in his property in Corguinho know about the terrible hygiene conditions and comfort that they are submitted - for the which pay discharges sums.
" The bathrooms get obstructed to the point of the dejections leave outside, invading the lodgings. The food is prepared with loamy water that comes from a dam done by the Projeto Portal, where Mr. Urandir, without shame, takes a bath the people and asks to the skies to the people became good and be treated of his evils", described the retired stewardess Julieta Paraíso, one of the robbed by Urandir, that agreed in having his mentioned name. She add that although Urandir affirms that promised of cures the patient will only be granted if she has a lot of faith. "If the person has faith of minus, according to him, the charm will not work".
There is still the case of beautiful girls that look for the mentioned paranormais powers of cure of Urandir and end up knowing his intimacy in a way that they didn't imagine.
Célia B. S. H. is one to them, a beautiful woman born in the state of Curitiba that sought the aid of Urandir to cure pains in the backs and ended up receiving countless blockades.
"Urandir said that the cure would only come if he could change "energy" with me. In the beginning I didn't understand well what that was, but then, when he insisted on being alone with me in the brushwood, I noticed that was a blockade".
Célia describes that Urandir tries to deceive his victims - and she knew several of them later on - affirming that can could be his twin souls. But to discover if they do, such girls would have theirs "chakras" opened for the paranormal, evidently through sexual contact.
Blockade and promiscuity in the property of Urandir are common facts and they were already denounced to the Revista UFO by countless people. Recently, an adolescent's father that visited the Projeto Portal wrote to our office and said: "We spent R$ 400,00 on the average real per person to be in a precarious and distant camp what we witnessed only an show of lights, with cannons of laser accomplished by Urandir and his followers.
"We did not see any Flying disks", said Fernando Gonçalves da Silva, from Santo André (SP). Among the facts that he noticed, it is the constant blockade that Urandir makes the adolescent youths, as his daughter.
"Urandir goes for a walk with young ladies, doing what I don't know ". Angry, Silva still alert for the fact that the Ministry of Finance would need to visit his property, because it is a mine of gold.
"Mr. Urandir abuses of lacking and ignorant people, and in his lectures, in São Paulo, he charge R$ 60,00 of each one for sessions of pure lecture. His place is in the chain!", he completed. Seems that his desire was accomplished.
Faith healing is crime according to the Brazilian Penal Code, defined in the Article 284, according the jurist Celso Delmanto in Commented Penal Code [Publishing Freitas Bastos, 1986]: it is " crime against the public health to prescribe, teach or to apply any substance or do diagnoses without having medical knowledge, or still, to use gestures, words or any or any other way to deceive the victim. The subject assets of the crime is any person that doesn't have medical knowledge, being able to a doctor to be joint author when rendering aid to the healer ". According to the code, Urandir is able to be punished, foreseen as detention of six months to two years. Was not that, however, what took it to the chain. The law says although if the crime were practiced by means of remuneration on the part of the victims, the healer is also subject to the fine payment. As Urandir is bricklayer's servant, in spite of coming as civil engineer in several cities through where he gives courses, it is evident that he doesn't have any medical qualification and, with that, he is against the law.
It is difficult to esteem how much money Urandir already got to obtain from his victims through his faith healing practices, but it is not a few. So much that, since he became constantly denounced for almost unanimity of the Brazilian ufologists, focused strongly to the side of the cures, what demonstrates his economic viability in a clearer way than Ufology. "In fact, Urandir passed devoted more to the cures because he can get more money and is still free from the persecution of the ufologists ", told to the Revista UFO Alcione Giacomitti, one of the friends that Urandir had in his intimate circle of relationship and with which shared a lot of his tricks.
The volume of material resources that started to do part of the personal fortune of the referred citizen - evaluated in more than 10 million Reals - was fattened substantially with the practice of the quackery and of the faith healing. But there is still something so or more serious than that. Urandir recently discovered in the sale of illegal lands of such City of ETs an easier way pull up his followers' money. Was because of that he received voice of the prison of the policemen's of 17th Police Department of the city of Porto Alegre, where stayed imprisoned for almost one week, and later he was set free to answer the process in this condition. His complications with the Justice, however, they are just beginning.
Some months ago, Urandir started to announce to everybody that he intended to build the referred and imaginary city in his property. But, to have the privilege of living in the cosmic enterprise - and it doesn't lack people that wants -, the candidate should work with an awful illegal outline created by Urandir. Simply, he passed to send his property that he has been selling faintly to who can pay the R$ 1.500,00 demanded. The value is high, but the promises are inviting: the City of ETs would be one of the few refuges of the Earth that would be safe, with abundance of victuals, solemnity subsistence and good astral, after the planet, according to Urandir, had his axis' rotation altered and the seas moved forward the continents. "There we will be safe and we will still receive visits from ours space-brothers, that will start to live together with us ", alleged Urandir in his courses, with the largest effrontery. The judge from Porto Alegre understood such promises in a quite different way.
To understand the sketch, it is important to know that Urandir enclosed to Projeto Portal's original property, which was of about 400 hectares, more than ten times that earth amount, spread by the area. Such acquisitions were and still are being enclosed to the fortune of Urandir in an informal way, done starting from the robbery of properties of other farmers of the area. In any case such purchases are registered legally and are at least completely paid. There is not also any land registration in the name of Urandir Fernandes of Oliveira or of the legal entity, the Projeto Portal, in the registry that coordinates the registration of lands in Corguinho. Nevertheless, sat down on what is not yours and without recognizing the pertinent legal ways of the case, Urandir shared property in lands of 800 m2, in unknown amount, without the description of the lands or the due authorization of the organs that govern such acts. And he truly has increased his fortune selling them to people that many times at least do not know where it is the project, but that are animated with the possibility of being in the company of Urandir when ETs comes to save those that the paranormal to designate that should be saved, since that is his mission...
"Urandir already sold more than a thousand lands, but most of the buyers at least has no idea where they are. And none of them is going to receive one day the writing of the lands", to the Revista UFO Márcio Uller, that worked in the project for more than one year and was dismissed without any payment or compensation. The representatives of Urandir through what he calls nucleus, spread out by the Brazil sell the lands. To activate the process, the suspicious paranormal ordered to print great amount of receipts, many of the which he simply signs in blank paper(according documentation that the Revista UFO have), distributing them to the thousands among the such nucleus. His representatives, have only to find people who pay for the land, when they fills the receipt and they supply copy to the eventual buyers. There is any kind of official control.
"I bought one of those lands here in the nucleus of São Paulo, but when I was to check them at the registry there was anything of legal in the affair", told to the Revista UFO, Maria S., from the city of São Paulo, that is also afraid of identifying. Maria, as more than thousand other buyers, who felt like idiots, since that the UFOs of Urandir are quite unlikely. She is among the victims that want his money back. And more: in the receipt that the representatives of Urandir passes to the buyers, he, that signs the document, affirms that: "...he commits to sell an area of 800 m2, retreat of a larger area of 1.000 hectares, of the rural property without division located in the district of Corguinho, registered under the number 1.687, book 2, on March 25, 1998, in the Office of Registrations of Properties of the District of Comarca das Bandeiras". Besides signing that term, Urandir stands out that the property is " and disentangled of any obligation, taxes, rates, etc ".
This is just one of his lies , since who goes to the referred registry will discover that the property doesn't belong nor it never belonged to Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. Besides, the buyer will find at the registry Mr. Aristides Borges de Esquivel, a helpful official of registers that guarantees to be arranged to thoroughly know the details of such business.
"I have no words to say to those people that calls or visit us asking for informations about the lands that they acquired", said Mr. Esquivel, when emitting a certificate that confirms that Urandir doesn't have any property registered in that registry. That documentation was taken to the knowledge of the gaúchas (people who was born in the state of Rio Grande do Sul) authorities, resulting in the swindle accusation against Urandir and, consequently, his provisory prison.
The property mentioned under referred registration number belongs actually to the San Valentim Agricultural. And even that the involved property belonged to Urandir, there is still the fact of the largest seriousness, that certain requirements were never executed and at least cogitated so that made the share of the area in subject. To consummate a sales, there is a series of legal providence to be taken, among the ones which the elaboration of a detailed map of the area to be shared and sold, with all the available geographical information. Nothing of that was ever made. According to some of his employees already discharged, Urandir nor knows how many lands for sure were sold, for who and where it is. The purpose of that disorganization is simple: there is not any interest in indeed sells or to populate the area in subject, but just in raise easy money.
The law says that, in if being about rural area, would be necessary that Urandir obtained authorization of the National Institute of Colonization and it Reforms Agrarian (Incra) to make the division to be shared and sold, besides the cancellation of his registration as rural area, to presents to the Registry of Registration of Properties responsible. That was never made! Besides those providence, Urandir should present an authorization of the Brazilian Institute of the Environment (Ibama) for the accomplishment of the such division, by means of offer to the organ called Report of Impact in the environment (RIMA), that should be joined to the other documents. That was also never made, especially because, among other misdemeanors, Urandir destroyed forests of the Bacia Hidrográfica of Paraná, deforested his property above the allowed, made illegal dams and dry rivers - acts that would be condemned immediately by the Ibama.
The lawyer Lütz Netto tried to discourage Urandir of acting illegally, before to lose his patience and to take the case to the authorities. "I was sought by the group of Urandir in October of 1997 to guide them on the defense against an eventual faith healing accusation and quackery, that didn't arrive consummating", said to the Revista UFO.
"Since then I attended several of his meetings of 'courses and energy' and I got to go to the Projeto Portal, in May of 1999. When Urandir begun the sell of the lands, in July of 1998, I sought him to notice for the fact that such enterprise was totally strange to the law, and I alerted of his total illegality". Lütz Netto got to offer his legal help gratuitously so that he regularized his dreamed enterprise. But he did not care, what woke up his suspicions. The result is that that the TV program called "Fantástico" showed to the whole country on March 26.
"I made the proposal of helping in the juridical aspects for knowing that humble people, that doesn't have health program, that doesn't have his own house, that doesn't have social security nor a regular job, was buying such lands without any warranty, without any valid documentation", laments Lütz Netto. Urandir got to make appointments with the lawyer , where juridical providences would be taken, doing with that Lütz Netto transferred professional commitments to assist him. But simply, Urandir never allowed that any possible of the professional help was give and Urandir continued selling illegally lands. That characterizes sharply bad-faith.
"I concluded that there was not interest on behalf of Urandir and his employees in regularizing the enterprise, because he is not proprietor of the property that he is sharing. The resources that he is receiving for this are being applied in other purposes and the intention showed is hurting poor buyers. I was totally disappointed about his intentions and I left the group, declaring to everybody my deception ", affirmed lawyer Lütz Netto, that took providences. Not without before try, countless times, to solve the subject in a friendly way. Even so, Urandir was not interested in this option.
The lawyer was not the only one to get disappointed with the intentions of the alleged contacted. Dozens of people today seek his offices to ask his money back - most of which calmly. Other not so much.
"I already called countless times to Jurandir and to Urandir, and none of them assists my phone calls. I want my money back and they that keep his land", said Mrs. Doraci Alves Cunha, one of the deceived with the promise of the City of ETs. Through the process against Urandir, however, the lawyer hopes to recover all the customers' money back.
"I have been sought by several buyers to promote the nullity of the business accomplished ". Like him, other professionals are representing several victims of Urandir, that "dropped" in the most original blow than was created in the history of world Ufology.
When insisting with his secret shared and sell of lands, Urandir was engaged in the Law 6.766, of 1979, that regulates the subject. To disclose or to promote the sale, sale promise or reserves of lands, before all the necessary providences are taken, it is constituted in crime against the public administration and against the popular economy. The penalties for who that incurs in such crime go from the reclusion to the chain, from two to five years, with right shackle it in the moment of the prison. And the law was executed, therefore Urandir was taken of the hotel in what he was shackled by the policemen. The law still considers as aggravating element for the application of the feather if there is not area of lands registered on behalf of the sharer, what is exactly the case of Urandir. The crime is also know as swindle, with employment of the respective penalty, being considered as added difficulty that the sales were made by means of exploration of popular faith. After all that, you can see the big trouble in that Urandir is involved and his followers when the frustrated buyers of his lands in the City of ETs move actions more and more weighed against the gang that settled in Corguinho. Even having left the chain, his life certainly won't be the same any more.
Until then the Brazilian ufologists, that have in his hands vast material confirming the illicit intentions of Urandir Fernandes of Oliveira of obtain personal profits through the ufologic pretext, acted inside of that is his role: to denounce such acts to the Nation. Now, the competent authorities saw the problem and entered in the subject, to guarantee to those that were stole by the alleged paranormal the immediate replacement of his financial losses. The Brazilian UFO community, that looks for an acceptance and recognition every larger of the object of his dedication - that is the aliens' presence in our planet -, made his part in to point and to prove the lies of Urandir. Now, the Justice and judicial power of the nation will do his part.
A.J. Gevaerd, editor of the magazine UFO created a page in the Internet with the intuit to help and assistant the people who want to denounce the "thieves" that are using the ufology to take money from simple people.
Below we have some examples of people that had courage of denouncing the largest thief that already appeared in the world ufologia
Who Crosses the Arms
We have the habit, the Brazilian citizens, of protesting, to chide and to kick about, only when is too late. We, the Brazilian citizens, have the habit of crossing the arms, to silence, in the day by day, that is, in the moment in that rulers and authorities adopt absurd politics. For the which everybody will pay, in the future, the price. IMPUNITY: I am referring in what is happening in Mato Grosso do Sul. Exactly in the municipal district of Corguinho - Project Portal, maintained by Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. Local that, according the referred gentleman, appearances of extraterrestrial ships happen, miracles, cures, contacts extractions of (chips) that supposedly have been placed by ETs, inside of our bodies! Lie! I was inside during one week of the supposition field of the miracles. Lived lacks of everything: food, water to drink.
The bathrooms clogged to the point of dejections come out outside, invading the lodgings; the food are prepared with loamy water that comes from a dam done by the Projeto Portal. In this dam Mr. Urandir bath the people and asks to the skies so that they are good and be treated of his evils. Always alerting that the cure will only happen if the blessed has a lot of faith. If the person have a few of faith the charm will not work, and he say that doesn't have anything with this, but... if the miracle makes himself there he is sacred. Do I ask where are the sanitary authorities of Mato Grosso do Sul? I think shameful that argues that we should not intervene, will be that nobody remembers the tragedy of Guyana, everybody forgot about Jim Jones? The Revista UFO magazine issue 54 exposed the very well tricks already proven. What the authorities are waiting for? Here it is going my alert one, Mr. Urandir is creating a true sect of fanatic.
From: Julieta Paraíso State: São Paulo (SP)
Project Portal and Brazilian Jim Jones
In the holiday of 12th October, 1999, I went to Corguinho, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, to accompany my daughter in the such close encounters that some say to happen for there. We spent R$ 400,00 per person to be in a precarious camp, and what we only witnessed was a show of lights, with laser canyons, accomplished by Urandir and its followers. Flying disks nor in a dream.
The "fools" followers, in ecstasy, screamed while his monitors - all very paid, it is obvious, - motivated such delirium. Jim Jones-Urandir promises to build, in February of the year 2.000, a flying disk and to evacuate from the Earth 1.500 people, in a ridiculous attitude that we everybody knows, it is utopian.
Urandir goes for a walk with young ladies, doing who knows.
The Ministry of Finance has to visit the municipal district of Corguinho, because there is a mine of make money. I warn, besides, the competent authorities on crime against the popular economy and quackery on the part of that gentleman, in the intuit of combating a sect as the one of Jim Jones, that took, years ago, 900 people to the suicide.
Mr. Urandir abuses of lacking and ignorant people, and in his lectures in São Paulo, he collects R$ 60,00 of each one in sessions of pure foolish. His place is in the chain! His contacts are false and I could check!
From: Fernando Gonçalves of Silva Rua Mônaco 528 Park of the Nations 09220-080 Sacred André - SP
I was Deceived
My name is Daniela S., I am 28 years old and I am a teacher in Rio de Janeiro. Two years ago I have accompanied the works of Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira and not always agreed with all his said ¨instructions¨, but after 4 days of conviviality with ¨Projeto Portal¨, I was sure that everything is a great fake! I don't know anything, I cannot prove anything, but my intuition accompanied of a good reflection of the facts that there happened, didn't leave doubts of that charlatan. I'm rebelled.
And stiller because I notice that let myself to believe in that allegations for so much time. And I have friends, that myself presented to Urandir that are completely involved. I can not believe that Urandir has the courage of being so liar, not only for using lights probably false, but for allowing that create such sect around him. I don't know if I can help in some way, but I know about your worry to alerting the people about the fact and if I could help you in someway, please enter in contact with me my house telephone it is (*) 523-27 * *
From: Daniela S. State: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
In January 1998, in the edition 56 of the Revista UFO magazine, A.J. Gevaerd made a public challenge to Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. But as always he ran away.
Know the terms of the challenge made by the ufologist A. J. Gevaerd to the alleged paranormal Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, registered in the 4° Registry of Registration of Titles and Documents of Campo Grande, on February 08, 2.000.
1. The alleged paranormal Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, founder and leader of the Projeto Portal, in his countless presentations in TV programs of several television nets, and through his hundreds of courses and lectures by the whole Brazil, has been making the most hallucinating and groundless statements. He guarantees that is capable to communicate with aliens any time he wants. He affirms to be carrier of special talents, gave to him by the aliens, that allow to do his miraculous cures, besides of cancer and AIDS. He says that already made countless trips the other planets on board UFOs and that can repeat them when he wants. He affirms although he is able to speak in extraterrestrial languages and says that was chosen by them, to who he calls friends, to develop in the Earth a plan of planetary evacuation.
2. Revista UFO's editor, Ademar José Gevaerd, affirms that Urandir lacks completely with the truth in his statements of UFO stamp and that all the things that he has been speaking openly in the TV, in his courses or lectures, are absolutely imaginative and groundless. Gevaerd guarantees that Urandir is completely unable of having any contact with ETs and that there really is any sign of true when he affirms that traveled the other planets. In March of 1997, with a team of the Educational TV of Campo Grande and another people, the ufologist Gevaerd taped Urandir using tricks produced with laser pens, influencing the presents and taking them to believe that were legitimate UFO phenomenons. In many other occasions, the tricks have been repeated in the Projeto Portal's headquarters, in Corguinho, where Urandir affirms to do his contacts with ETs, which don't have until the moment any confirmation.
3. So, to not be the words of one against the another, the ufologist Gevaerd is throwing a public challenge to the alleged paranormal Urandir. This gentleman is being challenged openly to show if he is really able to have contacts with aliens, of talking with them and of traveling in their ships. Urandir is invited to choose three dates that better they suit it, in places that he designate and under the conditions that he determine, to do three contact attempts with his supposed "extraterrestrial " friends. In those three attempts, all of them controlled by own Urandir in his taste and designs, the Revista UFO will accompany the contacted works of the mentioned and will make the adapted documentation of all the eventual phenomenons that happen. Urandir should be able to show his abilities of contactee, really making to appear an extraterrestrial ship or similar thing.
4. To the ufologist Gevaerd will fit the accompaniment of the facts, in the places and dates marked by Urandir, to evaluate without interference of what will happen. Such analyses will be made by the own and for specialists invited by the Revista UFO, among experts in Brazilian UFO Community and foreigner, that can be accompanied by the guests of Urandir, without interference. The only condition imposed by the ufologist Gevaerd to Urandir is that he can take to each one of the three attempts that will be done, as his guests, members of the local and national Press, members of entities linked with the consumer rights and several police powers.
5. Revista UFO's editor sustains openly that doubts of your such mentioned experiences of Urandir, that don't pass of invention or production made with the purpose of extracting material benefits. And guarantees that anything, absolutely nothing, will happen in the opportunities that he will have to demonstrate the opposite, in case he comes to accept the invitation. But, in compensation, it also sustains that, is something comes to happen, that evidences the powers extrasensory of Urandir and his capacities to contact with aliens, will recognize openly that referred gentleman is a person with special talents that has true relationship with non terrestrial civilizations. Finally, in the case of that hypothesis to come confirming, the ufologist promises openly to come to insist in the popularization of the phenomenons of Urandir and in the recognition of his legitimacy.
6. This public challenge is the chance that the alleged paranormal will have to prove that his allegations are true. It is the chance that the truth is reestablished. So, it will be properly registered at registry, in the district of Campo Grande, so that his legal validity be recognized.
Campo Grande, February 03rd , 2.000
Ademar José Gevaerd, ID 3.040.127-1 SSP-PR CPF 442.581.949-72
President of Brazilian Organization for Extraterrestrial Research (EBE-ET)


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