The Remarkable UFO Videos
Of Anthony Woods
Part 5

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Spanning several years, Anthony Woods of Bedhamption, UK has managed to capture some of the most unique UFO images on video to date, many of such astonishing altitude as to make any suggesting of hoax perfectly ridiculous. But even more shocking are Anthony's clearly defined spheres and morphing craft which one minute resemble fairly traditional UFO shapes and the next... something almost frighteningly organic and alive.

We are most appreciative of Anthony in providing this material to and sharing his findings with the world.

Morphing Craft & Vivid Captures

After the excitement from all the March 2002 sightings, I had great anticipation for the following months, and I did not have long to wait, as on the 8.4.02 I filmed a strange low morphing object early in the morning, it was only a short sighting, but I managed to film some excellent footage & amazing detail of this object as it glided over graciously.
My next significant sighting would be 2 weeks later, this was a very bizarre & strange sighting that I witnessed on the afternoon of the 25.4.02, I first noticed a strange black object moving swiftly across the sky with what looked like smaller objects around it, I just managed to quickly get my camcorder on and start filming when suddenly the object changed direction in an instant and headed straight towards & above my position, I managed to film just over a minute of footage as the main object& the small ones passed directly over my head moving swiftly in a south east direction, this sighting was very bizarre, the main object looked menacing with what looked like a giant claw protruding from it, and the little objects appeared like they were constantly harassing the main object, the only way I can describe this sighting was that it appeared like a fast moving swarm or nest, these objects were like creatures of some sort, but they were something I had never seen before!!

Bright and early on the morning of the 25.5.02 both my brother-in-law and myself observed 2 separate plasma sphere objects crossing the sky in a locked formation, at one point a large commercial jet passes very close to the objects,
Then on the 17.6.02 once again early in the morning I observed and filmed 2 plasma sphere objects again crossing the sky in a very close formation.
One of my most interesting sightings in the time between march and June this year happened on the 26.6.02, when I was lucky enough to film a group of plasma sphere type objects that came over, some of these spheres had attached appendages dangling beneath them that they used like rudders swishing them from side to side, I have excellent footage showing this motion, " I only know of one other person from Australia who has filmed something similar", he refers to them as "the jellyfish objects" anyway some were hovering whilst others were not, I have on film of this sighting clear intelligent actions by these objects!! On reviewing the footage in depth it became apparent that the dangling appendages on some of these objects were in fact other sphere type objects attached below,
Directly after the group of spheres had departed a large pink/white object appeared on the scene, this object was amazing, it was clearly morphing & changing shape, it looked like some giant type of squid, I managed to film it for around 8 minutes as it slowly passed the roof of my house before clearly changing direction and heading south out to sea, what ever this object was it was definitely connected to the sphere objects that preceded it!!

Below left, is a cropped stitch showing different frames from this object, to the right, is the same stitch but with enhanced detail.
I would like to make it clear that I am not implying or suggesting that what I am witnessing and filming are extraterrestrial space craft from the planet mars etc, because I don't know where they come from? It could well be the case that they are as yet; some unknown earthbound phenomenon, but what I am definitely implying "and I will swear on oath, in a court of law" is to the fact that they are genuine UFOs!! And that what ever they are? Or where ever they come from? They have clearly proved to me that they are self-aware and intelligent in nature, of this I have No doubt!! And I think a vast amount of my footage is testament to this!!
My personal view is that the majority of the objects I am witnessing are some form of organic living creatures themselves!!! Rather than vessels or structured craft for carrying people, especially in relation to the white plasma sphere objects that appear more frequently, in fact "sphere" is not a word that explains them at all, they are more disk shape than sphere but with the capability to morph or change their shape, please refer back to my 26.3.02 low object!! I get the sense they are all individual living creatures!! Some are only a few feet wide, whilst others are clearly much larger at around 20 feet and above, I think in particular the fleet footages are the clips that convince me the most of their organic nature. Specifically because of the interaction that's evident between the individual objects, I have many more questions than answers!!
Anthony Woods Video Clips

MPEG FOOTAGE / 16.10.01 / 2 Spheres / Anthony Woods / 1.8 Megs

MPEG FOOTAGE / 18.10.01 / Anthony Woods / 2.7 Megs

MPEG FOOTAGE / Red Craft / Anthony Woods / 3.4 Megs


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