Wellstone Was Bush's
Number One Enemy

From Greg Hurley

A few notes I've compiled on Wellstones' voting record.
He was Bush's best enemy it seems.
* Voted AGAINST use of Military Force Against Iraq without considerations
* Voted AGAINST Homeland Security
* Voted AGAINST giving too much power to the President in the case of
* Voted FOR an INDEPENDENT investigation of 9/11 terrorist attacks on the
From Sallie8001
Wellstone was also adamantly against the invasion of Iraq, wanted private investigations into WTC disaster, and pointed out prior knowledge of 9-11. He was also against Homeland Security, and the Patriot Act. Is this a warning to other senators, not to go against Bush and to vote for anything that is put in front of them i.e. the Patriot Act?
Bush is afraid of a Democratic Senate for fear it will impeach him. The balance for the Senate is at stake.
Since the Sniper is moving out of the news, now we will have another story(s) of containment and diversion i.e. Sen Wellstone's bio,funeral, photo ops by everybody, and media glitz to take your mind off of all the current events of the economy, Iraq, and N. Korea.
"Senator Paul Wellstone's predicament is typical. Wellstone is in the political fight of his life -- slightly behind in the polls to a far-right candidate flush with cash and hand-picked by Karl Rove to remove him from office. Wellstone knew that if he voted against the resolution, his opponent would seize on the issue, unleashing a barrage of attack ads and accusations. But despite the enormous pressure to capitulate, Wellstone spoke his conscience and voted against the war: "A pre-emptive go-it-alone strategy towards Iraq is wrong. I oppose it."
For taking a stand under the most difficult of circumstances, Senator Wellstone is nothing less than a hero. In the House, three heroic Representatives in tight races also did the right thing. They deserve our strong support."
This is reminiscent of the 80's when many Congressmen and Senators went down in plane crashes.
The NWO gang will do anything to stay in power.
Are you noticing that once it was reported that Senator Wellstone was Dead the Stock Market Began to TAKE OFF ??
Shouldn't the opposite be happening? I mean, come on..... a Senator Just Died. But no...The Big Corporate Interests are EXCITED and HAPPY that the Republicans will now control the Senate and Congress.
And the PResident, and will now appoint the most conservative judges, etc... Wellstone's Death is GOOD for the Republican Agenda. That is why the Stock Market is RISING FAST.
The Evil Doers Have Struck Again. They are Celebrating the Death of this Liberal Democrat.
The Republicans will Control the World. And we are DOOMED.
From Anita Sands Hernandez
Sen. Wellstone was murdered just like Sen. Carnahan. They did it to Carnahan so Ashcroft could benefit. Blew his plane up in the sky.
A great loss to America. But this may make his works resurface in media, all of them together. Watch for news on this one and contribute to it, by going to URLS given below, and doing a google search on his proposed legilsation.
Wellstone was the premiere liberal ... always voted his conscience! Was a gadfly in the hair of corporate America, the Archer Daniels crowd, and in the wigs of the oil guys who wanted IRAQ war. Wellstone fought them on all of that. He would be the ONE man the wealth cartel or Texas 10 as I call them, would want to get rid of .... a simple disconnect of the plane's de-icing device would be the cause.
They nailed him as he was entering the final phase of his trip. Laudatory stories on his proposed legislation:
From Lost On Earth
He has just died in an airplane accident, just like Carnahan in 2000. And the airplane accident in Alaska years ago which killed Congressman Hale Boggs who was critical of the government has never been solved. There are more. Think it is possible that at critical junctures certain "opponents" of those in power are killed? Naaaaaaaah...that could never happen.
From Moses Silverstein
Wellstone - Another Zionist/NWO Hit...Who's Next?
The Zionist NWO is on a rampaging non-stop terrorist campaign. They invented terrorism, they are funding it with unlimited money. The sky is their limit.
The NWO is in PANIC, their paper fiat Rothschild money has come to its end. Chinese and Moslems are now in a process of moving to a gold based currencies. David Icke is now gaining popularity. We now know that Bush&friends were behind the WTC massacre. We now know that we will NEVER trust the FBI & NTSB anymore, after all their lies regarding TWA-800. We now know that we will NEVER be able to trust the CIA anymore, after their current scare tactics, claiming "thousands of al Qaeda cells all over the USA". The whole world now realizes that the stock markets were fiction, just like all these 'conspiracy websites' have been alleging for over 20 years. WW3 may come sooner than you expect.
Knowing full well the usual NWO strategy, we all expected that a few senators who objected to Bush's agenda, will be soon assassinated, we were just hoping that the NWO will give us a break to relax after their 'sniper' attacks.
EXPECT SUCH EVENTS TO CONTINUE as long as the NWO controls the majority of the press.
Most of our Congressmen and Senators are already in their pocket.


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