In A Vortex For The Future
From Joseph Ehrlich

With so many events in flux since we are in a vortex for the future, it is important to review them.
The Montgomery County Sniper Shootings
Filtering out all the noise, you have seen a message sent to the President and his administration that America is subject to economic malaise if not outright collapse. The vehicle used was mickey mouse and the results consumed the region and the nation. Escalation from that level is easy and geometric levels of damage obvious and clear. With President Bush as obsessive as ever in the pursuit of Iraq and Iraqi oil and oil reserves, the message got the response we anticipated from the first. The sad element here is that this country with the most educated minds in the world, stood silent, passive and indifferent to the message, all deferring to Caesar who has requisite control of the Senate to pursue world domination and control, boldly and brazenly outlined in the National Security Strategy. Moreover, it seems to bother no one that the media has become a sham, operating more like Pravda during the heyday of Communism than a spirited aggressive inquiring press to platform domestic discussion of issues bearing o
The Russian Use Of Gas To Free Hostages
This event against represents in microcosmic fashion the new era of weapons and devices to make human life as miserable as it has been in centuries past. Nuclear weapons are passe, a thing of the past; which leaderships everywhere do not want to use because their use guarantees everyone a loser. However, today we have new weapons, biotoxins, customized for every use and parameter. Moreover, by their very nature they represent equalization of destructive power which no longer is in the hands of the major powers. The incident showed that major powers are more inclined to deploy them than terrorists. What do we mean by this assertion? Putin was in a bind and he needed a solution instead of accepting the consequences of an action which brought Russia to task for its own military engagements. He ordered the use of gas not so much to save the hostages, but to deny the terrorists success in their mission and message. The proof of it is that there was antidote but only a limited amount selectively deployed and th
There is no question that Saddam Hussein is a very sick person like other dictators in past history without hesitation in using murder and torture and all other evil methods and manners to maintain power and keep domestic order. There is no question that he would deploy nuclear weapons because he is sick and consumed with destruction, pain and suffering against all whom he hates which is nearly everyone. Therefore, we pointed out that Saddam Hussein is a leader whom the Arab League for the past decade plus would have had no objection to his removal by stealth or force by the United States or anyone else. The problem arose because it became apparent to the Arab League why he was intentionally kept in power and that the placement of US forces in the region represents a threat of an enemy, not the presence of a friend. This is critical to understand now when considering the concept of terrorism. The US when it wages war prefers to think that the conventional use of an army to engage another country in a conf Bush in an act which will mystify us for the foreseeable future released the National Security Strategy. Before that, we were telling America about this covert plan for world control and domination, and then even when President Bush orally confirmed it, no one wanted to see it, hear it, and for certain do anything about it. So to possibly make sure that there was total indifference to NWO control of the US, he released the National Security Strategy, where we only saw one Senator, Robert Byrd, pick it up, throw it to the floor and stomp on it.
Paralleling the above time and dynamics, China was making it known to President Bush that it was out of the NWO game plan for unipolar world government. While it benefited from US foolishness during the Clinton era, it could not continue to openly represent itself a player in it under Bush. Thus, the NWO finally saw what we knew for years to be the ultimate case, and there was a question and issue whether the NWO game plan was still in play. A controlling segment in the NWO leadership, the oil cartel, couldn't care about anything but whether it would maintain its historical control over Middle East oil. The answer was that China was in fact in the Middle East and the threat of loss of control of Middle East oil was real. Thus, it was time that the oil asset be captured and controlled by NWO forces and when doing so China would have no choice but to play ball with the NWO because without oil its own plans for world leadership would fail, not to say its new vibrant economy and domestic infrastructure.
Thus, President Bush couldn't care less what the UN finally resolves, he only cares about capturing as much moral justification for his intended crimes as possible. With UN approval, he can later claim that the world supported his actions and by necessity the consequences thereof (capture and control of the oil asset as the spoil of war). However, everyone knows NOW his true intent and game plan as to Iraq, and thus must have concluded that Saddam was kept around as the living excuse to move against the asset when the US was willing and ready to do so. Thus, the war with Iraq has nothing at all to do with Saddam, but with the dire need now to capture and control the oil. It gives the NWO the money to finance the next major phase of its project, taking China out of the Middle East and the picture of being a major opponent, allowing President Bush to move against the other oil producing nations to obtain permanent control of the region and its leaderships: leading to world domination and control.
Thus, the Arab nations will be in full agreement to stop President Bush in this accurately perceived criminal course to take over their sovereign states. Their only weapon is terrorism, kept on a minimal level, but which can be escalated especially with China's behind the scenes planning and plotting. The National Security Strategy simply put has united the Arab nations with China and once President Bush launches the attack on Iraq, then the use of biotoxins will become prevalent in the military arena in the Middle East and to send the message to America that it must reign in its own president and confront the truth of what is taking place at home; the use of biotoxins and other terrorists actions in the US will severely undermine America and its essential economy necessary for domestic tranquility at home.
President Bush on the other hand globally assets that the US must bring US values and standards to the Islamic nations, to bring them into the new millennium Which leads to Israel and G-d.
If Israel does not laugh in disgust when the US says that it wants to bring the Islamic countries into modern times, it attests to why it collapsing in front of our eyes as we interpreted it would do so. The US by its own historical standards has become a pagan country: any earlier generation of America would be totally nauseated at what America has become: the new Rome, lewd, corrupt, teaching pagan values to its children, and standing blind to the drug epidemic prevalent for years in this country. It only cares about the economy, the mask to allow the NWO, to capture and seize control of the Congress, the presidency and the country (it is still working on the judiciary). If the NWO captures Middle East oil, everyone, including Americans will be the victims of a corrupt, abusive, elitist unipolar world government. Thus, we can submit to you that you should do everything to oppose the attack on Iraq because the truths behind it represents what this country never stood for: an elitist leadership aiming to (steal the resources of another nation).
Since the NWO has become so powerful, we long held that they would be difficult if not impossible to remove. Only G-d can do so. He has intervened for a good future numerous times but now we have Israel restored in whole in 1967 having the benefit of 2000 years in exile, the best educated minds in the world, learning and studying for generations, benefiting from the prayers, tears, pain and suffering of prior generations, following the very same course they did resulting in their original exile.
After failing to honor G-d post 1967 by being ministers to the other nations, by first instilling love of G-d in the children and people of Israel, to represent the values of bible, Israel gloated in its success, its potential, and wound up turning their backs on G-d again, where it has become a nation in every which way distant from G-d, resulting in NWO forces in 1992, Bush 41, putting in pawns and poodles, best represented in succinct fashion by Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak, to move Israel as a nation among nations, part of the NWO world design. The NWO success in accomplishing what it was able to do in Israel was inspirational. The net result is that both the US and Israel are distant from G-d, with policies to move their people away from G-d in a permanent fashion, which only translates into G-d not intervening, now in a conflict against the Islamic nations whom by necessity find support from China. Thus, our interpretation that the US and Israel both cannot prevail by biblical mandate.
Which brings us to the collapse of the Israeli government. This has put a wedge between Sharon and the NWO pawns and poodles. Sharon's life is at risk, for sure his government is at risk, and thus the gateway has been opened for Sharon to do the right thing: bow to G-d, honor G-d's role for Israel, and take a course to make amends with the Islamic nations and communicate with them through the only gateway of understanding: making Israel and the region one which honor's Him.
In this regard, I recently communicated with a person who was severely anti-Israel even believing that Israel controlled American policies in the Middle East and that I was either an agent of Israel or China or both. Rather than throw his E-mail away where many would think it should have gone, I addressed the issues with him, and through a unified respect for G-d was able to communicate successfully with him. This further attested to me that while Israel and the Arab nations are like oil and water (and intentionally so because they operate as a check and balance), that peace is obtainable and not with difficulty should both parties talk through a platform carrying a sincere intent to honor G-d. I attach below some of what I wrote to this person. However, to further assist in convincing Israel that its best course was the only course, the religious resolution, I had to convey another truth overlooked. If you remember, I previously mentioned when Sharon was going into the West Bank per the NWO design to wipe oudownfall would declare to the world his outrage at the collapse of Israel and the second holocaust of its people. To this extent, his experience with 9-11 would prove beneficial.
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
October 31, 2002
Dear (Name Removed),
Thank you for your apology. Accepted and no ill-will toward you at all.
I have been dealing in certain truths for an extended period. One knows he is on target with truth when he alienates everyone. People grasp at certain segments of truth which they want to see and reject other facets which are not in accord with their wishes and desires (or with passed on prejudices and perceptions).
G-d is not as complex as religious leaders like to make out. My best example is that some people who teach computer science in the schools make it a lot more complex than it really is. If it were taught from a teacher who is a giver, he renders it simple, not complex. However, if the teacher is a taker, he makes it complex so that his students pay excessive homage and respect. In other words, ego and self-interests, including seeking power, routinely get in the way.
When Israel was formed in 1948, religious Jews detested the secular Zionists saying that only the Messiah could indicate the true giving to the Jewish people of Israel. Then in 1967 the missed segment of biblical Israel made the giving a whole. My argument was that once the whole was given, no one was able to question the reality, for G-d could operate as He wishes, which could include the return of Israel through the efforts and hands of the secular Zionists.
Now, here is where I am mystified because you write that my articles are biased in favor of Israel's position. The truth is that I have been highly critical of Israel, telling those I know there that Israel is doomed because it follows the new world order agenda whose aim is to remove G-d from Israel and the region. I write again and again that the new world order effort to infiltrate Islamic infrastructure was already successful in Israel making it a NWO puppet with leaderships serving NWO interests. I have repeatedly written that since 1967 the religious leadership in Israel should have conditioned love of G-d in the children of Israel to forestall the dynamic offset of Arafat's indoctrination of hate. My repeated position to people reading my arguments has been that there is only one solution for all countries under monotheism: the need for Israel (and the US) to pursue the religious solution. Honoring G-d is the only common language between countries and facets of monotheism operating as a check and balance.
In other words, what was, including many wrongs and injustices, distortions and aberrations, to G-d's intent for those under monotheism, is rectified, solved by simply having Israel become a nation honoring His Name before the other nations of the world. During history all three facets of monotheism have had Jerusalem and all three have lost it because they all shared in the same fault: turning their backs on G-d after He bestowed gifts and blessings upon them.
I have isolated the problem as to the need for a righteous leadership and why all leaderships are diametrically opposite to the type of people who should be leaders. In other words the leaders are takers not givers. This goes into a very deep dimension, but my point is that focus is better on where we all should be looking, not consuming ourselves with blame to what has transpired because history attests that blame rests across the board.
The issue is not whether Israel should or should not prevail, the question is what if anything G-d desires from Israel and thus if that can be identified then everyone should serve that reality. It was G-d not man that created the miraculous set of circumstances which resulted in the return of the whole of Israel. Now, it is also certain, that after return of the whole, Israel was in the ideal position to honor G-d for the regiving of Israel and to serve as a Nation which honors His Name. However, Israel has become a nation where secular Jews disdain religious Jews, religious Jews who have been studying for thousands of years honor the errors of man over the clear messages of G-d. If Barak was going to successfully give up Jerusalem and the West Bank, this would have triggered G-d's anger and in His mercy He intervened. G-d gives every chance possible, but man is consistent in not seeing His message or not seeing Him at all until they are in distress.
The US has moved away from G-d and thus like Israel dynamically turns its back to His blessing for this nation. It is not sufficient that there are pockets of people who are religious and devout. What concerns G-d in my humble opinion is whether a nation is moving to Him or away from Him. The US and Israel are moving away from Him. If the NWO agenda per the NSS is successful, G-d will next be removed from the Islamic nation the last facet of the trilogy under monotheism. Ipso facto, my understanding why China emerges as the entity to strip the US and Israel from its blessings because G-d -- as one person who wrote to me said -- doesn't stay where He is not wanted. The net result is that the paradigm of world power and control shifts from the US to China. China biblically speaking will be a harsh taskmaster.
Thus, my effort has been for Israel and/or the US to understand that there is no solution but the religious solution which succinctly stated means moving as a nation back to G-d. Lastly, on showing the genuine intent to do so, G-d intervenes and without logic or reason we are taken from the abyss and restored.
What you recognize is that the world is moving to the brink of the abyss, or in fact we now may in it. Thus, my strongest efforts have been to take out the transfer of Jerusalem and the West Bank (operating as a defamation to G-d's Name), and now offsetting Bush's establishing a military presence in Iraq (to remove G-d from Islamic countries solidifying the removal of G-d in Israel and the US). Israel being a NWO pawn and poodle at this point of time, sees the overturn of hostile Middle East regimes as the solution for security. President Bush has made it good v. evil where history shows good losing consistently to perceived evil, the true test is only whether the nation is moving to or away from G-d. If the net consequence is that G-d's intervention would support the policy or agenda moving people away from Him, then for absolute certain He will not intervene and this is the true dynamic from my perspective of why the US and Israel are in the positions we find them both in today.
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.


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