The Bush Double Double Cross
From Joseph Ehrlich

This is going to be a very deep and scary analysis and interpretation on top of the ones we have already issued concerning President Bush and his administration. Those with a nexus to the putative amoral creation of requisite moral outrage for the war against terrorism really may have exceeded all bounds of decency in planning out new world order world domination and control.
Let's go back to the Saudi initiative in late March 2002. In accordance with our interpretation, the Arab League in Beirut was unified across the board in the Saudi initiative. This only suggested to us that Israel and the US had already agreed to it. Notably, within 24 hours, Sharon initiated the claimed "criminal" incursion into the West Bank, without anyone, anyone at all, bolting from the Beirut unified position or threatening to. This immediately ratified our interpretation that Arafat was the safest man in the Middle East and our truly incredible but sadly true interpretation that what was playing out was staged and orchestrated.
What is critical to see at this juncture is what were the Arab League and Israel told by the Bush administration to persuade them to undertake the staging and orchestration? Were both parties told the same thing to manifestly further the Saudi initiative or was each party told something highly beneficial to it at the expense of the other?
Israel no doubt immediately recognized what we ourselves concluded: simple serious acts of terrorism would undermine the entire Saudi initiative. Thus the Bush administration in our respectful opinion sold the Israeli government on the absolute need to eliminate all Arab/Islamic regimes who would ultimately undermine or uproot the planned peace to wit: Iraq, Syria and Iran. Sharon was told to go into the West Bank and Gaza and eliminate every known terrorist (after the platform was created with the lives of innocents including children), and once doing so that the United States would then proceed against Iraq as a prelude for the US and Israel to effectuate regime change in Syria and Iran.
It all looked good to Israel. The United States would be in control of all enemy states and Israel could only be a major beneficiary of the US agenda.
What Israel never saw was that it fell into the Chinese trap and design when it went into the West Bank to reoccupy it in punishment for the terrorism (as a mask to undertake elimination of all terrorist cells). What Israel could not itself see even with all its intelligence and analytic brilliance was that the US strategic design of having Israel suffer from Palestinian terrorism to predicate its incursion into the West Bank and Gaza to eliminate local terrorists cells, put them into a reality of economic malaise approaching economic collapse (foreseen by Chinese intelligence working in parallel with the Arab/Islamic nations, the Chinese urging the Arab/Islamic nations not to trust the US when it came to Israel).
Israel lost its vital tourism industry and compounded the financial implosion by pulling out reservists from the already damaged and sinking economy. Sharon very soon thereafter realized the trap he fell into and adjusted the depth of the planned reoccupation of the West Bank. He went to President Bush seeking additional financial assistance to escape the Chinese design (which was seen in microcosm under the sniper spree in the Washington, DC metropolitan area). President Bush has put Sharon into a quagmire telling him that he is compelled to close the dollar window for political reasons at this time for both Israel and the Palestinians (Bush telling Sharon not to worry --Sharon worried has submitted a plea for $10 billion is US aid to compensate for the staged and orchestrated terrorism and its unforeseen consequences).
Moreover, what Israel never expected, once committing to the Bush plan, was that on June 24, 2002, Bush would escalate the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians to one between Islam and the West (the US). President Bush came out and ratified what we had been saying all along: that the US wanted to mold the Arab/Islamic nations into the image of the new world order agenda to wit: remove Allah from His central role for the Arab/Islamic people.
Israel already in the abyss had to endure the reality of the National Security Strategy, which announced that President Bush and his administration was out for world domination and control. What must have petrified the Israeli government was what we immediately concluded: President Bush deliberately went out to unify the Arab/Islamic world and China against not only the United States, but Israel as well. Why was President Bush so openly brazen about it?
The only reason we could see for him doing so is that it committed the United States to the attack against Iraq. It was long apparent to us that Saddam Hussein despite his being the personification of evil was never the target of US policy but the bogeyman for its true pursuit: Islamic oil. When President Bush post 9-11 went into Afghanistan, we immediately noted his global language praising the Saudis and Pakistanis for their support of the US military effort and incursion.
The Saudis and Pakistanis leaderships no doubt called President Bush and told him thanks but no thanks: no need to praise their cooperation with the US agenda. Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. proffered to the House and Senate Intelligence committees that President Bush's true agenda was to initiate rebellion against both governments so that he could intervene to seize and control Islamic nuclear and oil.
Rebellion did not materialize. What did materialize was the Saudi initiative, suicide bombings against Israel, Sharon's incursion into the West Bank to eliminate terrorist cells, to lay the groundwork for the US design to now attack Iraq on the basis of undertaking regime change of all countries supporting terrorism and operating against Oslo or the Saudi initiative, what one preferred to believe.
However, two new developments. First, Sharon when he realized the trap he fell into, decided to turn the tables and put the West Bank and Gaza into a similar dynamic, so to his mind if anyone was trying to engender the collapse of the Jewish State, he was responding by encouraging the Palestinian people to abandon the West Bank and Gaza by making their lives equally unpalatable.
Israel was consumed with offsetting the economic phase of the attack upon it, and regretting how it fell into the trap, now having to beg for billions from the US on the basis that it should not suffer in this manner from following the US guidelines "for peace."  It could not see the forest again from the trees.
We then offered our extreme interpretation that Israel was at the mercy of the Bush administration, pointing out that Israel was overlooking the tragic obvious: how could the US justify its design for Arab/Islamic oil bringing along Israel before the world as a co-beneficiary of its design and ultimate effort?
This was a pretty good point we were making. We pointed out that the US design, even before the NSS and the Rose Garden remarks, was for oil (see below). Now, since the Rose Garden remarks, it became very clear that President Bush and his administration were out for all the oil, any lingering doubt removed with the National Security Strategy. Thus, when the US attacked, the game plan as understood by Sharon, was for Israel to engage Syria (helped along by the fact that the Congress now only allows Bush to attack Iraq), to remove Hussein and Assad in one major swoop. Israel's problems would be essentially over. But would they be over? Or would the reality be no Israel or an Israel barely clinging to life?
When Sharon recently went to Washington for final consultations with President Bush prior to the planned US attack on Iraq, he without doubt posited this disturbing dynamic: how was the US going to face the consequences of a victorious Israel when the US was going to undertake an occupation of Iraq and capture and seize all its oil?
Were there those in his administration who were touting to the President the material benefits of a failed Israel? Would massive deaths in Israel provide the US with the requisite moral outrage to control if not seize all Middle East oil?  Would such results give the US what it wanted and needed: oil and removal of the Chinese presence and design in the Middle East? It became increasingly apparent to Israel that if Israel was victorious in the US occupation and campaign that it would cause the US many long term problems and that with a failed Israel it would solve the remainder of the US's problems.
We now interpret that Sharon who just the other day proclaimed to the world that Israel never had a better friend in the White House than Bush 43, now carries serious concerns about what answers he received from President Bush.
It is multi dimensional and deep but this is all historically important. We were concerned a short time ago that Sharon was a possible target for assassination. We interpreted that with an imminent attack against Iraq, the NWO was not happy in having a supreme military man like Sharon in control of Israel. He may launch counter attacks out of preset boundaries; Sharon like Rabin was committed to the best interests of the Jewish State when under attack. Similar to the times of Rabin, if something happened to Sharon, Shimon Peres would assume the Prime Minister post and the Minister of Defense was already another NWO pawn and poodle.
However, what happened since that putative assassination assessment is that President Bush got slammed big time at the UN by all the other countries fully knowing his agenda against Iraq and the rest of the region and taking the US to task for it.
While it was always crystal clear to us, it seems that since the NSS document it has become more clear to the rest of the world, who was now intent to tell the President that his policies of unilateralism were going to be rejected and that his attempt to obtain a cloak of approval was not going to succeed.
So now, we have Sharon going back to Israel after getting his final marching instructions regarding the US attack on Iraq, and Israel's overt and covert roles, and we are shocked to see that Peres and Ben-Eliezer, the NWO Foreign Minister and Defense Minister resign on the flimsiest of pretexts.
The original news reports are focused on Ben-Eliezer, that he undertook the strategy to serve himself in his attempt to rest control of the Labor party. However, these claimed political machinations are minimized by the overlooked fact that Shimon Peres agreed to resign and he controls Ben-Eliezer not vice versa.
To understand this new perceived path, we have to now look over the dynamics from the Arab/Islamic side of the equation. First, why would the entire Arab League in Beirut support the Saudi initiative? Second, why when Sharon within 24 hours went into the West Bank would not a single state including Syria and Libya not bolt from the accord reached just hours before in Beirut?
One has to today conclude that while the Bush administration was selling Sharon on the ultimate end of undermining Arab/Islamic regimes, that the Arab/Islamic states were being sold by the Bush administration that there would be no Israel or a drastically reduced Israel and that the Holy City would be theirs to share as they pleased.
It wasn't just that the 67 portion of Israel was going to revert to the Arab world, but everything. This is the only incentive which could make sense to the entire Arab League playing along with a strategy which required Sharon to make an incursion into the West Bank without anyone bolting from the Arab League accord in Beirut.
The US specified its interests in terms of eliminating the threat of terrorism, especially suicide bombers, hitting the shores of the US, with the Arab League, we surmise, not understanding that once Israel reverted in full to the Arab world that there would be no need to eliminate terrorists.
Thus, this suggested that the need to eliminate terrorism had to do with what the Arab League thereafter saw was that the true goal of the US was not the mask of WMD or suicide bombers, but its critical asset oil (previously seeing it as a pretext to set up Israel for the inevitable under the Bush NWO agenda). Not only Iraqi oil and oil reserves but control of all other regional oil, especially Saudi oil. This was not supposed to be so obvious and clear to the Arab League but we below cite the dates and language of some of our analyses making it clear that we concluded we could not agree with US policies which preemptively went out not to protect our nation but to illegally seize and control Middle Eastern oil because the government didn't like the reality that China went out during the Clinton term and captured the Middle East and now the NWO oil cartel was not going to lose its relationship with Middle East oil powers and  indirect historical control of Middle East oil.
We must interject that if there was any chance of saving it, President Bush irrevocably lost it and played into China's hand by releasing the National Security Strategy, the dumbest move for US interests one could ever imagine.
The Bush administration is probably on serious medication having to play this deeply dangerous game of telling Israel that it is its best friend, and still having the nerve to tell the Arab League that the US is simply doing all these convoluted maneuvers to set up the environment so that they can have back the Holy City and that Israel will no longer be an issue in a future relationship between the US and the Arab world (saying that they have reason to align for the future with the US rather than China, who the US tells the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia, cannot be trusted).
Conclusions: The reality is that now both Israel and the Arab world do not trust the Bush administration, and quite frankly, no doubt Americans will no longer as well as the Bush administration's amoral nexus to 9-11 and other designs unravels. However, the point is that Sharon came back to Israel, knowing that his life was at risk, and also now knowing that the US may very well be setting up Israel to take a fall for the reasons articulated. He cannot take the chance that it may be the case. Thus, he will not go by the Bush game plan, allowing Israel to succumb while he is at the helm.
Thus, Peres reporting about Sharon's concerns, was no doubt directed to leave the Sharon government. The question is for what purpose? The US (NWO) no doubt has reached the new conclusion offered above that its interests are now better served by having Israel initiate the attack  and then having the US intercede for it.
You have to understand the depth of this new design. In each step, depending on the results, the Bush administration is situated to play either scenario, or the one we believe is now in play: the Bush double double cross, where both Israel is lost and the Arab regimes undermined per US ends.
With the Arab world under US control (in punishment for the devastation to Israel), those who are livid over the loss of Israel are assuaged, while with Israel lost, a new platform for a renewed US relationship with the Arab world is created over time, giving them the Holy City as a prize for losing the oil and their sovereignty. This leaves the Bush administration only with China to deal with, now having effectively removed it from the Middle East.
Now, assuming that China, Israel and the Arab League understands what we proffer, what can we expect to see to offset this design?
SenderBerl hopes you understand that all the above represents our contention that all roads lead to the same result unless Israel primarily in here undertakes the religious resolution with the Arab/Islamic world.
What you have just read represents mutuality of interests between them, because they are both being set up for the Bush double double cross. Thus, we are here to promote the religious resolution between Israel and the Arab/Islamic world for this will permit as we argued long ago the US to clean shop from the NWO influences who take us on the road to our own destruction here at home, and that is where China comes into the picture.
Succinctly put, we believe that China has given Syria for its steadfastness, in not caving in to US pressures, protection against US design to overthrow its regime, and we believe it has given the same assurances to Iran, and thus you can see how close we are to not only regional but global war, and the reasons therefor.
However, in this paper, we are detailing the perceived double double cross strategy of the Bush administration, made even more evident to us with the forced collapse of the Sharon government. Sharon's new Defense Minister is a hawk, and the US no doubt, will encourage Israel to defend itself, and there will no doubt be enough terrorism for Israel to initiate a regional conflict in its legitimate defense, where the US will enter to "save the region and the world." 
While we can envision strategies Israel and the Arab world can or may independently deploy to offset Bush's double double cross, they will be to no avail, for again, but for the religious resolution, all roads lead to disaster.
Look at some of the things below SenderBerl wrote in early 2002 and see how true they have become. The US had turned its back not only on G-d, but on its own Constitution, and for the stock market wealth given under Clinton, they looked aside as corruption and greed became institutionalized in the American infrastructure. Payment for that error is now being extracted.
With Peres gone from the government of Israel, the gateway has opened for Sharon to pursue a true peace.
We respectfully submit that you do everything possible to convince the Prime Minister that any course other than the religious resolution will lead to the devastation of the State of Israel.
The Arab nations are not Israel's enemies. By failing to recognize the correct course, Israel and the Arab/Islamic world will succumb, each in their own way, and open the gateway to the ultimate conflict and contest between the US and China, where the US will pay for its grievous errors and sins.
Thus, the US, Israel and Arab/Islamic world should all recognize that the only course to serve their own futures is the religious resolution. Abandon G-d and the future can only be dark and dire without His intervention.
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
November 3, 2002
Key dates:
June 24, 2002, President Bush's Rose Garden Remarks
September 20, 2002, National Security Strategy
SenderBerl wrote:
March 30, 2002: China is telling Arab nations that Israel is dying economically from the terrorist attacks.
April 11, 2002: China drives President Bush's decisions and concerns.
April 12, 2002: The US is now committed to a course where it must undermine all regimes aligned with China (under the banner of supporting terrorism).
May 5, 2002: US tells Israel that it accepts responsibility to neutralize Iraq, Iran, Syria, which responsibility it does not assume with great reluctance.
May 5, 2002: Upsetting the Saudi peace initiative is a doable project for China.
June 17, 2002 (days before the President's Rose Garden Remarks!): ... replacing regimes will secularize the subject countries diluting Islam. This is an intended or unintended end which the Qu'ran proscribes and demands unbridled resistance....However, from US statements since 9-11, it has become clear that part of the US agenda is to mold the Islamic world to its perception of its place in the new world order. PRESIDENT BUSH SAYS THIS SEVEN DAYS LATER.
June 21, 2002 (still days before the Rose Garden Remarks): Sharon moving in troops, willingly calling up reserves, will put Israel into a serious financial bind.
June 21, 2002: US's best course may be to see Israel face a slow death, inevitable from a collapsed tourist industry and deployment of personnel to a reoccupation of the West Bank.
June 21, 2002: Many of the EU's and US's problems are resolved by Israel failing as a sovereign state and country.
June 21, 2002: If President Bush pulls away from a preemptive strike against Iraq, and Israel faces continual terrorist attacks (while the EU and US do not), Israel has an imminent survival crisis....If the State of Israel wants to act as though it is devoid of any major nexus to G-d, then G-d will not be with Israel in resolving the crisis. THIS NOW FORESHADOWS THE POINT WE ARE MAKING ABOVE.
June 21, 2002: We tell you right now that the Middle East will not return to its historic relationship with the U.S.....making it very clear to the Arab/Islamic nations that the US was intent on uprooting its nexus to Allah. This will prove to be an irreparable breach for the foreseeable future.
July 4, 2002: The US needs global moral outrage to take out states that sponsor terrorism. Of course the collateral benefit is the targeted key benefit: the ability to recapture the Middle East from China.
July 4, 2002: The US knew major terrorism would derail the Saudi peace plan --only conclusion is that the US knew it was easy to uproot, expected it to be uprooted, and WANTED it to be uprooted.
July 20, 2002: Simply said, these men concluded that the American form of government was to be ultimately rendered antiquated.
July 20, 2002: Despite the misinformation to the contrary, the issue is oil.
July 26, 2002: (Religious resolution will) free the Congress from the coercive power of the power elite behind the one world government agenda. THIS MONTHS BEFORE THE CONGRESS GIVE BUSH THE GREEN LIGHT TO WAGE WAR AGAINST IRAQ.
July 29, 2002: The war against terrorism has all along been the war against China.
July 29, 2002: Powell says US troops will stay in Asia "to guard against nations that might have aggressive intent."
July 31, 2002: The US knows that China has prevailed and it is essentially going out and saying we are taking it back like it or not and if you don't like it we are ready to see what you are going to do about it. This represents nothing higher than adolescent logic and thinking.
July 31, 2002: SenderBerl believes that saying that we are going to take over the oil fields and put in a caretaker government is undertaking a course of insanity....The leadership is acting as though it is desperate. This is usually the nexus to making a mistake.
August 1, 2002: Issue not WMD but to obviate reality that Middle East has been lost...translates into a compromise of oil supplies for not only the US but the EU.
August 4, 2002: Is it Iraq or Saudi Arabia which is the first target? SenderBerl believes that President Bush has ordered an affirmative effort to replace the Saudi leadership. This is one of the best kept secrets in Washington (assuming we are correct). CONFIRMED BY THE WASHINGTON POST ON AUGUST 6TH AFTER OUR APPEARANCE ON THE POINT ON THE JEFF RENSE SHOW ON AUGUST 5TH.
August 9, 2002: Israel admits that it underestimated the significance of suicide bombings.
August 9, 2002: Assad given full assurances by China that it will protect Syria from US/Israel machinations.
August 12, 2002: America doesn't subscribe to a government that tells its citizens we are going to war with anyone who we don't like who could possibly pose a threat to us. If we subscribe to such a tenet or claim, then what stops China from proffering to its people the very same tenet or claim? If they did it first, the uproar from Washington would be deafening. THIS IS WRITTEN MORE THAN A MONTH BEFORE THE RELEASE OF THE NSS.
August 13, 2002: Why Sharon and why now? Sharon not inclined to follow US military directives when Israel under attack.... PM Sharon's death = moral outrage = attack on Syria.
If Israel was following the correct course would it be in the rut it is in?
If the United States was following the correct course would it be in the rut it is in?
The United States and Israel must move again back to their religious tenets.
Israel must assess what purpose Torah, its bible, and its beliefs, if the State of Israel losses it historical and intended nexus to G-d?
The answer is obvious and thus is both the solution and the consequence.


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