Was Jack Ruby A
Manchurian Candidate?

By Michael J. Levy

Was Jack Ruby in a hypnotic trance [under mind control] when he went into Dallas police headquarters on November 24, 1963, and shot Lee Harvey Oswald--if it in fact was Oswald [Marine records show that on Oswald's 1959 discharge papers he was 5'11", yet the November 1963 autopsy report states he was 5'9"]?
There are numerous suggestions that Jack Ruby's mind had in some way been manipulated, looking back on his testimony before the Warren Commission investigating the assassination and from experts' testimony in his murder trial of Oswald. Ruby's first attorney was Melvin Belli.
In his book "Dallas Justice," Mr. Belli stated: "Never once did he [Ruby] voluntarily mention Lee Oswald by name. Never as far as I could see, was he willing to concede that there had been this living, breathing human being who had died at his hands. It was strange because he had the capacity to summon up sympathy for almost anything."
Even more revealing were the psychiatric diagnoses made of Ruby. Dr. Walter Bromberg stated that Ruby was "pre-set to be a fighter, to attack." He continued, "definitely there is a block to his thinking which is no part of his original [italics inserted] mental endowment."
And Dr. Roy Shafer elaborated by saying, "He [Ruby] appears not altogether in control of his body actions, as if they occur independently of his conscious will at times."
But it was Dr. Manfred Guttmacher, a leading criminal psychologist, who was caught in a quag. He testified that, yes, Ruby's brain had been "damaged," but couldn't figure out exactly how. He further testified that he felt that at the time of the shooting Ruby had suffered a "functional psychosis." "It would be functional, not organic."
Dallas Assistant Attorney Bill Alexander then asked Dr. Guttmacher, "Well, by functional mental psychosis, do you mean a psychotic condition for which there is no known organic cause?"
"Yes," responded Dr. Guttmacher. "Doctor, Alexander asked, aren't you shooting both barrels at us? On one hand, you say he's got brain damage, and then you say, no, he does not have brain damage."
This suggests the possibility sophisticated mind control techniques were used on Ruby that neither the experts nor the police were aware of.
Of course this is not far-fetched today. In early 1977 the CIA released a document dated 1-22-54 raising the question, "Can an individual be made to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily...?" The document, under the codename "Operation Artichoke," took the question a step further, "against a prominent (foreign) politician or if necessary against an American official?" The question was left unanswered.
Contrary to popular myth, a hypnotized person can be made to do things they would not ordinarily do. This is especially true if the hypnotized person is led to believe this is "normal" behavior, or some other trick is used. As well, a person need not show signs of 'trance.'
There was at least one reporter who believed Jack Ruby's mind had been tampered with. It was Dorothy Kilgallen. She was the only reported to have had a private interview with Ruby after the killing. Shortly after that interview she proclaimed she was going to "blow the JFK case sky high."
Interestingly, in her December 3, 1964 syndicated column she wrote:
MEMO TO PRESIDENT JOHNSON: Please check with the State Department, the leaders of our armed forces, or our scientists to discover what -- if anything -- we are doing to explore the ramifications of "cloud-busting," which in its refined stages, means thought control and could change the history of the world.
Sadly, and ironically, she wrote in her September 3, 1965 column referring to the assassination: That story isn't going to die as long as there's a reporter alive -- and there are a lot of them alive.
But she wasn't to be among them. Just over two months later she was found dead in her New York apartment. Initially her death was described as an apparent heart attack, but was later concluded to be from a massive overdose of barbiturates and alcohol intoxification.
The medical examiner could not determine "whether it was an accident, a suicide, or murder." Her apartment was found in shambles; her Ruby notes were never found.
What better way could there be to close out a larger conspiracy than for one of the major players, Ruby, to kill the person framed for it, Oswald, and have no memory of who put him up to it than by using mind control...
From Marilyn A. Guinnane
In presenting the possibility of Jack Ruby having been mind-controlled, writer Michael J. Levy evidently isn't aware of the program delivered to the CIA by the Nazis, called MK Ultra. It is trauma based mind control, brought about by torture, until what used to be termed multiple personality disorder emerges. These personalities, fractured off the main personality, can then be programmed like a computer. There are literally thousands of mind-controlled victims out there, who are triggered into action, ala Manchurian Candidate, by various codes thrown out there by the media and so on. These MK Ultra victims click into action, robotically, so that I'm convinced that the probability is great that the recent Sniper & his illegal alien sidekick were of this ilk. Also many many of the shootings that take place, spreading fear among the populace (oh please, wonderful government, save us!!) as well as undermining our second amendment.
Mr. Levy should read Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brian and Mark Phillips; Susan Ford's (aka Brice Taylor) self-published book, Thanks for the Memories; David Icke's many incredibly informative books (
George Orwell should have entitled his famous book "2004", because "1984" was right on the money, and it's just around the bend.


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