Blair 'Spitting Forth Ridiculous
Propaganga' At Iraq
By Joseph Ehrlich Sender
Berl & Sons

SenderBerl: The reason we have been prolific in our writings is because we are certain than any attack on Iraq by President Bush for true agenda being served, will change the future to a dire course. It should at this time be apparent to everyone, that if the US attacks, Osama and ultimately the rest of the Muslim world will target the West with bioterrorism. This is opening a gateway which should not be opened.
The propaganda starting to come out of the US is self defeating. Every Iraqi and Muslim in the world by now knows the Bush agenda, not by interpretation but by admission.
Let us first analyze an excerpt from a story just coming off the news wire:
Blair, America's staunchest ally, broadcast a message into Iraq saying "The standard of living and prosperity of the Iraqi people would be infinitely greater were Saddam not there.''
SenderBerl: Is this really for the Iraqis or for the ignorant of the world? What is the nexus to 500,000 children dying since 1992? To Iraqis being denied good and services available before the last war?
The prime minister hoped his message would reach Saddam, the Iraqi people "and the wider Arab world,'' his spokesman said in London. It was broadcast Thursday by the Arabic service of Radio Monte Carlo - the most popular shortwave station reaching Iraq.
"One of the reasons I wanted to speak to you today is to communicate with people directly, because what happens in a situation like this is that there are myths that grow up,'' Blair said. "I have just dealt with one myth, that this is about Christians versus Muslims - it isn't - or is about the West versus the Arab world, or it's about oil.''
SenderBerl: While the text was written to be heard, the failure to deny the last two elements stands out in the written text.
Blair said Saddam's regime was "brutal and oppressive,'' and if he didn't disarm, "the weapons will be disarmed by force.''
SenderBerl: Regrettably, there are even more brutal and oppressive regimes in existence than Saddam's. There are 15 million people subject to starvation in Angola. There are terrible injustices being waged in many countries. There are nuclear weapons in the hands of North Korea. Moreover, we do not believe that Saddam has much if any WMD; he no doubt made arrangements for the response through surrogates, intending to perfectly comply with UN inspectors. That is why the US is desperate to launch as soon as possible. Bush wants to attack, he doesn't care two bits about WMD, but about settling the score with Saddam and walking off with the known spoils of war.
On the streets of Baghdad, however, ordinary Iraqis expressed concern the Americans were bent on a military showdown regardless of whether their government cooperated with the U.N. inspectors.
SenderBerl: Does anyone believe that they are wrong in thinking as they do?
End Excerpt
SenderBerl: To our minds, the attack on Iraq is dynamically similar to Barak wanting to hand over the West Bank and Jerusalem. The US and Israel are not going to achieve success with secular designs furthering distancing themselves and others from G-d. No one including Clinton could fathom the result when Arafat turned down the Barak gift. Now, we hear from similar quarters that those in the know think it will be over in a single day. This type of David-Goliath thinking is further supportive of the critical times we are in, where the mighty can fall when those on the singular secular dimension cannot perceive any other result.
A very valued reader of our material noted to us that Sharon has CONFIRMED our long held interpretation about the terrorism's true target - the Israeli economy to wit: seeking that Israel succumb when it's economy falls apart, causing division and disillusionment among the people of Israel. We noted this very dynamic with the Montgomery County snipers, in that fourteen bullets took down the Washington area economy for weeks, a message overlooked by most people, who only looked at what they were seeing from a single dimension.
Our valued reader wrote:
This confirms what you have been saying about Israel's economy not because it is just or morally
"I want to arrive at an arrangement with the Palestinians, because that will be the only solution to Israel's ailing economy," Sharon said.
Sharon Admits A Palestinian State Is Already An Established Fact
By Gil Hoffman Jerusalem Post Nov. 14, 2002
Risking the wrath of the Likud members who will decide the party's leadership race, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Wednesday that he considers a Palestinian state an established fact.
"When you look, you see that all the government structures already exist," Sharon said in an interview on Channel 2.
"The Palestinians have ministers, they have a cabinet, and they have a president. They also have 104 states acknowledging their right to statehood, even before they declare it."
Sharon was replying to interviewer Dan Shilon's question about whether he thought the establishment of a Palestinian state is inevitable. Sharon said that once terror ends, he is confident an agreement can be reached with the Palestinians to end the conflict. To do so, he said, he is willing to make diplomatic concessions, but not such that national security would be compromised.
"I want to arrive at an arrangement with the Palestinians, because that will be the only solution to Israel's ailing economy," Sharon said.
"A diplomatic agreement that brings peace is the real answer to the economic situation."
Responding to Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's call to expel Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, Sharon said the matter has been raised several times and the security establishment decided not to take such a step, because the harm would outweigh the good.
Netanyahu declined to respond to Sharon's statements.
Sharon said that polls that have shown him with a hefty lead over Netanyahu are indicators of the public's support, but that the November 28 primary will be the true test. Asked to respond to Netanyahu's call to him to be his second in command if he loses the race, Sharon said the question is irrelevant, because he intends to win.
Although he said he wants a wide coalition, Sharon revealed for the first time that he does not intend to appoint as many ministers. "There will not be a government of this size again; it will be much smaller," he said.
Asked about his age, 74, Sharon said it is not a matter of concern.
"If I had any doubt that everything [in my health] is all right and holding together as necessary, I would be doing different things," he said. "As long as I am feeling all right, there are many problems still ahead that require good judgment, and the public knows whom it can trust."
Conclusion: Is war with Iraq now unavoidable? It seems so which suggests that President Bush will be sent a very devastating message in the near future. Blair spitting forth ridiculous propaganda only puts the focus on England, and perhaps the NWO pawn and poodle has been set up to capture Osama's attention to make England not the US the target. SenderBerl continues to advise against visiting Las Vegas. There is a massive computer convention scheduled there in the near future. We always believed that Las Vegas was highly vulnerable to terrorism.


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