Chamish - Rejoice Not,
Hopeful Israelis

By Barry Chamish

When Labor deserted the Sharon government, joy reigned in many quarters of Israel. At last, Peres and his gang of treacherous defeatists were gone for good. And when Sharon announced that Binyamin Netanyahu would be his foreign minister, pure glee emanated from the same hopeful, deluded corners of the nation.
Nothing will convince these desperate but good-hearted souls that Netanyahu is a duplicitous cretin, part and parcel of the same New World Order deadly games that the previous Foreign Minister, Peres, plays. Nor will these people understand that this Likud-led temporary government is just as manipulated by the same outside forces as the Left.
But let's try and point out a pattern for them anyway. Those aware of my conclusions will know that Israel's (and the world's) primary enemies are the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) of New York, whose permanent chairman is David Rockefeller and the Jesuit-Vatican axis of Italy, Spain, France and Germany, whose secret titular head is King Juan Carlos of Spain. While Netanyahu was funded and groomed by the CFR, he is not above jumping ship to the other enemy camp. Recall when he was prime minister that:
Courting Europe
By Jay Bushinsky
Jerusalem Post
Seldom has an Israeli premier made such a concerted effort to
bring key European Union members into the Middle East peacemaking picture.
In a flash prime minister Netanyahu was away in his flag-bedecked motorcade to see
King Juan Carlos at the royal palace, at the start of a meticulously planned trip.
Just before he was removed as Foreign Minister, Peres was busy making deals with the PLO's pathological liar, Saeb Erekat, in where else but Spain:
Peres Meets Erekat In Spain, Says Will Not Stop Working For Peace
It took Netanyahu barely two days as Foreign Minister before he was off to Italy to continue Peres' diplomacy.
Ha'aretz newsflash: Sun. Nov. 10, 2002
16: Foreign Minister Netanyahu discusses possibility of Israel joining EU with Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi
So much for the difference Netanyahu will make. But he is far from the only
member of this government who marches to the NWO beat. Just like former Defence Minister Ehud Barak, who had to spend several months in Washington receiving his marching orders before he could take up his post, Shlomo Mofaz was appointed the new Defence Minister only after his was indoctrinated for several months in Washington. He learned the NWO ropes at Martin Indyk's notorious "think" tank, The Washington Center For Near East Studies.
Two weeks ago, I was invited to address the Likud Central Cultural Commitee convention. Sitting on the dais alongside me was Deputy Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra. He walked off the platform when I proved that members of the Shabak led by Carmi Gillon and Shimon Peres organized the Rabin murder. When he returned to speak, several Likud members, led by a former football great Israel Ben Dror, left the auditorium in protest.
Lest anyone think otherwise, this government will cover up the Rabin assassination and the crimes of Oslo just like any other government we are allowed to elect.
And though the NWO totally controls this government, the CFR has invested heavily in Amram Mitzna's election. To get him in power, Sharon's approach to controlling terrorism will have to be proven ineffective.
Watch out, Israel! A wave of violence by American trained and funded PLO and associated crime families is about to rock Israel to its foundations, compliments of The Friends Of Mitzna, New York Branch.
Many people noted that my claim that Rabin was assassinated in large part because in the last month of his life he decided to abandon the Oslo "peace" process, was confirmed by Eli Weisel.
Two weeks before his assassination, prime minister Yitzhak Rabin told Holocaust scholar Eli
Wiesel that Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat was corrupt and
could not be a partner for peace...
From Professors For A Strong Israel Newsletter (8-11-02)
Once again, I am strongly recommending a book! Barry has written a number of books and has been reporting faithfully on the dirty work afoot in Israel for well over 10 years. I know that many of my friends find his arguments too 'conspiratorial' to handle. Even if that is the case, I would beg you to read this, his latest book as, rather than 'conspiratorial', he spells out all the connections of evil quite explicitly. Barry writes a summary of his own book and I cannot do better than quote him:
"Save Israel consists of eight chapters and an addendum of relevant book reviews. The central thesis is that Israel's highest political leadership is bought and controlled by outside forces, which despise Israel and Judaism. Thus Israel is in mortal danger from its own elected leaders.
Israel is not alone. Save Israel names the main players using their vast financial resources to spread chaos worldwide in order to destroy the present status quo and replace it with a new global order under their control.
As happened during World War II, the world will be embroiled in a war but the Jews will be the saddest victims. When the upcoming war against Islam explodes, Israel will be targeted and millions of Jews will again die. It is my contention that radical Islam was financed and created by the same rotten forces which financed and created Nazism. And these forces will exploit the upcoming confrontation with Islam to eliminate their primary enemy, the Jews.
I contend that by exposing the Rabin murder, Israel can save itself. This is because those who assassinated Rabin are those who are betraying their nation."
What Barry does not say of his book, is that the detail and depth of his reporting is hugely impressive. I have my arguments with Barry and am even mentioned for this, in the book. But my fault with him is not for his conclusions but rather for some of the ways he bashes others over the head with his truth. I guess, in the end, we come to see that he is right, but sometimes he expects too much. There are clearly some, who get caught up in the evil dramas of Israeli politics and have no idea of the way out or the way forward. The key to grasping the iniquity of evil that runs through the land is to understand the complexities, and yes, the conspiracies of the New World Order workers.
Most have not really understood this but, as time goes by and as the threat of wars deepens, so more people are having the courage to really take on board the reality of the evil connivings of the men of power. So, in conclusion, if you really want to understand what is happening here; if you have a real concern for Israel and the Jewish people, then I beg you to read and digest this book!
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