New 'Strong' Quake Hits
South-Central Italy


SAN GIULIANO DI PUGLIA, Italy (Reuters) - A fresh strong tremor rocked south-central Italy on Friday, shaking lamp posts and sparking panic in a town where at least 29 people were killed after an earthquake hit on Thursday.
Witnesses said the latest, long-lasting tremor shook the whole town, sending fresh rubble tumbling from buildings, although there were no initial reports of injuries.
The national geophysics institute confirmed that a new "strong" earthquake had hit the area and one scientist at the institute in Rome said it registered 5.3 on the Richter scale.
Thursday's earthquake, registering 5.4 on the Richter scale, was the strongest tremor to hit Italy since 1997.
It flattened San Giuliano's only school, killing at least 26 children. Rescue workers were pulling the last bodies out of the rubble when Friday's fresh quake hit.
Witnesses said terrified residents ran into the streets screaming, and many jumped in their cars to flee, blocking ambulances trying to get into town.
Television footage showed parents of the children who died in a school screaming in front of a sports center where their children's bodies were being kept.


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