EIR Publishes Extensive Dossier On
Rev. Moon's Dirty Money Empire
By Executive Intelligence Review

(EIRNS) -- In an Oct. 19, 2002 international webcast, Lyndon LaRouche, founding and contributing editor of Executive Intelligence Review and a pre-candidate for the 2004 Democratic Party Presidential nomination, told his audience that the most effective way to clean out the nest of neo-conservative and Christian Zionist war-mongers inside the Bush Administration was to expose the Moonies. "The most important and most significant nut factor, which is a serous threat to our political order, inside the United States, is the Moonies," he declared. "Reverend Moon bought up Jerry Falwell, Richard Viguerie, the whole racist far right in the country, and now Moon is buying up many African-Americans. You pull this out, and I guarantee you, the biggest factor of loose, religious, and other kinds of nuts, in the United States, will scamper. And the rest of the mess will be cleaned up."
The Oct. 25 and Nov. 1, 2002 issues of Executive Intelligence Review feature extensive documentation of the Moonie operations in and around the Bush Administration, the radical "Christian Right," and other political circles that are behind the mad war drive in the Persian Gulf and in the Far East, which has been a near-obsession of this apparatus since Sept. 11, 2001.
The series of articles, which will continue to appear in EIR and are posted on the EIR website (, reveal the Moonies' ties to some of the leading organized crime circles in the Far East and in South America; how Moon bought up Jerry Falwell and the other so-called "Christian Zionists;" and the early roots of the Moon organization in Korean CIA dirty operations, aimed at buying up members of the United States Congress through sex and cash. The Moon apparatus was one of the primary sources of illegal money into the Oliver North Iran-Contra operations, some of which came from the infamous "Cocaine Colonels" narco-coup regime in Bolivia.
Go to now, to find the first two parts of the ongoing EIR series.


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