Hostages On A Hijacked Planet

Three Things We Can Do
By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

As I predicted last week, the D.C. sniper attack ended after 13 shootings. Chief Moose read the trigger words ("like a duck in the noose") and the mind controlled Illuminati agent allowed himself to be caught.
I admit I'm just guessing here. But I know that the Illuminati brainwashes children to eventually become assassins. As occultists, they honor Lucifer and show contempt for Christ and his 12 disciples by using numbers like "13."
Meanwhile another Illuminati puppet, George W. Bush was in the White House rose garden to sign the "Defence Appropriations Bill." He intoned the trigger words "freedom," "terror" and "defence" to activate the mind-control programs of the American public. They are now on the hook for a $355 billion loan to finance world subjugation and eventually their own.
Senator Paul Wellstone, a thorn in the side of the Bush cabal, was probably assassinated. President Putin neglected to have an antidote handy for the deadly gas attack that killed more than 120 hostages. An American diplomat was gunned down in Jordan.
On the personal front, I needed a few days to adjust to my recent discovery that the world is controlled by a well-organized satanic cult called the "Illuminati." This is depressing! (
Lucifer means "light bearer" in Latin and "Illuminati" those who were touched by the "light." This cult seems to attract international bankers and oilmen, European bluebloods, American robber barons and sycophantic politicians, pundits, bureaucrats and intellectuals. They are planning a totalitarian "New World Order" a.k.a. "globalism" that will combine the worst aspects of their earlier ventures, Communism and Nazism.
We are hostages on a hijacked planet. How to cope? For starters, I decided that this week I would not present any more frightening evidence of what is happening. I suspect that we all need a break.
As others have suggested, "we are engaged in spiritual warfare." It's good versus evil with evil masquerading as good. In such a struggle, we can resist by having healthy, loving lives.
Three things we can do are embrace God, celebrate heterosexual marriage and family, and unmask evil.
God. We have been programmed to shut down at the mention of the word. "God" has been robbed of meaning. Or should I say, we have? Denying God, we deny ourselves.
This mental block is understandable given the media, education system and many churches are controlled by the Illuminati. Naturally, they would banish God from the universe! They're working for the other side!
We need to make religion a living thing again, to make God part of our daily lives. He is speaking to each of us all of the time. "God is a Spirit and we worship him in Spirit and in truth." John 4:24.
God created us to manifest Him. We have no other purpose, no other way to be happy. It's either Conversion or Diversion knowledge of our Divine inheritance or tedious, endless, futile diversion.
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is everything we need to know to govern our conduct.
"Love your neighbor as yourself." (Leviticus 19:18; Mark 12:31) This means we are all basically the same, one family, God's children. All human life is sacred.
Ask what God wants you to do with your life. It doesn't have to be highfaluting. In a TV-profile, a woman who finds lost pets said, "This is what God meant me to do." If you can say this, you are happy.
Everything we do should be worthy of our Creator. This is how I interpret worship. But don't get hung-up. As Roseanne said, "God doesn't like kiss-asses."
Another way to resist is to strengthen heterosexual marriage. The Illuminati want to depopulate and control the world by emasculating men, neutering women, destroying the nuclear family and fostering homosexuality. They are indoctrinating women to think that they will find personal fulfillment through career. Divide and rule, they want women to challenge men for power.
They have poisoned male-female relations, robbed children of their mother's love and men of their wife's. They have robbed women of the intimacy, fulfillment and love that come when they devote themselves to family.
As one writer said, "a body with two heads is a monstrosity." A woman loves by surrendering herself to a man, and a higher shared purpose, usually a family. God's love enters the world through a mother's love. It requires a degree of self-sacrifice.
This doesn't mean a woman doesn't have personality, strength, wisdom and talent. It means she puts them at the service of her husband and children and they naturally respond by loving her. This is the fusion that takes place in a healthy family.
A woman is like a flower bulb. A mother is like a blossoming flower. Women develop and fulfill themselves by having children. I'm not saying women can't have careers as well. But they find true contentment, continuity and security in family.
Men. Discover God's purpose for you. Define how a woman fits into this picture. You will need her for much more than sex so you would be wise to see past her physical charms. Her most important quality should be her willingness to accept and trust your leadership.
You cannot love a woman who competes, criticizes, controls or complains. Don't even try.
Women. Your challenge is to find a man who doesn't need criticism etc., one who is worthy of your love. Avoid men who take your love for granted. If you are devoted, you deserve to be recognized and cherished.
Finally, we must start to organize. As the Satanists unfold their hideous endgame, more and more people will clamor for understanding. I suggest that people start small, informal, weekly study groups to educate and teach about the "The New World Order." People could bring articles and videos for discussion. Eventually these study groups could sponsor bigger public meetings and invite speakers. These groups should be as inclusive as possible and network far and wide.
In conclusion, it is easy to feel helpless in the face of Illuminati power. Our perception of events is so incompatible with mass-reality, so unpalatable compared to the soothing pablum of the media. We can resist the forces of deception by making God our primary reference point, by having strong loving families and by reaching out to likeminded people. We can be spiritual warriors.
Henry Makow, Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles on feminism and the New World Order are archived at He welcomes your comments at


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