The Papal Presidency
By Jon Rappoport

Part One. has been exploring the background of ES&S, which is reputed to be the largest election-management company in the world.
Hardware and software services, voting machines, 40,000 elections run in 30 years, globally. Counted 100,000,000 votes in the 2000 US election.
So now Talion has received a letter from the attorneys for ES&S. The letter wants a retraction by Talion for, apparently, alleging a conspiracy in vote counts.
Talion denies its material alleges a conspiracy. is also running a relevant article, and giving links re ES&S.
One more than interesting thing I glean from all this material. It is stated that one of the owners of ES&S (there appear to be a number of owners) is Charter Oaks Partners. Charter Oaks is cited as a an affiliate of Rothschild Realty, Inc. And this latter outfit is cited as an affiliate of Rothschild, Inc.
Jump shift: Tupper Saussy's tremendous book, Rulers of Evil (HarperCollins). Saussy writes, "I looked them [House of Rothschild] up in Encyclopedia Judaica and discovered that they bear the title 'guardian of the Vatican Treasury'...Who would ever search a family of orthodox Jews for the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church?"
Saussy then makes a possible further connection between Rothschild and "Rome"---in the outlands of unexplored history: Ancient Roman soldiers carried red shields. In German, Rothschild means "red shield." At one point, the Rothschild firm adopted the name, Meyer Amschel Rothschild and Sohne. The acronym for that is MARS. The red planet. The planet of war.
One might say the symbolism here is a stretch. But to say it's all a coincidence is also quite a stretch.
And certainly we KNOW (ha ha) that the Vatican is just a foundering, floundering organization riddled by pedophile scandals, much too weak to carry out any serious OPS involving covert control. Sure. Sure.
I'm just as sure that John Swomley's blockbuster article in The Humanist (May/June 1998) was just an errant missile fired way off target. Yeah. Here are the opening lines: "A massive political campaign is underway in an effort to achieve religious and political control of crucial American policies and institutions...It was inspired by the Vatican and has been carried out over a period of years under the supervision of the National Council of Bishops."
Swomley points out that, within a month of Bush the Elder taking office as US president, he met with all five US cardinals at the White House. Two cardinals, Bernard Law and John O'Conner, did overnights at the White House.
Doug Wead, a special assistant to Bush the Elder, stated, "[Bush] has been more sensitive and accessible to the needs of the Catholic Church than any president I know of in American history...this administration has appointed more Catholic cabinet officers than any other in American history."
Author Swomley continues: "The bishops outlined their political campaign in a pastoral letter for Catholic officials and organizations. It is an ambitious campaign aimed at controlling political appointments, Congress, and other national and state political offices."
Swomley cites the book, Catholic Bishops in American Politics, by Catholic writer Timothy A Byrnes. Byrnes called this political plan the "most focused and aggressive political leadership" ever mounted by the Church biggies.
The American bishops listed 20 Catholic organizations and spelled out how each group could contribute to the effort to control major American political institutions.
The effort, according to the bishops, involved getting "the [Catholic] National organizations to inventory their internal political capabilities systematically by means of their own government relations [connections]...[and to set up]a communications structure from Washington to the national office of each [Catholic] organization to activate support for the political program."
Swomley makes it clear that the Church Plan for control was not only directed at the judiciary on all levels, but at executive and legislative branches as well. This meant pro-active Church organizations working in EVERY CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT IN THE US, AND AT STATE GOVERNMENT LEVELS AS WELL.
Swomley sums up: "In other words, the bishops have established an organization in each parish, diocese, state, and on other levels in an effort to take control of American politics..."
The springboard for all this organizing and action is the abortion issue---but that is only a first step in fanning out power over other issues. And over other people.
Again, Swomley: "Another aspect of the bishops' plan is their ecumenical effort to organize Protestant evangelists and churches as 'front' groups, so as to avoid anti-catholic criticism or recognition that there is a Catholic campaign to control politics. (E.g., front groups such as Southern Baptist Convention, Mormons, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and "lay leaders" such as then-Senator JOHN ASHCROFT)
The author of this article in The Humanist, John Swomley, is professor emeritus of social ethics at St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri.
In case you're wondering whether any Catholic groups involved in this political-control OP have been investigated by the feds for violating their 501C3 status, which forbids them from engaging in political work, the answer, so far as I can tell, is no.
So now go back and re-read this piece and fill in some of the connections.
Note: I am writing about the pernicious effects of religious ORGANIZATIONS. This has nothing to do with a person's private faith.
Part Two. A group called Catholics for a Free Choice has issued a report, Beyond the Spin. Here is a quote: "Cultivating the Catholic vote has become the cornerstone of President Bush's political strategy for both this year's Senate and House races and for his own re-election effort in 2004."
It is possible that, by not reporting the results of its exit polls last week, Voter News Service obscured estimates on how many Catholics voted for Bush-supported candidates. Makes one wonder.
An excellent article by Ryan Lizza in TNR Online details some of the Bush-camp work in obtaining the Catholic vote.
"Bush has courted the Catholic vote more doggedly than any modern president..."
"The president makes a point of meeting with local bishops wherever he travels..."
"[Bush]has made Catholic leaders fixtures at White House events, and his political staff holds a weekly conference call with conservative Catholics."
"What was new last year [2000] was the success Bush had in attracting a long-cherished Reublican target: religiously active Catholics. Michael Barone, co-author of The Almanac of American Politics, calls this success 'one of the untold stories of the [2000] campaign.'"
"Working through a 'Catholic Task Force' at the [2000] Repiblican National Convention, the Bush campaign compiled a list of almost three million active Catholics in 14 states. Over the course of the [ensuing] campaign, each household on the list received at least two phone calls and twi pieces of mail..."
"Despite narrowly losing the popular vote [in 2000], Bush won religious Catholics by the same margin Ronald Reagan did in his 1984 landslide."
In reading today's and yesterday's articles, you should see how well Vatican-inspired political OPS in the US dovetail with Bush's meticulous efforts to reach out to Catholic voters.
From the viewpoint of the Vatican, the Plan to control US politics is going well. You can be sure that Bush advisors are meeting with bishops and other, less obvious, Vatican players at every step of the way during Bush's first term as president.
Whatever press releases coming out of the Vatican may be saying about the impending war on Iraq, the true rulers of the Vatican and Bush are in sync on this issue.
That is how quid pro quo works. The quid, in this case, was the organized Catholic support in the last two elections. The quo is the Vatican getting what it wants from the White House. Not everything it wants, and not right away, but more and more of what it wants as time passes.
In view of all this, might we dare imagine that one of the owners of ES&S, the largest vote-management firm in the world, has ties to the Vatican? As I wrote yesterday, just such an owner, listed as Charter Oaks, is a subsidiary of Rothschild, Inc., the firm mentioned in the Encyclopedia Judaica as the managers of the Vatican treasury.
Think about the potential implications of THAT subterranean scenario.
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