Bush's Grab For
Greatness And Glory

By Eric Jewell

Though the 265,000 troops alerted for mobilization in preparation for an attack on Iraq may seem like ominous news, what is not publicized at this point is even more telling. These troops have only been alerted, whereas if US haz-mat (Hazardous Material) teams specializing in nuclear, biological, and chemical decontamination and clean up, have already been issued their orders and sent to the Mid-East, they are not just positioned and ready to respond in Iraq, but would also seem to be set up in preparation for an Iraqi attack against Israel.
What US Defence and Intelligence Officials are Saying
According to AP journalist John J Lumpkin, Intelligence and defense officials aren't expecting long range attacks as Iraqi retaliation, but they do expect attack against advancing US ground troops and missile attacks upon Israel. The chemical agents would be used to thwart the advance of US troops, killing thousands within minutes while causing confusion in the ranks as they scramble to decontaminate and bring back the dead. A scud missile attack containing biological agents would likely be used only if Saddam felt he was about to be removed from power. Iraq is suspected of having abundant supplies of biological agents such as anthrax, and botulinum, as well as deadly chemical agents from mustard, VX, tabun and sarin gasses.
A Flip-Flop in Stances
President Bush has already made clear that if there were such Iraqi reprisals against Israel as a result of a US attack against Saddam Hussein, Israel will respond in an appropriate manner. This is as good as telling Israel to respond. For decades now only threats of withdrawing economic and military aid have kept Israel from responding in many cases. Being a nuclear power, this could have disastrous results.
Israeli Prime Minister Sharon recently met with President Bush asking $10 billion in aid, and since has also met with a Chinese delegation.
In light of G.W. Bush's seeming approval of such action one would do good to compare the actions of his father, former president Bush when he found himself leading the nation into a similar situation. One glaring difference was that the former president used every bit of leverage at his disposal to prevent Israel from retaliatory measures. Sorely losing his war effort, in a last ditch attempt Saddam sent scud missiles into Israeli cities endeavoring to draw them into the war thus turning it into a "holy war" thereby breaking up Bush's Arab alliance, pitting Arabs against Israelis. Acknowledging the brilliance and popularity of the collective group of men involved in strategizing this present preparation for war the question begs to be asked, why do we have such a drastic departure from common sense strategy that is already proven effective?
A Hidden Agenda
For decades now great men from every great nation have attempted to do the impossible and bring peace to the Middle East. As time has gone by resulting in only window dressing victories and nothing substantial, these same great men have left with nothing but frustration and just enough empty promises to keep some of them from coming home completely embarrassed.
As the presidency of Bill Clinton drew close to an end he made frantic efforts to bring peace to the Palestinians and Israel. An exciting and promising breakthrough seemed to be in the making for Clinton as Ehud Barak agreed to nearly all the Palestinian demands. In writing he had agreed to turn over much of the West Bank and half of Jerusalem to create the coveted Palestinian State, even agreeing to allow Palestinians to keep control of the even more coveted Temple Mount where stands the mosque of Omar. Clinton's frustration reached an ultimate climax however when Palestinian leader Yassar Arrafat rejected the overwhelming victory he claimed for 30 years to be fighting for.
Enter G.W. Bush. The popularity of our president flourished after the 9-11 disaster. This came at a time when it should have been destroyed due to the Enron scandal. Then when news began breaking concerning the fact that the justice department (and therefore president Bush) had prior knowledge of the events of 9-11, and that Bush and his father are very closely tied to the Bin-Ladin family, we had the war against terrorism declared. Now that the Taliban have been ousted we are currently setting our sites on Iraq and North Korea as the presidents popularity polls begin to reflect a slight drop in confidence. At one time having an approval rate of 98%, depending on the poll, his rating is now in the low 60's with nothing foreseen to rally it to its once nearly unanimous positive nod.
President Bush has kept up his busy agenda at a furious pace that many liken to warmongering. It can be assumed this is his Clintonesque strategy of slight of hand distraction to remove public thought from concentrating upon and criticizing his apparent indiscretions.
His plans to oust the Taliban were a complete success as perfectly detailed and well thought out plans were followed. One would expect that his plans concerning Iraq to be as well thought out and it is obvious we will to a great extent require the blessing of the surrounding Arab nations. Though Hussein has many enemies in the Arab world, Israel entering the war could destabilize an alliance with the Arabs. It is a sure bet that Israel will be attacked if we attack Iraq, and we can only assume that Bush realizes the disastrous results of Israeli retaliation.
One possible scenario could involve a biological attack against Israel by Iraq in the effort to bring them into the war, with Israel responding by way of a tactical nuclear attack against Baghdad. This could be expected to cause a Muslim uprising which would require more US and UN involvement. The end result would be a fulfillment of Ezekiel 17:13-14 where the Israeli leader is brought to the nation of the great eagle and forced under threat of annihilation to sign the mid eastern treaty. There will obviously be a raging of many nations against Israel for such an action, but in Sharon's rage, with US permission, it is a very likely move. The currant treaty will split Israel to create a new Palestinian State. It will likely as well allow for the rebuilding of the Zionist Temple as a means of appeasement. By fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation 11:1-2 and leaving out the court of the gentiles, the new temple could very well stand alongside the Muslim Mosque currently occupying the temple mount. With Bush's popularity beginning to decline, this could be the very feather in the cap he is seeking to go down in history as the greatest president, statesman, and perhaps man, to have ever tread foot on the earth.
It certainly looks as though Bush is setting the stage. In recent weeks Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has met both with President Bush and a delegation of Chinese. Also in recent weeks Bush has met with several delegations from nations around the world, all the while downplaying them and they have received very little publicity. Amazingly, the fact that Bush has backpedaled on Taiwan, exhorting them not to seek independence from China, has received almost no media attention. Why suddenly give up this valuable Ally, unless there was something in it for us? And just what is in it for us? We could certainly expect China to intervene against Israel if there was an Israeli strike against Baghdad. Will it cost the independence of Taiwan to keep them from striking back at Israel? Indeed we can expect international threat against Israel if this scenario comes to pass, but perhaps it will be just enough threat to cause a public and international outcry to force the finalization of a treaty between Palestinians and Jews.
It is possible that this is Bush's plan for encouraging an Israeli strike, to boost his popularity, insure his next presidency, and bring the world closer to economic and political unity. He would then be known as the man who brought peace to the Middle East. If the temple is to be rebuilt to stand side by side with the Mosque, this also could be his chosen symbol to glorify what will be perceived as his greatness.


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