Psychic Made Stunning,
Documented Sniper Predictions

By Carl Limbacher and Staff

NewsMax rarely discusses paranormal things, and we give short shrift to such out-of-this-world wisdom -- even if CNN's Larry King has mainstreamed psychics.
True, most psychics are quacks or frauds, who like to make big after-the-fact claims, and cash in on their fame.
But one apparently isn't.
Her name is Elizabeth Baron.
A self-described "spiritualist' from Charleston, South Carolina, Baron offered a series of stunning insights into the recent sniper attacks around Washington.
Some of them were recorded on radio before the snipers were captured, making her claims more than credible.
Soon after the spree killings began on October 2, Baron claimed that there was indeed an Islamic connection to the killings.
She also said - contrary to the many 'profilers' spouting off - that the killings were being conducted by more than one individual.
She stated that a group of as many as five individuals were involved, although all did not do the killings themselves.
Baron also insists an unidentified woman is involved.
Interestingly, Baron may have had a premonition of the attacks in April of this year. At that time she faxed a letter to a friend close to the FBI, indicating that Maryland was in danger and needed to be protected.
Days before the shooting of the man at the Ponderosa steak house in Ashland, Virginia, Baron said she had received a message: "They will surrender in Richmond."
Ashland is a suburb of Richmond. According to press reports police have said that they almost captured Muhammad and Malvo at a pay phone in Richmond soon after the Ashland shooting.
Baron believes that the shooting in the Richmond area gave the police the evidence and clues they needed to help solve the case.
On October 21, Baron said she began intense prayer to help her define the killer. She penciled a sketch of a very young man she believed was black or Hispanic.
She received another message: the man is with another man and they are driving a blue car.
All of that sounds rather fantastic and fabricated.
It might have been dismissed as such, had it not been recorded for posterity on a national radio program.
On Tuesday, October 22, Baron was an early morning guest on Phil Paleologos, morning talk radio show "American Breakfast" broadcast on Cable Radio Network.
Paleologos told NewsMax he remains in awe of Baron,s prediction and revelations two days before the arrest of Muhammad and Malvo, before anyone even knew who was doing these killings.
"She came on my show and said, "The Feds are on a wild goose chase, there is no white van involved, there is a blue car," Paleologos recalled, adding that Baron also made clear the killings involved a group and not one person.
"But she was really emphatic about this blue vehicle," Paleologos said, who noted that the only talk at the time had been of a white van.
When news broke late Wednesday night into Thursday morning that Muhammad and Malvo were suspects, and may be driving a blue Caprice - one they were later captured in - Paleologos was stunned.
The next day, he called Baron, and played her on-air interview from days before, and congratulated her.
Paleologos says in all of his years on radio, Baron is the only person he has interviewed who he believes has true spiritual, psychic abilities.
"She has a gift, it's a blessing to have this, to help solve these cases and right wrongs," Paleologos told NewsMax. He said she is different in many ways from other psychics, and that she is not motivated by fame or fortune.
Baron, the mother of seven children, is the widow of a former Chicago-area police chief.
Baron has been issuing warnings about Islamic terrorism for several years. Since 1996, she has been saying that several nations, including Iraq and Iran, were helping to plan a major terrorist attack in lower Manhattan, specifically noting the New York Stock Exchange and the World Trade Center as targets.
In recent months, Baron says she had received some warnings about President Bush and Vice President Cheney, which she has passed on to federal authorities. She wouldn't disclose the full details of these revelations publicly.
On another matter, asked if Steve Hatfill had anything to do with the anthrax attacks, she said, "It's an absolute lie." Still, she added, the FBI is trying to find something on him to justify their investigation and actions against him.
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