The AA 757-200 Pentagon Wreckage
Photo Is Authentic

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Please Note - These Photos Were Not Posted By Col. Bingman

From Jed Schlackman
Now that the photo with apparent wreckage from a plane has appeared, further analysis can determine what really struck the Pentagon. It's interesting that of all the debris at the Pentagon, the one piece closely photographed is an apparent piece of the company name or logo marking. Perhaps someone can find a way to analyze the size and scale of the markings as compared to the markings on an intact American Airlines jet of the same model.
It's interesting to note that the red and white markings here are curved, unlike the "A" with only straight lines in the tail section AA logo. The letters of "American" on the jet's side would have been close to the front of the plane and less likely to have fallen so far from the building and escaped the exposive blast that damaged the building so much. This piece of debris also looks materially flimsy - If I flew on a commercial passenger jet I'd hope it was made of sturdier stuff! This could have been a piece of a small drone craft that was used in the attack, but it is unlikely that this came from the AA Boeing jet.
Jed Shlackman
From Peter Jones
I looked at the picture of Boeing wreckage at the Pentagon. Convenient that this turns up now.
If it's genuine wreckage then why is there apparently no charring on it, given that the plane was destroyed in a fireball?
Why are there no other pieces of wreckage in the immediate area? Given the presence of that piece and the magnitude of damage there should be debris everywhere.
There isn't even any real evidence of damage to the paint work (scuffing, dirt etc) that you expect.
Regards, Peter Jones.
From Bill Moore
Jeff....I have studied this particular piece of wreckage before, though he photo on your sites bigger than the one I saw a number of months ago.
I don't believe it came off a AA 757. American Airlines is the only US carrier to NOT paint its aircraft, preferring to save the considerable weight of paint by keeping its aircraft's aluminum skins polished. This piece of wreckage clearly appears to be painted a light, powder blue. I have looked at current American 757s and cannot find anywhere on the aircraft where this particular piece of metal might have come off.
I concur with Mr. Lackman, I doubt this piece of wreckage came from an American Airlines jetliner.
(Note - We hope someone from AA will come forward and make a definitive statement on this issue. -ed)
From Craig
Dear Jeff,
In regards to the so-called plane part found on the lawn of the Pentagon, I had seen this photo somewhere else, but it was different than what you have-which makes it interesting. (Attached is the photo I found on another web page). Looking at the two photos, you will see that the large piece is basically the same-the difference being is the background. In the photo that I sent, you'll see that it view is in the same direction, but that the major part is much further from the building. Also, that the ground is very clean and free of debris (with the exception of one smaller piece to the right of the large one. In the picture that you provided, there is a lot of litter in the immediate background, along with a tree branch and what looks like a parking lamppost. I know sure as hell that someone did not pick up the piece and move it, just so anohter picture can be taken. Also, why is there only one picture--the whole ground should be littered with large and small pieces?!
The only conclusion that one can come to is, that this is simply a Photoshop picture. Now someone might argue and say that I'm wrong, and I could be. It could be a Coral Draw program that the picture was made with! (Real picture in the background, but the pieces added later. Give the Feds a chance, and more Photoshop pictures will be on the way, including suitcases and parts of people!)
I'm kind of glad that the Feds came out with these pictures (using a front organization of course). Why? Because they are digging a deeper hole for their lies, where even the less intelligent of the country can see what is going on. The major thing is, is all the US government has been doing as a result of this 9-11 Attack. In short, this whole "war on terrorism" is a well laid out lie, similar to George Orwell's book, "1984".
Respectfully submitted,
From Pam
It takes about 60 seconds to search & find a few photos verifying the American Airline logo, which is nothing like the one in your photo. Go to:
Shows other company logos on Boeings, none of which match the wreckage photo.
From Jerry Kirkegaard
Hello Jeff -
After viewing numerous American Airlines photos on I cannot find any location to which this aluminum piece may have been attached. The only possibility was the name "AMERICAN" printed forward and above the window line. I could identify the white outlining the red lettering but could not fit this distorted fabric to any portion of the letters in American's inventory. Another clue I was trying to make fit was the rivet pattern of this debris which I was also trying tie in to the same area, but had no luck there, either.
Lastly, is the debris piece its self. One can get a rough idea of the size by the spacing of the rivet lines. In this picture I could only see rivets running in parallel lines. I could not see the lines running at a right angle which would form rectangular patterns which are easily viewable on the numerous photos on the net. Another angle to this is that the debris seems to be formed in a radius not just bent, but formed. It looks like the top half of a cylinder shape laying horizontal, it reminds me of a engine cowling only it is much too small and the AA planes have no red paint on the engine cowls.
I realize this isn't much but I can't say much for the quality of the debris photo, either, or its authenticity. Only the 'EXPERTS' know. ???

Is The Piece Of Wreckage From This AA Engine Cowling Color Scheme?
From Jerry Kirkegaard
From George
Hi Jeff...
After comparing the wreckage piece and the plane photo, one thing stands out to me. The paint colour schemes visible on the two photos don't match. Of what can be seen on the plane itself the red is outlined with a white strip and also a blue strip and even on the lettering on the plane the white is always next to both blue and red. Where is the blue paint on the wreckage piece. I guess it could have come from a place on the plane not visible on the photo.
The only other place it could possibly be from is at the back of the plane where the stripe that runs up the sides of the fuselage under the windows tapers to a point just in front of the rear wings. The blue outline seems to finish before the tip of the taper, but it is unclear whether the white continues all the way around the red tip.
From Ted
This is just an observation, but I have 35 years in aviation, and I feel this is not wreckage.
Note the lines of holes. These are rivet holes. Rivets support underlying structure. There is no underlying structure.
Rivets have "heads". When rivets "pull" or are torn out, the area around the rivets, is also damaged. There is no damege here.
This is very thin (0.020 or less) aluminum. The damage from the torn rivets would be VERY obvious. These rivet holes have every characteristic, of having been "drilled".
The paint isn't scratched. There seems to be paint UNDER where the rivet heads would have been. Very strange.
This piece may be 30' long (blade of grass = 1")
Note the lack of color or definition, in the other debris.
>If the FAA or NTSB is listening, I'm looking for work. > >Ted

From Dan Cruickshank
Hello there,
On your user comment page about "Find The Boeing" and the minor debate about whether the wreckage featured is authentic or not, I believe I have some decent information about this.
A) There was a link given ( that showed what this AA flight may have potentially looked like. It obvious from this photo that the red on the wreckage would be of the AA planes striping and not of its logo. With that said, on the photo of the real AA plane, the red striping is accompanied by a thick white outline and a thinner black outlining stripe as well. The wreckage in the photo is void of this black stripe. I'm not sure what variants there were on the paint job, but the wreckage in the photo, if it is wreckage, is not of the exact same plane. It may be a sloppy forgery.
B) Another photo is featured (above with other comments) that seems to be of the same wreckage piece. People seem to think however the it is a forgery, or that its the same wreckage placed in two different locations. It - IN FACT - is just a different angle of the same wreckage (in the same spot). If you study the two photos, it's easy to see. The key is to look at the ground surrounding it. In both photos, the same patches of dead grass are clearly visible. There is one under the left end of the wreckage, one running of screen to the right of the wreckage, and the same patch of grass in the background.
The top photo is taken close to the ground, where as the smaller 2nd photo was taken from a higher angle. In the second photo, these patches may look bigger, but its just a little thing called perspective.
C) And to address the person who made comment of "litter" filling the background, the same litter is visible in both, its just the the angle of the pictures is a slightly askewed. Its the same mass of white debris in the background, and you can even see the same group of branches on the group as well.
I'm not saying that something trippy did not happen at the Pentagon, but just that these two seperate pictures do not synergistically fuel the conspiracy theory :)
Dan Calgary,
Wreckage Is Part Of The Helicopter
From Marcel
Dear jeff,
I think that the piece of aircraft on the field, in front of the pentagon is not from a plane but from a helicopter that was parked on the heli-pad. I think it's the back part of a helicopter under the tailsection.
Best regards,
The Netherlands
From Angela Jenkins
Hi Jeff,
I am very doubtful that this picture was the 'actual wreckage' at the Pentagon. Notice all the men just wandering around like they are inspecting the area, and having a friendly chat AS IF the building they are standing a few feet away from isnt really on fire?? I would think they would want to put the fire out before they have their morning meeting under the burning building.
The three guys casually standing in the right side of the photo beside the burning car should probably be getting soaked from the fire hose shooting the water directly over their head, yet they dont look wet?? And they are in no hurry to get out from under the water hose.
On the left side of the photo, you find a guy standing with his hands on his hips?? I sure hope he's not one of the first responders!! This doesn't happen when there is an actual fire! It looks staged to me.
Besides the LARGE piece of scrap metal, I see what appears to be a bunch of tree limbs, and white "specks". The large piece of metal could have come from anything, but I doubt it came from an AA Airliner (color scheme is off). NONE of the wreckage looks charred, its all white. That sure was an amazing crash, it didn't char the lawn at the Pentagon, and didn't char anything else that is scattered around the yard.
Another interesting thing to note, I do not see a single fireman on the scene. With all the extra men just standing around, maybe they should have grabbed a waterhose or started cleaning up that mess on the lawn!! I'm not buying it!
From Jerry Kirkegaard
Hello Jeff - This is a photo of the aircraft involved at the pentagon, American fleet number 5BP
The debris insert on your website is quite clever, but that is what computers are all about. Notice the placement and in particular the horizontal line between the two radius portions of the legs of the "n".
Now compare that to the airline photo, the top of the "n" is a complete radius except for the left leg which extends a short distance past the radius portion. With limited information available this clearly still does not fit. The "n" does not have a flat top as pictured in the debris photo insert.
Note: The aircraft does not have sky-blue paint on the top!!! The top and the bottom between the red, white and blue paint is the appearance of the aluminum skin.
We will never know the "TRUTH" as with so many other incidents in our past history.
From Tod Westlake
HI Jeff,
Ahh...At last, a voice of reason in regards to the aircraft debris at the Pentagon.
Colonel Bingman clearly knows what he's talking about, and has eloquently articulated the reasons why this was a scurrilous debate.
I'm not being critical of mind you. I do feel, however, that posting the idle speculations of amateurs who have no scientific training can be highly problematic. Some of the posts regarding this issue have been hilarious, to say the least. I was able to figure out that this piece of debris matched the colors of the letters on the fuselage (although which letter it came from I knew not). How was it that all of these other folks "missed" this fact? Was it because they wanted to?
A little food for thought, and keep up the good work
Tod Westlake


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