1933 And 2002 - Compare
And Contrast
From Brasscheck

"On March 2, Hitler was asked by a corespondent of the Daily Express whether the suspension of liberties was permanent. He answered in the negative saying that full rights would be restored as soon as the Communist danger was over. The reality was that the decree of February 28th established what would become the normal order of things under National Socialism - arrest on suspicion, imprisonment without trial, the horrors of the concentration camps. This condition would persist until the end of the Third Reich."
At least GERMAN journalists had the presence of mind to ask THEIR 'supreme leader' how long his Homeland Security act was going to be needed.
For people who might like a quick historical review, the laws that created the legal framework that made the holocaust possible were passed in 1933. It took a few years for the bureaucracy to catch up with its legal authorization to engage in organized, mass official criminality.
What was the holocaust ultimately about?
Insane hatred of the Jews? Not quite.
In addition to the murder of millions of innocent people - political dissidents, labor leaders, gypsies, Jews, Slavs - it was about *property seizure*. Every person who went to the camps was stripped of all their assets right down to their gold fillings.
The 'final solution' produced billions upon billions of dollars, funds that were intended to create the basis for a Thousand Year Reich.
Guess which American family took a leading role in helping launder Nazi money before, during and even after World War II? Hint: It begins with a "B"
Coincidentally (!?), this very same family has now succeeded in creating a legal framework that permits:
a) YOUR privacy and assets to be spied on without limit and b) YOUR liberty to be taken from you and your assets seized based on nothing more than suspicion and accusation from an unnamed source.
How much clearer does this have to get?


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